14 Months Old

Only a month late with this update… I’m surpassing myself here. DD is currently 15 Months Old so be prepared for another update in quick succession.

OHs parents came to visit on the 12th for a week which was lovely. It’s nice to see his Dad looking well, considering everything that’s going on with his health at present.

We also took a trip over to Dorset to ‘attend’ the Royal Wedding celebrations at Auntie’s and stayed for the week which was lovely for all concerned. The weather was fabulous, as was the


Better. Lots better.

Skin continues to improve with the use of twice daily Aveeno cream and using the body wash and oat bath.


Beginning of the month continued in the same vein as last month, hourly wake ups. On the 12th she did a miraculous 6 hour stint (though DS woke us instead).

She seems to be dropping, or starting to drop, one of her naps, favouring a very long midday nap. Of course School pickups scupper this on School days.


She has mastered the art of kissing this month and responds dutifully when asked to provide one. It is quite simply the most beautiful thing.


She is cruising and crawling at sprint speed and is now walking holding onto one hand. She stands independently for 10+ seconds at a time but is yet to make any cautious independent steps… unlike with DS, I’m in no rush.



I swear she’s trying to say so many words, Bird and Boo being her favourites. She seems besotted with birds in the garden and every time she sees them she makes ‘Buh’ sounds repeatedly, whilst pointing excitedly at them.

Boo comes when she plays Peekaboo in her Activity Garden, as I say Boo everytime she appears she has recently started making the sound herself.

She’s constantly babbling to herself with Guhs, Buhs, Muhs and Dahs and I’ve never known a baby laugh so much.


She continues to point at everything she wants and has progressed to pointing at herself first to tell us that she wants to do that.

She successfully points to her nose, and ours, when asked and is super proud of herself.


Activity Garden

Buttons (the tiresome fight for the remote control has started again… why is it that it’s only the one that works that they’re interested in?)

Anything she can stick her finger in.


Royal Wedding!


New Tastes: Pancakes; Tuna Fish Cakes; Quorn Bolognese; Pesto (though a little scared there is too much salt in it so I’ve bought some basil and have decided I shall attempt to make my own)

We continue on our breastfeeding journey and just lately this has been upped again. Whether it’s because she’s teething, or unwell, or growing is a mystery. Either way we continue to enjoy our journey along this road.


Still no sign of any new teeth breaking through so at this stage she is still sporting 8


21Ibs 2oz

She is now totally in 9-12 month clothing and some 12-18 month which swamp her.


I’ve been struggling a bit this month. Whether it was going home for so long and enjoying the support I don’t know. But I’ve taken longer to adjust being back in Cornwall. I need to get back into the routine of not expecting any help so not getting pissed off when I ultimately don’t receive any.

I’m also struggling with the knowledge I’ll never be pregnant again. My friend who lost a baby in November announced she is pregnant again a couple of weeks ago and although I’m happy for her it’s made me confront the fact that I won’t have the three that I always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s sensible that we don’t (can’t) have anymore but it still pains me somewhat. I joke that if I started when I was in my twenties I would have had multiple children and I strongly believe this to be true 😂

Slimming World wise I’ve also been struggling. The onset of my periods has really messed with my losses and going home hasn’t helped either. I’m currently 9 stone 6 and feeling pissed off with myself. Have got to find my mojo again, have got to start running again too.


13 Months Old

Sorry for the month and a half delay posting this. We’ve had a pretty rotten time of things lately so I’ve got behind. Anyway, here is what DD has been up to the month following her first birthday.

It’s been a pretty rotten month for one reason or another here. OHs Dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate Cancer and the children have had cold after cold. In fact things are just all a bit up in the air and rather shitty.


DD has really suffered this month with a terrible cold leaving her unable to breathe through her nose. This led me to having to postpone her inoculations twice. Her skin is, however starting to look a lot better. There’s still evidence of the eczema but the Aveeno wash and cream has worked miracles.


This has been truly terrible due to the above, and what I can only assume is her skin of teething. She has been waking up pretty much every half an hour to 40 minutes all through the night and will only do a long(ish) stretch when I relent at 3am and pull her into bed with me, this will encourage her to sleep for about an hour and a half.

She’s still having her two naps in the day too, early morning and around lunchtime (prime School drop off and pick up times, annoyingly)



She is yet to take any independent steps but she is cruising the furniture, walking with holding one hand and standing unsupported for several minutes at a time.


Verbal: The biggest development here is on the 8th May she clearly and accurately said ‘Ta’ outside Rosie’s when I handed her some teacake. At first I thought it was just a random sound but she has since said it a few times.

Non-Verbal: Her non -verbal communication is really quite something. She has started, not only pointing at what she wants, but pointing to herself first to insure we know it’s her that wants it. She is making signs for water and milk and will often point at my boob and then at herself to let me know. She just generally knows exactly what she wants and how to let us know what it is that she needs.


Sand Pit… well her birthday present from us has been an absolute hit, sometimes annoyingly, as all she wants to do now is go outside and play in the sandpit.

Paddling Pool. With the improving weather we got the paddling pool out and now, like the sand pit, all she wants to do is be in it. Not ideal when the weather is still more rain than sun.

Walker. Thankfully this is still a firm favourite meaning I can get on and do stuff (like shower and go to the toilet) knowing she’s safe and happy.

Swimming. This little girl just LOVES the water. Being dived doesn’t bother her in the slightest and she looks so relaxed in the pool. Whether this is because her big brother is with her, or whether it’s just her being her, we have no idea but I love the fact that both of my babies are water babies… so important when you live by the coast.

Holes. ANYTHING with a hole in She’s there sticking a finger or a hand in. This has meant that DS’ bicycle helmet is a firm favourite and you can often find her walking around dragging it behind her in her walker so that she can settle down with it and post things in the holes.

Shoes. Namely DS’ shoes, she’s CONSTANTLY got one in her hand if the hall door has been left open.


