Eight Months Old

Oops, the day before she turns 9 my bad I remember I hadn’t posted her 8 month update. My bad! It’s been so hectic this month with Centre Parcs, DS’ Birthday, Christmas prep, Viruses and Infections I just totally forgot.

Sorry for the short ‘diary’ but the above explains why 🤣


Actually not bad this month.


In a word, horrific. At the beginning of this month she went through weeks of waking every hour and sometimes every half an hour. To say I was knackered is an understatement. I tried everything, thought it was due to eating before bed, not eating before bed, eating fruit, not eating fruit, being in the Snuzpod, being in her cot, in a grobag, not in a grobag and round and round we went with no explanation.


She doesn’t seem fussed on mastering her rolling abilities at all, it’s like she’s given up on that. However she is attempting to pull herself up to standing all the time and isn’t happy unless she’s sitting or standing she finds this easier in the bath as she pulls herself up using the side of her bath. Her feet are perfectly flat when she stands too which I find amazing (perhaps wrongly so?).

Crawling: She hasn’t managed to beat or match her brother (as he started commando crawling at 32 Weeks) but she seems to be doing it in a totally different way. With DS he commando crawled from prone position, dragging himself to where he wanted to be. DD seems to be doing it from sitting by rocking onto her knees with her hands in front of her. I don’t think it’s long until she successfully rocks onto all fours.

abbling along nicely.


Box of blocks

Shakey Egg

Empty bottles

Lamaze Dragon




On the 4th December we went to Centre Parcs for our first holiday as a family of four to enjoy the Winter Wonderland.

On the 7th December she met Father Christmas for the first time and is at that wonderful age where she isn’t terrified of him yet 😂


I have never known anything like her. She is a machine when it comes to food. She gets really cross if someone has food and doesn’t give it to her, she throws herself around her high chair in the anticipation of getting food and wolfs down anything that’s given to her. I have had to give her a pouch on a couple of occasions this month due to being out and about at lunchtime and not having time to steam some finger food in preparation, she loves it.

I think the time has come to actually prepare meals now instead of tastes of food. I find it a real struggle as Noah was so slow on the uptake which suited me, I feel a bit out of my depth with the speed she’s moving.

New Tastes: Ella’s Kitchen, Blueberries, Raspberries, Sweet Potato Mash, beetroot burgers, beetroot soup, vegetable casserole with lentils, mashed swede/Potato/carrot/parsnip/butternut squash


On the 16th I heard her grind her teeth which can only mean one thing so I had a good look and her top front right has broken through.

The day before she turned 8 Months old, on the 8th December, she cut her left upper front tooth


On the 19th she dove for the first time and wasn’t phased by it at all. We are a lot more confident doing it with her than we were with DS though I will still no doubt panic about secondary drowning.

Whilst at Centre Parcs she thoroughly enjoyed daily visits to the pool and especially loved the baby/toddler focused pool with its mini slides, water fountains and water tables.


Still in 3-6 month clothing but now the 6-9 month ones don’t swamp her entirely so I’m starting to put her in them and roll up sleeves.

She’s still in size 2 nappies, though midway through November I started putting her in size 3s at night as I found she was leaking a little in the 2s having been in them since 6pm the previous night.

Weight: 16Ibs 11.5oz


I’m doing ok. Things are still tense at home and I have no idea how to solve this. He seems to think sex is the answer but as we all know attitudes of the day reflect on libido and when I’m treated, and spoken to, like rubbish then the last thing I want to do is ‘put out’.


I’ve finally reached my target weight which is exactly where I wanted to be before the inevitable gain at Centre Parcs and Christmas and I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve still got my Mum tum and not sure how to eliminate that as it’s mainly loose crepe paper skin but right now I can live with that. I need to tone up and am desperate to start running again to help do this but until I can, I really need to start finding some time to do some yoga or fitness dvd.


Seven Months Old

I’m going to have to apologise for exclaiming how quickly time is passing at the start of each monthly update. I only say it because I genuinely can’t believe how quickly everything is happening this time round.

We’ve been doing lots of the usual stuff this month which DD is beginning to get some benefit from, in particular Beat Bus where she’s now properly interacting with the rest of the group. We started attending a new parent/toddler group last week which we’re going to go to every week, it’s one of the few things I can do just with her whilst DS is at Pre-School and it’s a lovely group where she can get to know babies of her own age.

We’ve started making sure she gets in the swimming pool for a few minutes each week when we take DS on a Sunday and she loves it. She’s so relaxed in water, it’s lovely to see. I’m still searching for a baby swim session that I can do whilst DS is at school but it’s eluding me at the moment due to people not getting back to me.