Due to ill health she’s been a bit off her food this month but breakfast is still a firm favourite so I have resorted to giving her porridge at dinner time when she’s been feeling off it.


I’m thinking she may be brewing another eruption but as of the end of this month there has been no evidence of it.


On the 3rd May (after 2 cancellations due to illness) DD had her first dose MMR immunisations. This consisted of Hib/MenC, PCV, MenB and 1st dose MMR. The poor little mite didn’t know what had hit her as she had one injection in each limb. Even DS asked the nurse to stop after the second jab and I was a jibbering wreck by the end. This vaccination really hit her hard and she ran a low grade fever for a couple of days after and was thoroughly out of sorts. However, she was right as rain again by the Monday.


Weight: 20Ibs 6oz

Clothing: Largely 6-9, a few 9-12 and still a couple of 3-6 month. She’s certainly making the most out her wardrobe


I suppose the biggest thing to happen this month is the start of my periods on the 3rd May, just shy of two years since my last one and now I know there’ll be no ‘reason’ for them I dislike their onset even more. This of course could explain the mood swings and bloating this month!!!!

Weight: 9 stone 5Ib. I have really got to find my mojo again as I’m fluctuating and gaining more than I’m losing at present.

One Year Old

How can it be? How can it possibly be a whole year since we welcomed our gorgeous little lady into the world.

This year has seen such massive changes, so much has progressed at an alarming rate and DD’s age is just one of them.

So what have we been up to this month? I suppose the two major things are our trip to Lyme to see Auntie and my brother. We also took the opportunity to see Dippy the Diplodocus who is currently on tour and at Dorset County Museum in Dorchester. This was a truly incredible experience despite having a very poorly, and grumpy, baby girl to contend with. We also visited the Donkey Sanctuary whilst there. Sleeping was a bit of a nightmare due to the screaming she did when she woke (which was several times a night), and on several occasions we were all up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night until she passed out again.

The second major thing was celebrating her first major ‘second’ now that Easter has come and gone and I find it unfathomable how quickly it seems to have happened.

We recently (on Good Friday, 30th March) went to Lifton Garden Centre’s Easter Egg Hunt which we took part in last year when DD was just 5 days old and were stood in the queue behind a family that looked a lot like we did last year (a three year old boy and a 2 weeks old baby girl) and I looked at DD strapped to me and almost grieved for her newborn-ness. I think this is largely because I now know that I will never experience pregnancy/birth and a newborn again and that is something that still weighs heavily on me.

Of course the highlight of this momentous month is celebrating her first birthday. OH wasn’t here due to work but I managed to make it a memorable occasion and will write a post dedicated to it in the next day or two.


This has been shocking this month. Midway through the month she came down with the worst fever which lasted five days. Nothing else, just a fever which had me dosing her up on Calpol and having to nurse through the night. This has had a lot of fall outs since, namely her eating and sleep pattern. By the time of writing this she had been a week free of bugs until another cold took hold… right before her birthday, marvellous. There was a moment there I thought it was croup due to her seal-like barking cough but she was lacking the stridor so wasn’t convinced, as it turned out the cough changed the next night so don’t think it was croup at all now.


This continues to be a sore point. Thanks to a high fever, nighttime became a bit of a nightmare situation for everyone, mainly me. She was so unwell that when she did wake up (which was quite a lot) she did so screaming blue murder. This was nigh on impossible to bring her out of without putting on lights/tv/music, stripping her down and administering Calpol. Of course after all of the above she was well and truly awake and remained that way for a couple of hours until she felt tired once more. The noise would invariably wake DS who would then potter through to our room and if OH was away on business I’d be busy juggling him being upset and her being ill. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement.


Movement: She has well and truly mastered crawling now and can move like lightning. She is standing up using furniture (along with mobile objects 🙄) and my legs with great ease now and is regularly found standing at the TV, stairs, patio window and DS’ Playmobil Castle. On the 1st April she started independently cruising and will also walk quite happily, holding our hands. Put her in the walker and she’s off like a rocket!!


Verbal:This continues in the same vein. Lots of Dadas, Mumas, Gagas

Non Verbal: She knows exactly what she wants and will spend the entire day pointing at what she wants, be it food, going upstairs/downstairs or who she wants to be with (generally me).

Emotional: Emotionally she’s very clingy at the moment. Whether that’s to do with her being sick, or away from home, or whether it’s just a ‘stage’, either way, if she can’t see me, she’s not at all happy. Nobody is good enough but me. That includes OH (much to his annoyance, but possibly more so, gratefulness – means he gets an easy excuse for not dealing with anything to do with her 🙄). If I dare leave her sight she starts crying hysterically and will only stop when firmly in my arms.


Walker, DS’ Castle, Bags, Picnic Basket, “Where’s Mrs Hen” book, “First Words” book, other babies,


1st trip to a museum.

1st Birthday Party. As she is turning one, her little friends are turning one too and we attended the first of these first birthdays on the 3rd.

Steps, but not independent.

1st Party


New Tastes: Homity Pie, Butter Bean Burgers, Pitta Bread, Cheese Scones, Macaroni Cheese, Tofu, Mini Cheddars (a very badly prepared mummy moment at the museum)

Favourites: Vegetable Sticks, Pasta, Croissant, Edamame Beans, Beans, Blueberries, Apple, Broccoli, Raspberries


Both lower lateral incisors have now broken through which could explain the fever and sheer level of grumpiness this month, of course it may not have anything to do with it, we’ll never know.


Weight: 19Ib 11.5oz

Length: 72cm

Clothes: Mainly 6-9 Months but I’m slowly introducing some of her 9-12 month pieces, vests etc, they’re huge but 6-9 vests are getting a little short.

Nappies: Size 3


I’m doing ok, a little emotional at the moment but then it’s ‘that’ time of year with mums birthday and death anniversary with DD’s birthday whacked in the middle.