So what has her sixth month in our world brought?


All ok barring another cold whose initial effects were short lived though she still has a runny nose.


This is turning into a sore subject and have now decided the baby who slept through is no longer living with us anymore. The last few nights have been horrific with wake ups every hour from 10pm and sometimes every half. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement and this has not been helped by coughs and colds from both children.

Napping is equally as hit or miss and the best place she sleeps is in her carrier, unfortunately for my back.

However, if it wasn’t for this poor sleep I wouldn’t be getting this post out on time this month… every cloud and all.


Suddenly this month has seen DD make remarkable leaps in development, both physically and emotionally.

From doing no sitting at all she has gone to long periods of sitting unaided, though surrounded by cushions because when she does go, she goes!

Right at the beginning of this last month she started passing objects from hand to hand and removing and inserting objects into, and out of, a box.

Since all this has been going on she seems to have ditched rolling and hasn’t even attempted this for several weeks now. Having said that this doesn’t mean she’s still. She has developed a kind of squirm that’ll get her to the object I’ve placed to encourage her to roll over and when she’s sitting she’ll do a wriggle dance that’ll bump her forward a centimetre or so. I’m fully expecting her to be a bottom shuffler.

Emotionally, the last week or so has seen her start showing signs of separation anxiety which means I can’t walk away from her anymore, welcome limpet stage!

She is also showing her level of frustration if she can’t have what she wants, I think we’ve got a feisty one here. Be it food or a toy, if she doesn’t get it straight away we know about it.

She can spend ages staring at a zip, or my necklace or a tab on something and toys with it with her fingers and studies it closely..

She’s also started throwing things which DS is finding a little frustrating.

A few days ago, on the 2nd November, I noticed she was displaying a perfect pincer grip as she picked up a small piece of fish of the table.


DD is making lots more sounds now and is incredibly vocal. She chats away to herself and shouts at us on a regular basis and has perfected her tired ‘song’.

Sounds she makes include:

Gah, Wahwah, Baabaa no sign of Mama, despite endless coaching 😆


Sitting… no longer is she content lying on her blanket, she verbalises exactly how discontent she is with that until I sit her up in front of a myriad of toys and objects.

Box of objects.

Sensory Objects. At the moment she loves anything sensory. Anything crunchy or crinkly gets her attention immediately and for this the space blanket is a firm favourite.

Sensory Books. The ‘That’s Not My…’ books and a peek-a-boo book called ‘Where’s Mrs Hen?’ get lots of use and totally engage her. They are a great way of getting DS involved too as he can ‘read’ them to her and show her what to do.

Nuby Teether.

Activity songs such as Kangaroo Likes To Hop.

Raspberries on her tummy and nuzzling her neck always result in giggles, as does silly dancing and funny faces.

She loves having a dance and, like her brother, loves music and making her own with some musical instruments we have (xylophone, tambourine, shaky eggs, maracas)


Passing objects from one hand to another.

Sitting unaided.

Eating solids.


This has been going exceptionally well. Right from the first try she took some onboard, so different to her brother who didn’t actually swallow anything until he was 10 Months Old.

I’ve been doing baby led weaning properly this time round and have been a lot more relaxed about it. Though I still watch like a Gael and the first time with bread had me panic a little as it clagged up at the back of her throat, needless to say she didn’t have bread again and I’ve stuck to toast.

She mainly has batons of food that she can feed herself but anything more sloppy I tend to load a spoon for her and pass her the spoon so she can feed herself.

First tastes (in order):

Carrot, Avocado, bread and Marmite, Porridge, Weetabix, Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Banana, Croissant, Parsnip, Broccoli, Strawberries, Blueberry Pancakes, Sweetcorn Fritters, Quorn Sausage, Boiled Egg, Cheese Straws, Pizza, Omelette, Fish, Cucumber, Kiwi, Tomato, Pea Fritters.

All of this resulted in her first solid poo on the 7th. Unfortunately she’s struggling a bit and has been very grumpy with this, I’m presuming until she gets used to pushing something solid out.


There are no visible signs that anymore are coming through at the moment.


I got her weighed this month she measured in at:

15Ib 12oz (7.140kg) and a length of 65cm.

She’s still following the 25th centile for weight and the 9th for length (she’s obviously got her mother’s genes there)


I’ve been struggling a bit this last month with one thing or another. I’m so tired due to children being ill and feeling quite isolated and alone.

OH had a week off and DS went through a stage where he had been quite horrible to me and I can’t help but think it’s my fault because I’m not spending the time with him that I could before DD was born. He’s said the most hurtful things to me and is almost ganging up on me with OH and I’m finding it really difficult to deal with. We have always been so close and I hate the fact that he doesn’t ‘like’ me at the moment. OH says it’s a phase just because he’s been home more but I can’t help worrying that our relationship has been damaged. Of course the fact that OH refuses to discipline (leaving me to be the ‘bad cop’ all the time) and spoils him with treats (which irritates me because if I do that I get told off because we’re skint) doesn’t help. Thankfully this blip stopped the moment OH went back to work so I need to reaffirm to OH that he must stand up to him if he speaks to me like that… not that he will, secretly I think he likes the fact that DS ‘prefers’ him to me for a change but still he can’t get away with being rude and I won’t stand for it.

All of this coupled with the devastating news that my dear friend, G has just lost her baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant has left me an emotional wreck and feeling that there’s nothing I can do to help her.

I’m feeling like an utter failure as a mother, a person and a friend right now

Weight: 9st 5Ib… 2Ibs to go until I’m back in my target range and so bloody close to target but I seem to have lost my mojo this last couple of weeks and after a maintain last week I came out guns blazing and seem to have lost it again, I can’t seem to stop sabotaging myself.

Six Months Old

How has it been a whole half a year since you entered our lives? I will never stop declaring at how fast it seems to be going with you it’s like I haven’t enjoyed you enough in one stage before you’re moving onto another. I mean, FOOD! You will be starting food this month and I feel I’ve only just started our breastfeeding journey and we’re onto weaning already. I definitely think that she is ready to start this journey into the world of food now whereas DS was most definitely not. It’s been very tempting to give her tasters as she has been longingly eyeing up my food for quite a while now and although I’ve let her lick my apple or pear I have remained strong and not given in. I now know what other parents felt when they started weaning early due to this, DS never ever showed this interest and even after 6 months didn’t actually swallow anything until he was about 9/10 months old.


All good this month, barring teething.


One word….. Awful! Since your illness last month, as I feared, your sleep seems to have been irreversibly messed up. On the very odd occasion you have done a 8/9 hour stint but on the whole you manage 3/4, at the worst (the last couple of days) she’s been waking every 1.5/2 hours… it’s quite simply exhausting. More so because I had actually got used to sleeping, atleast with DS he never pretended so I was used to it, this is crippling me.

She is still napping several times a day, again I’d say she’s awake 2/3 hours before needing a nap. Whether it’s because her naps are always being disturbed by DS/builders/kids playing in the street (I could kill them in particular)/doors slamming/DS’ groups and clubs either way she naps several times.


Rattling her rattle (in particular her Hungry Caterpillar) and bashing the floor with it, and her head.

Drumming seems to be a favourite pastime whether it be an arm or leg banging against mine whilst staring at me. Or lifting both her legs and slamming them back into

the ground she just loves to make noise (or to be heard)

She’s still putting things over her face, be it her bib that she’ll fold up over her lower face, her dress or a blankie, everything seems to be going over her face which is a little concerning at times.

She’s starting to gets frustrated when she can’t grab something straight away (e.g activity mat hanging object)

She has discovered that her hands are a source of much entertainment and can be found studying them for ages and trying to grab her fingers

Practising sitting more and more by using the Bumbo and watching me cook and play with beans etc. I’ve started to find the time to sit her between my legs with her legs open for balance and she’s starting to get so much stronger.

she loves to explore more textures and especially likes crunchy things like bags of crisps, space blanket.

Speech: Imitating sounds like ‘hiya’ and ‘boo’. Screaming ‘AHHHHHH’ has started and she’s perfected her tired song.


Favourite song is Noah’s Ark which works wonders in the car should she start crying.

Favourite toy seems to be ‘Giraffey’


Teeth (see below)


As predicted, 2 days after I noticed those little indents, her first tooth (lower central right) erupted through her gum. Her second lower front tooth came throughout the 8th October… I had hoped this was the reasoning for last couple of night’s of appalling sleep and looked forward for a good night last night… nope!


Weighed DD on the 12th October and she weighed in at 14Ibs 14oz (6.74kg). She’s still on the 25th centil but has dropped onto the line. Not that they’re worried but you can’t help but fret a little.

She is mainly in 3-6 month clothing and still has quite a few 0-3 month dresses that she still has plenty of room in.


Barring being a sleep deprived wreck, I’m doing ok.

The house is still a work in progress. I still have all the I tyres to hang (we do atleast have the fittings now… bloody plasterboard houses). I rang a local joiner to come and give us a quote to shelve this wall (excuse the mess)….