Hair; I’ve finally stopped moulting like a retriever in summer

Still no sign of periods starting. Linear Nigra still visible but only barely.

Stomach still much like very baggy crepe paper but then I haven’t done anything to try and rectify that so I can’t be too surprised.

Weight: 9 stone 6.5

I’ve gone a bit rogue since my last weigh in last month but am surprised, and relieved at only a 3.5Ib gain. I’m back at group again now though and hope to get back into target range within a fortnight.

** Sorry for the late publishing **

11 Months Old

Look at me getting an update out on time!!

Each time I write the titles to these updates it amazes me how quickly time is passing and this one means it’s the last one before she turns 1!!!!

Time seems to race past and I fear I’m missing/missed so much of her being a baby and I’m going to look at her one day soon and she’ll be a teenager. I think with your first you’re so full of anxieties and time that every second is relished (and feared) so time goes at a more steady pace. With the second, you’re just so busy with life and the older sibling(s) that you’re not aware of how quickly time is passing you by. No time for soaking in those naps spent on your chest.

This last month has been a funny one as DS has been quite poorly for most of it meaning we haven’t been up to much. We went over to Lyme on the 19th February for a week but ended up having to come home the next day because he started with a fever and all three of us in one room, with an illness to boot, is not ideal. As it happened it was the best decision as he was really very unwell for 10 days and then remained full of cold (ear, throat and chest problems) for the remainder of the month and into March.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed watching the snow come as Storm Emma brought unusual amounts of snow to our coastline which left us all stranded due to drifts and ice. The snow back home in Lyme was immense and only wish we’d been stranded in Lyme when it hit as it reached 6 inches of blanket cover. At times like this I’m grateful we have moved out of the flat and are in a nicely insulated, and heated, house.

On the 5th March we started a Baby Yoga course which was fun seeing as she wouldn’t sit/lie still enough for me to actually do the movements on her. She was just WAY to excited hanging with children her own age.

So let’s get back to our beautiful little girl’s development and see what happened when she was 10 months old.


We have been hit hard this month by the worst cold known to man. And DD is still suffering it’s side effects as I write this update. It started with DS when we were in Lyme and I had to cut short our visit to get him home (being all in one room is challenging enough, without one of the small being ill). It was a good call because he developed a high temperature which didn’t drop below 39 for over a week and left him with a terrible cough. After 10 days DD developed it and is, as we speak, full of catarrh, snot and has a terrible cough. Her temperature, thankfully, is behaving.


This is so random at the moment. She either has a really good night of one wake up between 1830 and 0500 or she has a terrible night with many wake ups. Ironically when she wakes just the once it’s the hardest to get her back to sleep, she screams and throws her body backwards for up to 10 minutes before I can bring her round enough to have some milk and get back to sleep. Usually to do this I have to turn on her cot mobile music and talk to her telling her that ‘Mama’s here’. Ironically, when she wakes frequently we don’t get these episodes and she’s back to sleep in a couple of minutes, with or without milk.

Naps: Depending on the night she had, she’ll have an early morning nap of half an hour, a late afternoon nap of the same and an early afternoon nap of again, half an hour. I try to make sure she doesn’t sleep after 2 else it’ll put bedtime back and this can be a problem if OH is away and I’ve got them both to settle.


Verbal: She continues to babble and is saying Mama and Dad with more continuity now, though Mama is more Wahwah but is definitely her term for me.

Mobility: She’s well and truly off now and crawling everywhere. She’s yet to start cruising but is pulling herself up to standing everywhere she can and will take a few steps when you hold her hands, and is intent on wanting to let go of you so that she stands independently.

Pointing: This month has seen her start to point at things she wants. I properly noticed this on the 1st March when, at the table, she pointed at what I thought was her spoon (it wasn’t) and she got very irate until I looked further afield and her stacking cups were behind her bowl and when passed to her she busily went about playing with them.

Clapping: on the 5th March DD FINALLY clapped properly for the first time (whilst eating butternut squash pizza).

Cause and Effect: She has suddenly become very interested in doing things that make something happen and delights in the fact she has been the instigator. I reckon this first started at the beginning of February when I sat her in her cot to put away some laundry, she discovered that when she rolled the roller on her cot mobile, the mobile started working. Now she’s pushing and spinning anything in the hope it has an effect. Of course, if she gets the desired effect she’s after she is absolutely delighted in herself, and the object.

Schemas: She’s still displaying posting and rotating schema traits and we get out her Orchard Toys Postbox Game whenever we can. She is also absorbed in opening and closing too which has called for us to fit door guards in all the doors now to prevent trapped fingers.


She is currently going through her seventh leap which is the world of Sequences and I’m seeing so many examples of this already, despite her still going through it. She is desperate to help and relishes in being told she’s a good girl for handing us things when we hold out a hand (usually for the tiny toy of DS’ she’s picked up from somewhere). She’s insistent on feeding herself with a spoon now and will hold the spoon, put it in the bowl, scoop up food then put it in her mouth with such pride.

The pointing is also a part of this leap


TV: Teletubbies, Bing, Justin’s House, Twirlywoos to name but a few. As a rule of thumb if they’re bright or musical, she’s absorbed

Music: She just loves music!!!! She loves bopping to anything with a good up-beat and is easily calmed when music is introduced, be it sung to her, or played.

Toys: She has found a new love for the Beat Belle we bought he for Christmas. I think it’s because of the cause and effect it displays… she pushes a button and something happens. When DS was little my best friend gave me a Playskool Ball Blower that her children had as babies. This month I finally got round to replacing the batteries and she just LOVES it. She very quickly mastered that she can push the button to start it and will crawl over to play with it on her own volition, again, cause and effect being displayed.


Snow!!! On the 1st of March Storm Emma brought us a massive snow storm, one which actually left snow on the ground of a good few centimetres coverage, with a few inches in drifts! It also left us stranded in the house as the road became a treacherous ice rink thanks to it turning into frozen rain. Unfortunately she was too poorly to take out into it but she loved watching DS and I playing in it through the window. She was fascinated watching it fall and build up on the lawn.