He said it’d take a couple of days to do a quote, I’m hoping it’s not horrific as an IKEA unit won’t fill the space and will no doubt irritate me. Until this is done then I can’t unpack the boxes and boxes of books that are still in the garage.

Physically I’m doing ok. My pelvic floor is strengthening, though I still wouldn’t trust putting it under any pressure.

I still have a fairly visible linea nigra. My core is improving thanks to a bit of work.

Weight: 9st 11.5oz. I’m still going to Slimming World and have had a couple of really good weeks only to be let down last week with a maintain which has set me back a bit. I’m determined to be at target by Centre Parcs in December!!!

**Sorry for late post**

Five Months Old

Life has been so hectic that it’s taken me this long to sit down and write this month’s update and we’re almost at the 6 month one! Gah, for this I apologise.

So as she turned 5 months old on the 9th September, what did the last month have in store for my beautiful girl?


On the 16th DD awoke full of Catarrh and very croaky, I’m not sure I should be so surprised as trying to stop her brother coughing and sneezing on her when he was ill the week previously was nigh ok impossible. This soon progressed to a low grade fever for about a week. This of course made her rather miserable and messed her sleep up, unfortunately for all concerned (me!).


DD was due her 3rd set of vaccinations on the 17th but due to the above illness I had to postpone until the 31st. OH managed to attend these ones thankfully as it consisted on the three injections again. Post vaccinations she did run a bit of a fever which was a bit miserable for about 24 hours but all in all everything was ok. Definitely better than her becoming sick with the diseases these jabs prevent.

Having said that, I’m glad there are no more until she’s 1.


Until the 16th DD continued to sleep through the night, since the 16th she’s waking pretty much every four hours which I’m finding really tough, having got used to a baby that sleeps through. I’m hoping this isn’t going to affect her sleep long term but I can’t help but worry that it’s messed things up.

She still naps around 3/4 times a day. Usually she’s awake 2/3 hours then needs a nap.


We’ve been practising sitting now that she has more control over her head and I’ve now introduced the Bumbo seat to help with this. She’s still extremely floppy though and invariably ends up kissing her feet.

We’ve noticed that she is now searching for me when I’m not with her and the look of delight when she sees me makes my heart melt.

She now responds to her name being called.

She reaches and grasps with greater precision now and increasingly more and more things are ending up in her mouth!

She reacts to her own image in the mirror, sometimes with sheer delight and other times, hilariously, with a mixture of confusion and disgust like a ‘who the heck are you with my mummy?’ look.

Her legs are getting so strong now and when we stand her on our laps she pushes up with such force it’s quite incredible.

She can travel amazing well by shuffling on her back or front and often ends up in a completely different position to how I left her and just before she turned 5 months old she did your first back to front roll (see more below).


Caterpillar, Giraffey and Dragon continue to be her favourite toys (probably because these are always closest to hand) and the look of joy on her face when she sees them is gorgeous.

Her favourite songs are Noah’s Ark as we sing this to her everytime she’s on her changing table whilst I spin her Noah’s Ark mobile that hangs above it. She is mesmerised by the mobile and grins from ear to ear as soon as we start singing ‘The animals go in two by two…’

Another favourite is Silent Night which has become her bedtime song aswell as DS’.

Of course her firm favourite people are either me or DS as she absolutely delights in his interactions with her which can verge on the annoying and ridiculous but her laughing in response doesn’t help me to stop him from doing them and I get the response “But mummy she likes it because she is laughing at me”, he has a fair point.


On the 10th she had her first proper, sustained laugh whilst in the bath. I will never delight in that sound in anything as much as I do that, it really is such a heartwarming thing to hear knowing that you are the cause of such delight. The next time she did it was for her brother and at falling objects.

On the 22nd August I took her for her first trip to Lyme as I had the dentist (due to a fair bit of work this resulted in us returning every week for three weeks which was lovely). It was lovely introducing her to Auntie’s house and my home town, she got great use out of the old Marmet pram Auntie had for her son. Whilst here we spent time with some very dear friends (Caroline, Kieron and Tom) and my brothers which was lovely. I took her to Lyme beach for the first time and also took her to the Donkey Sanctuary for the first time where she was quite taken with the Donkeys.

On the 27th August we took you to your first Bude Lifeboat Day and for once the sun shone on us.

On the 3rd September we went to the Eden Project which was your first time. It was a Space exhibition there and we wanted to take DS to see Maddie Moate which he loved. DD spent the entire time crying because it has fast become apparent she hates the pram’s carry cot. Time to get the seat out I reckon, though OH disagreed, until this outing.