On the 2nd March she celebrated her Daddy’s birthday for the first time.


Although the cold she has had has put her off the amount of food she normally eats, she is still ticking away three meals a day. She is boobing more mind and before her cold took hold I would say she has breast milk Morning, lunchtime and bedtime and a couple of times in the night.

New Tastes: Butternut Squash ‘Pizzas’, Tofu, Risotto


Her upper left incisor is right the way through now and I’m sure something else is going on as she permanently has a finger rammed in her mouth.


Weight: 18Ib 12oz (25th centile)

Clothes: 6-9 Months on the whole though she is still in a few 3-6 month items that always came up on the larger size. In fact her 11 month photos were taken in a 3-6 month outfit.

Nappies: Size 3


I’m doing ok despite extreme tiredness thanks to everyone else’s illnesses.

I suppose the biggest news to hit the headlines here is that OH has FINALLY been given special dispensation to say he is now, officially infertile. It could only happen to him that he’s had to provide sample after sample before getting a final result. Apparently although there are still sperm in his samples, they are less than 10,000 in total (apparently it takes over 2 million to result in a pregnancy) and these are immotile. The letter basically said that if he was seeing an infertility specialist, with those numbers he would be told he was infertile.

I can say with a great deal of confidence that my hair seems to have stopped falling out.

Linea Nigra is very faint, but still evident.

Crepe paper belly is still a scourge to my midriff.

Still no sign of my menstrual cycle returning (this is met with much joy, I don’t relish their return now we’re not having any more children)

Weight: 9 stone 1 Ib which means even after an atrocious couple of weeks off plan I have maintained my weight, this in very happy about but need to find my slimming world mojo to shift the last half stone.

One Year Review

On the 13th February 2018 DD had her 1 year review, at 44 weeks old!!!!! The reasons they give for this are ridiculous and makes me question the appalling way our health care system is being abused by the people it’s trying to help.

So be warned, I’m about to climb onto my soap box for a minute of unintelligible ranting whilst I lie next to my feverish son so OH can have his dinner before we tag team it…

In Cornwall they start ‘inviting’ you to this particular review 3 months ahead of schedule because of the appalling attendance rate for these appointments, and due to the fact they HAVE to give the ‘client’ the chance to attend. The Health Visitor says invariably they are left sitting there because of no shows and these no shows never bother to attend, nor have the common decency to inform the agency that they won’t attend, despite repeated requests to be seen. The amount of wasted time lost to this is disgusting.

On hearing this it has made me realise that it’s no wonder children at risk slip through the net. The health visitors have no power to force their way to see a child unless it’s been highlighted as already being at risk, they can turn up at the home but can’t demand entry. Let’s face it it’s these children that are probably the ones that aren’t being taken to their routine reviews. Why else wouldn’t you take your child to these reviews?

It’s no bloody wonder resources are being cut, because in the grand scheme of things it looks like they’re not required and the amount of money that must be lost must be astronomical.

Come on folks… Atleast have the decency to inform them that you’re not going to turn up!!!

This all being said, we DID attend and all was good. It was slightly different to when I had DS’. For one it was an individual review this time, as opposed to DS’ being a group one (we were the only attendees) and DD’s was 2 months earlier than DS’. Both were held at our local Children’s Centre.

So what happens at this particular review?

Well, the HV asked whether DD was moving and pulling herself up to standing (both yes, but even if no that would have been fine apparently at 10 Months – I suppose if she wasn’t doing these things they may have asked to see her again at age 1).

She observed DD as she played with a couple of toys on the floor. DD permfirmed nicely to the gallery and was hiding and unveiling toys with a scarf and playing with a shape sorter.

I was asked about her speech and whether she was babbling nicely, smiling at me and putting out her arms. All of which she demonstrated whilst we were there anyway.

We talked about feeding, sleep and weaning.

DD was weighed and measured. The outcome being that she is following her growth lines nicely and there is no need for any concern.

The rest of the review was spent talking about safety, now she’s on the move, eating and generally getting into everything. I was warned of obvious hazards such as the stairs, mobile chargers, choking, hair straighteners, older siblings toys. I was given (an appallingly written and produced) leaflet on safety and we went over Sepsis once again.

It may seem like a bit of a waste of our time but seeing as it’s time assigned to us for the benefit of our child’s health then surely it’s our duty as parents/carers/guardians to at least attend for their sake.

Weight: 18Ib 8.5oz (8.44kg), meaning she’s following the 25th centile nicely.

Length: 69.5cm, which puts her on the 9th centile

Head Circumference: 46cm, which is on the 75th centile

So in a nutshell, the outcome of this, her first year review, is that she’s fine and no follow up is required.


Ten Months Old

Again, apologies for being nearly a month late on this. Time has been of short supply thanks to illnesses and other commitments (life in general), of which none have been that exciting to be honest.

Anyway, on the 9th February our gorgeous little girl turned 10 Months old so here is where she’s ‘at’ and what she got up to whilst 9 Months Old…


Horrible colds have been circulating the house this entire month and DD is currently suffering from yet another streaming cold with cough making feeding and sleeping a near impossibility and thus much stress ensues.


This has been alternating between bloody dreadful, with her waking every hour screaming and not wanting boob, to fairly good but the latter hasn’t been lasting long and when it does happen, DS has had an awful night. I swear they’re conspiring against me.

She still naps between 2 and 3 times a day and is generally in bed by 1830.


Mark Making: When DS was colouring on the floor she worked her way over, grabbed a crayon and started ‘helping’ him.

Blowing raspberries is her new thing!

Crawling: She has been slow on the uptake of crawling though she has successfully gone from one end of the room to the other without actually crawling. To explain the convoluted process in which she got there is nigh on impossible but move she did in a sit, turn, stretch, flatten out, sit repeated motion. Quite ingenious. Since the last blog she has been teasing us by being on all fours and rocking forward but will then flatten her hips and legs to the floor and then moving backwards. She has mastered the downward dog and this has been the last phase in her preparing to crawl.