On the 6th September, whilst I was at the dentist, she did her first back to front roll over for Auntie. When I got back Auntie declared quite nonchalantly that it had happened, she was quite astounded when I told her that it was her first time! Can’t believe I missed it, the little monkey. Life is going to become a lot more interesting soon.


At the end of this month (the 8th September) I noticed two little indents on her lower gum which I strongly believe will be teeth before we know it. At 21 Weeks?! DS was 30 weeks. I can’t believe it! I’m really not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to her gummy smile just yet, I thought I had another couple of months of it yet.


Due to DS’ schedule lately I couldn’t get to weigh DD until the 21st September when she was 24 weeks. At this weigh in she weighed in at 14Ib 7oz (6.56kg) and although still following the 25th centile has kind of dropped off closer to the bottom line.

Four Months Old

On the 9th our beautiful baby girl turned four months old. Every day I thank god for entrusting not one, but two wonderful children onto my care and amaze myself that I've managed to keep both happy, healthy and alive!!!

So what has this last month brought?


On the 20th July we took Peanut for her second load of vaccinations. No appointment mix up this time.

As ever I was an emotional wreck, DS desperately wanted to comfort her and OH failed to turn up on time so I had to hold her. Thank GOD it was only one injection and the oral this time, I'm not sure I'd have coped otherwise.

I can't begin to express how much I struggle with inflicting pain on my child even though I know it's a worthy cause. How the hell do people cope with willingly taking their babies to have their ears pierced?


Peanut continues to do stints of atleast 7 hours at night, generally more subject to environmental factors (Estate traffic, horns, OH snoring, DS barking or coming in at an ungodly hour, etc).

Nap wise she still sleeps whenever she can subject again to environmental factors. As a general rule of thumb she'll wake for 2 hours then need a nap which can last anywhere between half an hour and 2 hours.


I suppose the biggest development in this last month is Peanut's attempts to self soothe as she has now (on the 2nd August) found her thumb to suckle. I can't tell you what a relief this was.

She has also succeeded in rolling from her front to back but this is still sporadic and far from consistent. She's mastered the 'sky diving' pose like a pro.

She has mastered 'feeding' herself, usually grabbing my fingers and putting them in her mouth.

When awake she is so alert and is making full use of her activity mat but loved nothing more than watching and studying DS' behaviour whom often gets her giggling like crazy.

She's definitely become more 'fluid' in her movements this month. Following things with her eyes and moving her head is a graceful fluid motion now rather than a jerky


She continues to blow bubbles and push saliva out her mouth for fun, I forgot how much I hated this development as everything is drenched within 5 minutes. Bibs don't help because she just eats them or pulls them away lol

She squirms and 'travels' vast distances quite quickly by doing this and despite being put to bed at the top of the crib (don't worry, there are no bedclothes for her to disappear under) she's soon right at the bottom with her bottom against the foot of the crib and legs in the air.

She is often found screaming and babbling away and is always 'conversing' with us. She loves being sung and talked to. She delights in the intonations in our voices.

At the moment she seems really unsettled when we're out and about, I've tried the carrycot, car seat and all the carriers I have but nothing seems to help, whether this is due to her needing a nap at these times or not I'm not sure. I do hope it's that simple.

New skills

Thumb sucking

Rolling (not consistently)

Grasping and 'Feeding'

Laughing properly


I got Peanut weighed on the 3rd August and she was a whopping 13Ib 1.5oz and is following the 25th centipede line nicely. 

Clothing wise she is now out of all her newborn stuff and slowly reaching the end of her 0-3month stuff though the 3-6 month clothing drowns her somewhat.


So what's happening with me? Not a great deal I suppose.

We're muddling through as best we can, everything is getting done but I'm just constantly tired which makes dealing with the increasing tantrums from the 3 year old extremely difficult. It's even more difficult because the tantrums are probably born out of boredom and this awful weather coupled with dealing with a baby and the fact it's the summer holidays makes it very difficult to entertain him. The few wet weather activities we have in this godforsaken place (namely softplay) are so few that they are rammed beyond compare making the whole experience more stressful than helpful.

I long for summers that I had as a child. It would make life much easier and would certainly help everybodies moods.

It was my birthday on the 3rd which was, as usual, a complete flop. No effort was made by anyone so it was basically an average day with a few cards and a present thrown at me that showed no sign of thought whatsoever. Perhaps I expect too much, perhaps this is it now I don't have a mother to spoil me. Perhaps I should return the 'favour' instead of going all out 🙄 *Birthday whinge over*

OH had his vasectomy on the 7th which has been 'fun'. Bless him, he doesn't deal well with things like this, you'd think his penis had been removed with a rusty blade and fed to him 🙄


10 stone 4 Ib. It's been a bum few weeks really on the weight loss front. I had a couple of weeks of only losing half a pound then a 1.5 Ib loss and then last week I maintained (this was an achievement seeing as it was my birthday week as I over indulged with a mediocre curry take out, prosecco and chocolate cake, thanks to Gemma!).

Three Months Old


I fear it’s going so much faster this time round and Peanut isn’t helping things by doing stuff she shouldn’t be doing yet. It makes me want to weep.

Every stage in a child’s development is ace and as you’re going through them you think “yup, this is my favourite”, even if it brings with it tantrums and answering back, the sheer joy of watching your baby/toddler/child develop new skills obliterates those ‘tricky’ bits associated with their progression. However, I’ll always treasure those newborn days the most and we have most definitely bid farewell to Peanut’s so that’s it for newborns in my world 😦

This month we started baby massage. I did this course with Noah and it’s such a lovely way of connecting with baby, though having DS hanging off me at the same time means I can’t quite devote all my attention to her currently. Another mum is there with her new son who was on the course with me before only with her middle child. It’s like we’ve stepped back in time.


Smiling and Laughing: 

It never takes much effort to make Peanut smile, that dimple is readily shown off and she is fast heading towards giggling. She is definitely making laughing attempts but it still sounds more like a barking than a giggle.

Physical Development:

Her grasp is vice like and once she’s got hold she won’t let go in a hurry, this is usually my hair, or on the odd scary occasion my loop earrings.

She loves nothing better than being sat up and is even desperate to weight bear in a standing position.

She is blowing bubbles like crazy and pretty much wetting all her tops in ten minutes flat because of it.

Back shuffling is a nightmare especially when changing her nappy, she’ll travel off the thing just as you’re attempting to do it up, I thought I had another few months before nappy changes became a mission. In her SnuzPod she’ll try and do a 180 degree turn and probably would if she had more room, we often find her wedged diagonally across the crib and bunched up right at the bottom.


At the risk of tempting fate she’s a blissfully happy and content baby. Rarely she cries unless excessively tired and very ready to greet you with a smile.

She loves her bathtime and getting dried and ready for bed under her Noah’s Ark mobile whilst I sing ‘The Animals Go In 2 by 2′, the combination make her quite giddy.


She has now gone through the first leap, Patterns and is now totally mesmerised by anything with a pattern meaning she is quite entertained when in her pram due to the patterns inside and is now happy to play on her activity mat (a godsend). However she still prefers being on the rug her granny made her with a “That’s not my…” book and her toys propped up in front of her. She isn’t one for lying in her basket staring at the ceiling, she much prefers being in the thick of it which is a challenge when DS is cantering around the living room pretending to be a highway man.

We are heading into the second leap which is the world of Smooth Transitions this week.


Her sleep continues to amaze me. She is still doing atleast a 7 hour stint at night, often 8 and sometimes even 10 or 12. Napping during the day is more challenging, on the other hand. Between DS waking her up and me having to wake her to drag her to DS’ groups etc it’s difficult to form any sort of definite routine.

Currently she’ll wake in the morning, feed then have a nap. Then the rest of the day is pretty much trying to get her to nap when and where we can. Unfortunately putting her in the SnuzPod in our room doesn’t always provide much joy due to all the builders outside so I really need to sort her cot out so she can nap in her room at the back of the house (need to repaint cot when next hot spell arrives).

Weight: 12Ib 9oz


All in all everything is going ok with me. I’m still feeling guilty about not spending the time with DS that I used to and not dedicating time to Peanut either. It’s a constant juggle and one I’m still trying to master. Needless to say I spend no time on me but hey, it’s not forever, right?

Have felt a bit low this last week or so but have put down to hormones, I’ve felt decidedly ‘periody’ which sent OH into a panic and resulted in him purchasing a pregnancy test (don’t fret, it was negative) and it got me thinking… not that I want two under 1! But that I’ll miss not ever being pregnant or having another child again. As always happens with me and the people I seem to become friends with, when they’re down I try everything to pick them up, when I’m down I don’t see anyone for dust. In fact they go as far as totally ignoring me. Have spent a lot of time chatting to my friends from home (the ones that have been there since school) and I realise how much I miss home. 

Hair is falling out now and I’m often found unravelling it from around Peanuts fingers and toes.

I started slimming world seriously this month and have managed to lose, despite having 6 HEAs and knowing I hang onto weight whilst breastfeeding. It’s slow at 2Ib in the first week, and only 1 last week but it’s losses so I’m thinking it’ll be a case of slow and steady will win the race.