On the 5th February she finally and successfully moved forward on all fours. She is as pleased as punch and there’s no stopping her wobbling around the room trying to eat DS’ lego now.

Play and Schemas:It is fast becoming apparent she is a poster and a rotator. She can spend hours putting things in things and spinning things that rotate. She also loves opening and shutting things. Her Leap Frog Picnic Basket and box of ‘things’ are still a hot commodity. Her walker is a firm favourite to all of us, it’s a place I know she’s safe if I have jobs to do and don’t have to keep a very close eye on her and she loves being independently mobile.

Verbal: Dadadadas are predominant, much to my chagrine 🤣

Ahahahah, goos and gags feature highly too.


Wah wahs

Mama on the 31st January

Dada on the 2nd February


TV: Rara The Noisy Little Lion, Teletubbies, Bing

Toys: Picnic Basket, Box of items, anything that open and shuts, Jumperoo, Walker

Songs: Twinkle Twinkle, Kangaroos Like To Hop, The Animals Go in Two by Two


n the 15th January she picked up, and drank from, her sippy cup of her own volition.

New Tastes: Quorn Burger, Mango, Falafel.

o new breakthroughs here though something is definitely going on in there.


Weight: 18Ib 8oz (8.40kg)

Length: 69.5cm

Head Circumference: 46cm

She remains in 6-9 month clothing and no closer to stepping up a size and still fits in some 3-6 (those these are dresses). Size 3 nappies


I’m doing ok. Struggling with so little sleep but that’s par for the course with a baby and 4 year old. I desperately need to go home for a bit of R&R but am waiting for a break in the illnesses to do so.

Still no sign of my periods returning though I seem to be experiencing a five weekly ‘cycle’ or moods and bloating… fun!

Linea Nigra still visible.

Hair loss is slowing, FINALLY! It’s just a shame it’s snapping and feels like straw now (as do my nails).

I had the lump on my finger removed early this month (12th January) and thankfully the histology came back as just a pyrogenic granuloma so now I’m relishing the fact my finger isn’t constantly bleeding, it’s taking a while to get used to not wearing a dressing.

Weight: 9 stone 1.5 pounds so I remain in my target range but the next stone bracket remains ever elusive.

Nine Months Old

On the 9th January our DD turned 9 Months old, so what happened whilst she was 8 Months Old?

It’s been a busy and monumental month. First off we went on our first proper holiday as a family of four to Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland at Longleat Forest. She delighted in all the lights and decorations everywhere and got to meet Santa for the very first time, not that she seemed that bothered if I’m totally honest but it meant the world to me (yes I cried again… no pregnancy hormones to blame this time).

She also celebrated her first Christmas and New Year. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas as we managed to avoid the dreaded lurgy until a couple of days afterwards so we were at full fitness to enjoy the special occasion. More about this later.

We went back to my home town to see my brothers and Auntie just prior to Christmas for a massive present swap and catch up which was lovely, despite DS’ persistent cough which made all being in one room very trying.

The 2nd January saw the monumental anniversary that she has officially been ‘out’ as long as she was ‘in’. Where has that time gone?


As predicted, she came down with a stinking cold and cough the week we returned from Centre Parcs meaning we had DS running a temperature and coughing himself sick (turns out he had a chest infection when I finally took him to the docs… Baaaaaaad mummy guilt) and a baby full of mucus and with a persistent cough, to say we haven’t slept too well is an understatement. If it hasn’t been one it’s been the other waking up, and on a couple of VERY special occasions they’ve both woken screaming and invariably I’ve been on my own to deal with it.


Due to coughs and colds it’s been a rocky road sleepwise, however it has improved since last month and the hourly wake ups have stopped (for now). By the end of December she was doing an 8 hour stretch which was amazing (DS still waking us with his cough mind).

She still has around 3 naps a day but if she has a particularly bad night she’ll have a couple more. These naps rarely last longer than half an hour, if they even last that long.


The week we returned from Centre Parcs she learnt to wave and absolutely delights in the praise she gets when she does it.

This little girl is eager to get going and on the 21st December, to my amazement she pulled herself up to standing in the bath, using the bath handles. She really is so proud of herself when she’s on her feet and there’s no curling of her toes at all. At this rate she’ll be cruising before she’s crawling. A friend gave me a sit-in walker for her too which she loves (alongside her Jumperoo) as it means she’s upright and able to move independently. She’s now getting to grips of propelling herself though at the moment this is very slowly, and backwards.

Crawling: she’s very nearly onto all fours and is making a real effort to attempt a crawl. She rocks onto her knee and onto her hands from sitting but can’t figure out how to get the folded leg out of the way yet.

Play: She loves nothing more than being in her ball pit (a Christmas gift from her Aunt and Uncle) and spends ages in there throwing balls through the holes and over the top and delights in us joining in. She still loves her box of ‘things’ and you’ll find her putting the blocks as far away from her as she can (literally, she leans so far forward to the point of lying flat on the floor) so she can retrieve them again. She got the Leap Frog Picnic Basket for Christmas from her other Aunt and Uncle and this is slowly replacing the box as she loves opening and closing the lid and making items ‘vanish’.

She’s currently going through her 6th developmental leap, the leap of Categories. She’s been incredibly clingy and suffering from separation anxiety quite badly too which makes for fun filled days of not getting ANYTHING done, really handy at Christmastime. I’ve also noticed that when she gives us something (a block, remote, toy) she wants it back straightaway else there are severe consequences to be had.


Her verbal development is racing forward now too. She’s babbling and squawking, screaming and grunting


  • Box of items
  • Leap Frog Picnic Basket
  • That’s Not My Books
  • Ball Pit
  • Walker
  • Jumperoo
  • My Glasses

Songs: Kangaroo Likes to Hop and The Animals Go In Two By Two


Well there’s one major first that can’t go unmentioned. DD celebrated her very first Christmas with us and I couldn’t have asked for a more special day with our complete little family. We were all germ free (until two days after) and had a lovely time. She ate her Christmas dinner at the table with us and tucked it all away (the same couldn’t be said for DS). She delighted in all the wrapping paper (barely noticed the gifts inside) and all the usual festive frivolities. DS enjoyed ‘helping’ her with all her gifts and was eager for her to play with his, which of course didn’t work but it was beautiful to watch. He truly loves his little sister, long may it continue.


She is truly a machine when it comes to food and eating and haven’t found anything she hasn’t refused yet.

She’s still not really mastered drinking water but I provide her with water in a sippy cup at every meal time to get her used to it.

Milk: She still has big milk feeds and we continue our breastfeeding journey. She mainly feeds in the morning, late afternoon, after meals and bedtime (and 3 or four times a night).

New Tastes: Poppadoms, Chapatti, Basmati Rice, Fish Pie, Lentil Loaf, Roast Parsnip, Roast Potato, Roast Butternut Squash, Bread Sauce, Spiced Red Cabbage; Lentil and Vegetable Soup; Cauliflower Cheese

She is now starting to open her palm to discover the food left there


On Christmas Eve I noticed her right upper incisor is making a bid for freedom which could explain some very whingey behaviour, and foul nappies.


She now weighs 16Ibs 10oz. She is now in a size 3 Nappy day and night and predominantly in 3-6 month clothing though she is starting to get much more use out of the 6-9 month ones now and I’ve just bought 6-9 Vests as the 3-6 ones are getting a little short now.


I’ve finally been to the doctor about the growth on my ring finger (caused by me pulling out what I thought was a splinter a couple of months ago) which, after Centre Parcs swimming, had gone particularly nasty and resembled what I can only describe as a tree growing out a pit and constantly bled. Pretty yucky to say the least. Anyway he thinks it’s a granuloma and I’ve been having it cauterised with silver nitrate… now that’s not the most pleasant thing I’ve experienced in my life!!!! Anyway, after three treatments it keeps coming back so he’s pushed me through to see a specialist under the two week rule which has got me really worried, why is it when they say “no need to worry, but….” you can’t but help worrying?! I’m sure it’ll be fine, but we’ll see.

I’ve realised I haven’t done a Post birth physical update in ages so here it is:

Periods – still haven’t resumed (one major advantage).

Linear Nigra – still visible though fading nicely.

Tummy – although I’ve lost the weight, and was lucky enough not to get any stretch marks, it’s still resembling a deflated balloon, I really need to work on this but just can’t seem to find the time.

Pelvic floor – not as it should be but I don’t see when I cough, so there’s an advantage 🤣

Hair – I continue to moult excessively and am constantly pulling hair from everything we own.

Relationship wise, we’re doing ok. I think our trip to Centre Parcs and a successfully grump-free Christmas from OH has helped greatly. Let’s see if this continues through January, because let’s face it, it’s an utterly miserable month!

Libido – still non-existent but then I’m so bloody tired all the time I’m not really surprised.

Weight: After Christmas and New Year I was amazed that I’d only gained 1.5Ibs but thanks to putting on 2 whilst at home the week before Christmas I’m currently a pound out of target range at 9 stone 4 Ibs

Eight Months Old

Oops, the day before she turns 9 my bad I remember I hadn’t posted her 8 month update. My bad! It’s been so hectic this month with Centre Parcs, DS’ Birthday, Christmas prep, Viruses and Infections I just totally forgot.

Sorry for the short ‘diary’ but the above explains why 🤣


Actually not bad this month.


In a word, horrific. At the beginning of this month she went through weeks of waking every hour and sometimes every half an hour. To say I was knackered is an understatement. I tried everything, thought it was due to eating before bed, not eating before bed, eating fruit, not eating fruit, being in the Snuzpod, being in her cot, in a grobag, not in a grobag and round and round we went with no explanation.


She doesn’t seem fussed on mastering her rolling abilities at all, it’s like she’s given up on that. However she is attempting to pull herself up to standing all the time and isn’t happy unless she’s sitting or standing she finds this easier in the bath as she pulls herself up using the side of her bath. Her feet are perfectly flat when she stands too which I find amazing (perhaps wrongly so?).

Crawling: She hasn’t managed to beat or match her brother (as he started commando crawling at 32 Weeks) but she seems to be doing it in a totally different way. With DS he commando crawled from prone position, dragging himself to where he wanted to be. DD seems to be doing it from sitting by rocking onto her knees with her hands in front of her. I don’t think it’s long until she successfully rocks onto all fours.

abbling along nicely.


Box of blocks

Shakey Egg

Empty bottles

Lamaze Dragon




On the 4th December we went to Centre Parcs for our first holiday as a family of four to enjoy the Winter Wonderland.

On the 7th December she met Father Christmas for the first time and is at that wonderful age where she isn’t terrified of him yet 😂


I have never known anything like her. She is a machine when it comes to food. She gets really cross if someone has food and doesn’t give it to her, she throws herself around her high chair in the anticipation of getting food and wolfs down anything that’s given to her. I have had to give her a pouch on a couple of occasions this month due to being out and about at lunchtime and not having time to steam some finger food in preparation, she loves it.

I think the time has come to actually prepare meals now instead of tastes of food. I find it a real struggle as Noah was so slow on the uptake which suited me, I feel a bit out of my depth with the speed she’s moving.

New Tastes: Ella’s Kitchen, Blueberries, Raspberries, Sweet Potato Mash, beetroot burgers, beetroot soup, vegetable casserole with lentils, mashed swede/Potato/carrot/parsnip/butternut squash


On the 16th I heard her grind her teeth which can only mean one thing so I had a good look and her top front right has broken through.