Linea Nigra is still evident. Pelvic floor is getting there but I have been incredibly slack with my exercises this time round, having said that I can be trusted to sneeze but wouldn’t guarantee a trampoline session would end well.

My core is horrific but I’m planking everyday to try and make a start on it’s repair. I really need to make some time to do some yoga but currently find I’m doing something with the house when I have a rare child free time (I say child free, that’s when DS is at school and Peanut asleep)

Weight: 10 st 8.5 Ib 

**Sorry for 8 day delay in posting, it’s been manic lately**

Two Months Old

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time goes past a) the older you get and b) when you have children.

Someone once said to me, when DS was little, about parenthood “these are the longest days but the shortest years” and she was so true!!!

The days are pretty much a haze of activity from the moment we wake up (well, from the moment DS wakes us up) until I fall into bed.

We are developing a new routine that kind of works, until OH Comes home, then it goes out the window.

This last week Peanut has been asleep by 8 in her SnuzPod giving me enough time to tidy the kitchen and lounge then go to bed myself and it’s been working really well… until last night when OH was home and I’d all went to pot!!! 


I suppose the biggest, most monumental development that’s been made is our little beauty is sleeping through already. To be exact she started doing this on the 27th May, at 6 Weeks of age, with a 7 hour stint and hasn’t done less since. She even squeezed in a 10 hourer one night. I’m astounded and feel very unnerved by it as DS didn’t go longer than 3 hours at this age and that was a good night!

This has come with a minor drawback… I’m worrying now that my supply is reducing and when I got her weighed yesterday she had only put on 4oz since her 6 week review 2 weeks ago (more about this below).

She is now smiling easily and readily and really doesn’t need much encouragement (DS made us work incredibly hard for a glimmer of a smile at this age). Her first smile emerged at about 5 Weeks.

Her latest trick is climbing (standing). She pushes up on our laps with her legs really strongly to get higher up our chests. This girl is not hanging around and is desperate to get on in this world.

She cooing and gurgling beautifully and at the weekend she did her first attempt at a giggle, it made my heart explode a little.

Weight: 4970kg or 10Ib 14oz. 

This is an increase of just 4oz in 2 Weeks. This has meant she has dropped onto the 25th centile line. Health Visitors never like to see babies drop (or dramatically gain) centiles so I have to go back next week to weigh her again. I, and they, are not unduly concerned seeing as she has started sleeping through in this time frame so isn’t getting as much milk but we’ll see what happens next week. 

I’m not worried deep down, but now I’m worrying about my supply and quality of milk… cue me feeding even more now!

Which brings me onto…


Peanut has mastered this brilliantly. I feed her on demand, as is my belief. She only takes what she needs and when she’s had enough she comes off. This is alien after DS who seemed permanently attached to me. We’ve had a couple of large sick-ups which I’ve been caught short on, not being used to it. DS was a very sicky baby so I always had a wad of muslins to hand but Peanut never is so forget to have them close by. On the whole though she keeps it all down and is a very efficient feeder.

Vaccinations: only got an appointment through yesterday (after having to pay £1.50 to collect it from the post office as they hadn’t put the correct stamp on it) and the appointment was for half an hour later so I’ve had to rearrange… 2 bloody weeks!!! Why they can’t do them on a normal appointment I’ll never understand. No, it has to be a Thursday and it has to be in the afternoon… ludicrous.


Weight: I haven’t been to get weighed again yet. I was going to go this week but DS liked up a fuss about wanting to go to softplay and seeing as he’s kind of been pushed aside slightly since Peanut arrived I thought he benefit more from it than me constantly telling him to be quiet at a meeting. I hope to go next week, though.

 I’m not relishing being told how fat I am. Jelly belly is still horrifically evident and with the sudden temperature increase we have had over the last couple of weeks (forgetting the horrific weather of the last couple of days) this has depressed me considerably. I’ve pulled out all my ‘fat lady’ clothing which, even more depressingly, don’t fit so have had to order a size 14 skirt from Next and am praying that it is loose on me. I don’t deal well with weight gain and having got to my ideal weight just before I fell pregnant I feel even more depressed about it.

I have been loosely following SW plan but find my self control has entered the Bermuda Triangle. The last couple of days I’ve been really strict and just hope I don’t lose it. I need to start attending meetings but it’s just so hard with a toddler (who doesn’t *really* want to be there) and a newborn (is she still classed as newborn?).

Lochia: This finally ceased at 6.5 Weeks post partum.

Linea Nigra: Still horribly visible and filling my belly button so that area just looks like I am one of the great unwashed.