The day before she turned 8 Months old, on the 8th December, she cut her left upper front tooth


On the 19th she dove for the first time and wasn’t phased by it at all. We are a lot more confident doing it with her than we were with DS though I will still no doubt panic about secondary drowning.

Whilst at Centre Parcs she thoroughly enjoyed daily visits to the pool and especially loved the baby/toddler focused pool with its mini slides, water fountains and water tables.


Still in 3-6 month clothing but now the 6-9 month ones don’t swamp her entirely so I’m starting to put her in them and roll up sleeves.

She’s still in size 2 nappies, though midway through November I started putting her in size 3s at night as I found she was leaking a little in the 2s having been in them since 6pm the previous night.

Weight: 16Ibs 11.5oz


I’m doing ok. Things are still tense at home and I have no idea how to solve this. He seems to think sex is the answer but as we all know attitudes of the day reflect on libido and when I’m treated, and spoken to, like rubbish then the last thing I want to do is ‘put out’.


I’ve finally reached my target weight which is exactly where I wanted to be before the inevitable gain at Centre Parcs and Christmas and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve still got my Mum tum and not sure how to eliminate that as it’s mainly loose crepe paper skin but right now I can live with that. I need to tone up and am desperate to start running again to help do this but until I can, I really need to start finding some time to do some yoga or fitness dvd.

Seven Months Old

I’m going to have to apologise for exclaiming how quickly time is passing at the start of each monthly update. I only say it because I genuinely can’t believe how quickly everything is happening this time round.

We’ve been doing lots of the usual stuff this month which DD is beginning to get some benefit from, in particular Beat Bus where she’s now properly interacting with the rest of the group. We started attending a new parent/toddler group last week which we’re going to go to every week, it’s one of the few things I can do just with her whilst DS is at Pre-School and it’s a lovely group where she can get to know babies of her own age.

We’ve started making sure she gets in the swimming pool for a few minutes each week when we take DS on a Sunday and she loves it. She’s so relaxed in water, it’s lovely to see. I’m still searching for a baby swim session that I can do whilst DS is at school but it’s eluding me at the moment due to people not getting back to me.

So what has her sixth month in our world brought?


All ok barring another cold whose initial effects were short lived though she still has a runny nose.


This is turning into a sore subject and have now decided the baby who slept through is no longer living with us anymore. The last few nights have been horrific with wake ups every hour from 10pm and sometimes every half. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement and this has not been helped by coughs and colds from both children.

Napping is equally as hit or miss and the best place she sleeps is in her carrier, unfortunately for my back.

However, if it wasn’t for this poor sleep I wouldn’t be getting this post out on time this month… every cloud and all.


Suddenly this month has seen DD make remarkable leaps in development, both physically and emotionally.

From doing no sitting at all she has gone to long periods of sitting unaided, though surrounded by cushions because when she does go, she goes!

Right at the beginning of this last month she started passing objects from hand to hand and removing and inserting objects into, and out of, a box.

Since all this has been going on she seems to have ditched rolling and hasn’t even attempted this for several weeks now. Having said that this doesn’t mean she’s still. She has developed a kind of squirm that’ll get her to the object I’ve placed to encourage her to roll over and when she’s sitting she’ll do a wriggle dance that’ll bump her forward a centimetre or so. I’m fully expecting her to be a bottom shuffler.

Emotionally, the last week or so has seen her start showing signs of separation anxiety which means I can’t walk away from her anymore, welcome limpet stage!

She is also showing her level of frustration if she can’t have what she wants, I think we’ve got a feisty one here. Be it food or a toy, if she doesn’t get it straight away we know about it.

She can spend ages staring at a zip, or my necklace or a tab on something and toys with it with her fingers and studies it closely..

She’s also started throwing things which DS is finding a little frustrating.

A few days ago, on the 2nd November, I noticed she was displaying a perfect pincer grip as she picked up a small piece of fish of the table.


DD is making lots more sounds now and is incredibly vocal. She chats away to herself and shouts at us on a regular basis and has perfected her tired ‘song’.

Sounds she makes include:

Gah, Wahwah, Baabaa no sign of Mama, despite endless coaching 😆


Sitting… no longer is she content lying on her blanket, she verbalises exactly how discontent she is with that until I sit her up in front of a myriad of toys and objects.

Box of objects.

Sensory Objects. At the moment she loves anything sensory. Anything crunchy or crinkly gets her attention immediately and for this the space blanket is a firm favourite.

Sensory Books. The ‘That’s Not My…’ books and a peek-a-boo book called ‘Where’s Mrs Hen?’ get lots of use and totally engage her. They are a great way of getting DS involved too as he can ‘read’ them to her and show her what to do.

Nuby Teether.

Activity songs such as Kangaroo Likes To Hop.

Raspberries on her tummy and nuzzling her neck always result in giggles, as does silly dancing and funny faces.

She loves having a dance and, like her brother, loves music and making her own with some musical instruments we have (xylophone, tambourine, shaky eggs, maracas)


Passing objects from one hand to another.

Sitting unaided.

Eating solids.


This has been going exceptionally well. Right from the first try she took some onboard, so different to her brother who didn’t actually swallow anything until he was 10 Months Old.

I’ve been doing baby led weaning properly this time round and have been a lot more relaxed about it. Though I still watch like a Gael and the first time with bread had me panic a little as it clagged up at the back of her throat, needless to say she didn’t have bread again and I’ve stuck to toast.

She mainly has batons of food that she can feed herself but anything more sloppy I tend to load a spoon for her and pass her the spoon so she can feed herself.

First tastes (in order):

Carrot, Avocado, bread and Marmite, Porridge, Weetabix, Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Banana, Croissant, Parsnip, Broccoli, Strawberries, Blueberry Pancakes, Sweetcorn Fritters, Quorn Sausage, Boiled Egg, Cheese Straws, Pizza, Omelette, Fish, Cucumber, Kiwi, Tomato, Pea Fritters.

All of this resulted in her first solid poo on the 7th. Unfortunately she’s struggling a bit and has been very grumpy with this, I’m presuming until she gets used to pushing something solid out.


There are no visible signs that anymore are coming through at the moment.


I got her weighed this month she measured in at:

15Ib 12oz (7.140kg) and a length of 65cm.

She’s still following the 25th centile for weight and the 9th for length (she’s obviously got her mother’s genes there)


I’ve been struggling a bit this last month with one thing or another. I’m so tired due to children being ill and feeling quite isolated and alone.

OH had a week off and DS went through a stage where he had been quite horrible to me and I can’t help but think it’s my fault because I’m not spending the time with him that I could before DD was born. He’s said the most hurtful things to me and is almost ganging up on me with OH and I’m finding it really difficult to deal with. We have always been so close and I hate the fact that he doesn’t ‘like’ me at the moment. OH says it’s a phase just because he’s been home more but I can’t help worrying that our relationship has been damaged. Of course the fact that OH refuses to discipline (leaving me to be the ‘bad cop’ all the time) and spoils him with treats (which irritates me because if I do that I get told off because we’re skint) doesn’t help. Thankfully this blip stopped the moment OH went back to work so I need to reaffirm to OH that he must stand up to him if he speaks to me like that… not that he will, secretly I think he likes the fact that DS ‘prefers’ him to me for a change but still he can’t get away with being rude and I won’t stand for it.

All of this coupled with the devastating news that my dear friend, G has just lost her baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant has left me an emotional wreck and feeling that there’s nothing I can do to help her.

I’m feeling like an utter failure as a mother, a person and a friend right now

Weight: 9st 5Ib… 2Ibs to go until I’m back in my target range and so bloody close to target but I seem to have lost my mojo this last couple of weeks and after a maintain last week I came out guns blazing and seem to have lost it again, I can’t seem to stop sabotaging myself.

Six Months Old

How has it been a whole half a year since you entered our lives? I will never stop declaring at how fast it seems to be going with you it’s like I haven’t enjoyed you enough in one stage before you’re moving onto another. I mean, FOOD! You will be starting food this month and I feel I’ve only just started our breastfeeding journey and we’re onto weaning already. I definitely think that she is ready to start this journey into the world of food now whereas DS was most definitely not. It’s been very tempting to give her tasters as she has been longingly eyeing up my food for quite a while now and although I’ve let her lick my apple or pear I have remained strong and not given in. I now know what other parents felt when they started weaning early due to this, DS never ever showed this interest and even after 6 months didn’t actually swallow anything until he was about 9/10 months old.


All good this month, barring teething.


One word….. Awful! Since your illness last month, as I feared, your sleep seems to have been irreversibly messed up. On the very odd occasion you have done a 8/9 hour stint but on the whole you manage 3/4, at the worst (the last couple of days) she’s been waking every 1.5/2 hours… it’s quite simply exhausting. More so because I had actually got used to sleeping, atleast with DS he never pretended so I was used to it, this is crippling me.

She is still napping several times a day, again I’d say she’s awake 2/3 hours before needing a nap. Whether it’s because her naps are always being disturbed by DS/builders/kids playing in the street (I could kill them in particular)/doors slamming/DS’ groups and clubs either way she naps several times.


Rattling her rattle (in particular her Hungry Caterpillar) and bashing the floor with it, and her head.

Drumming seems to be a favourite pastime whether it be an arm or leg banging against mine whilst staring at me. Or lifting both her legs and slamming them back into

the ground she just loves to make noise (or to be heard)

She’s still putting things over her face, be it her bib that she’ll fold up over her lower face, her dress or a blankie, everything seems to be going over her face which is a little concerning at times.

She’s starting to gets frustrated when she can’t grab something straight away (e.g activity mat hanging object)

She has discovered that her hands are a source of much entertainment and can be found studying them for ages and trying to grab her fingers

Practising sitting more and more by using the Bumbo and watching me cook and play with beans etc. I’ve started to find the time to sit her between my legs with her legs open for balance and she’s starting to get so much stronger.

she loves to explore more textures and especially likes crunchy things like bags of crisps, space blanket.

Speech: Imitating sounds like ‘hiya’ and ‘boo’. Screaming ‘AHHHHHH’ has started and she’s perfected her tired song.


Favourite song is Noah’s Ark which works wonders in the car should she start crying.

Favourite toy seems to be ‘Giraffey’


Teeth (see below)


As predicted, 2 days after I noticed those little indents, her first tooth (lower central right) erupted through her gum. Her second lower front tooth came throughout the 8th October… I had hoped this was the reasoning for last couple of night’s of appalling sleep and looked forward for a good night last night… nope!


Weighed DD on the 12th October and she weighed in at 14Ibs 14oz (6.74kg). She’s still on the 25th centil but has dropped onto the line. Not that they’re worried but you can’t help but fret a little.

She is mainly in 3-6 month clothing and still has quite a few 0-3 month dresses that she still has plenty of room in.


Barring being a sleep deprived wreck, I’m doing ok.

The house is still a work in progress. I still have all the I tyres to hang (we do atleast have the fittings now… bloody plasterboard houses). I rang a local joiner to come and give us a quote to shelve this wall (excuse the mess)….

He said it’d take a couple of days to do a quote, I’m hoping it’s not horrific as an IKEA unit won’t fill the space and will no doubt irritate me. Until this is done then I can’t unpack the boxes and boxes of books that are still in the garage.

Physically I’m doing ok. My pelvic floor is strengthening, though I still wouldn’t trust putting it under any pressure.

I still have a fairly visible linea nigra. My core is improving thanks to a bit of work.

Weight: 9st 11.5oz. I’m still going to Slimming World and have had a couple of really good weeks only to be let down last week with a maintain which has set me back a bit. I’m determined to be at target by Centre Parcs in December!!!

**Sorry for late post**