Feeding: Touch wood I have had no issues whatsoever in this department. No mastitis, no blanched nipples, no engorgement (except when she slept 10 hours one night). No leakages (again, except the 10 hotter), they have been working very efficiently. It’s been an absolute dream. Long may it continue.

At the Risk of Tempting Fate…

… it would appear we have a sleeper.

For 4 nights running now Peanut has ‘slept through’ meaning she has slept from 9/10pm until 5/6am. Last night she did a whopping 7pm until 5am… TEN WHOLE HOURS!!!

After DS you can’t begin to understand what a relief this is. DS first slept through after his third birthday, before this he’d wake atleast once, often 2 or 3 times. Now still, at 3.5yo, a sleep through isn’t guaranteed but is, on the whole the norm, thankfully. Even still his day starts from anywhere between 4.30am and 6 (the latter being a rarity). 

To have a sleeper is alien, I actually thought they were an urban myth and the mothers that bragged about them at baby group, complete and utter liars. 

But it’s true.

They exist!!!

It’s official, my 7 week old sleeps better than my 3 year old.

Of course now I’ve said all of this, she’ll never do it again!

6-8 Week Reviews

Last week our baby girl turned 6 weeks. 6 weeks!!! Where on earth did that time go.

This meant it brought about her 6-8 week reviews with both our GP and the HV. 

She saw our GP on Monday 22nd May at 3pm. Luckily OH was actually at home so I didn’t have to take both children with me and could just concentrate on Peanut which was ideal.

This check with the GP is to check for any physical developmental issues regarding Peanut. As you can see from the below photo there are no concerns and she’s scored a ‘Satisfactory’ for all points excluding hearing which of course was done at her Newborn review.

He also had a quick check with me. Asked about my mood, my ‘healing’ and any concerns I may have of which I mentioned the tenderness of my stomach. Did I mention this in previous posts? I think I did. During pregnancy I had a tenderness on my stomach, it was sore to the touch in a particular spot on my abdomen which hadn’t gone away yet and I was concerned I may have split my stomach muscles, a condition known as Diastasis Recti. I have noticed I have a ‘peak’ there and can’t explain how tender it is. Anyway he had a poke around and doesn’t seem to think there’s a problem so to go back in a month or so if it’s the same. 

Of course I forgot to mention the numbness in my hands, I’ve got so used to it now I don’t think about it so now I’ll have to go back again, a right royal pain in the rectum with two children in tow.

So all in all this appointment went like clockwork. No concerns for anyone.

The Health Visitor review was on Friday 26th May at our local Children’s Centre at 9.30am. The timing was perfect as DS was at school so again to focus purely on Peanut.

This visit took about 45 minutes. We discussed Peanut’s development and my own mental health. She also measured and weighed Peanut and I discovered that they do not measure at birth anymore (so my not finding her length wasn’t to do with me developing sudden blindness) as the stretching out of their legs could further aggravate any undiagnosed hip problems… who knew?!

We also discussed things that’ll happen between now and her next review at a year old. Such as weaning, safety when becoming mobile (the usual stairgates, hot liquids, hair straighteners, nappy sacks, rolling off high surfaces; sofas, changing tables and beds), sleep safety and any concerns I may have.

Anyway, developmentally and physically she is doing well.


  • Smiling – Yes
  • Making Eye Contact – Yes
  • Following Movements – Yes
  • Vocalising – Yes
  • Strong Limb Movements – Yes
  • Hands Gripping – Yes
  • Any Hearing Concerns – No
  • Weight – 4.80kg 10Ib 9oz (a nearly 2Ib gain in 3 weeks!) 50th centile 
  • Length – 54.5cm, 50th centile 
  • Head Circumference – 38.3cm, 75th centile 


No concerns, no low mood, no changes in personal circumstances, no domestic abuse (though I did joke that I was close to it due to usual ignorance 😂).

So there we have it no follow up until she’s a year old but to go to weigh in clinic once a month.

Does this mean she’s now no longer considered a newborn? When does that title change to baby? Hmmm, something to ponder once again 

1 Month Old 

Yesterday our beautiful little girl turned a month old. Such a small amount of time but already I’m cursing time for going too quickly and can’t remember, nor imagine, life without her in it.

The last four weeks have been a whirlwind romance, from the moment I set eyes on her, before I set eyes on her, I was besotted and have fallen deeper and deeper in love with her.

I worried I wouldn’t have enough love to accommodate her aswell as her amazing older brother but I needn’t have worried. It’s true, your heart is like a tardis!

I worried that I would have to ‘borrow’ love from DS to give to Peanut and that my love for him would lessen, as it turns out watching how he dotes on his ‘baby sisty’ has made me love him even more, if that was at all possible.

We are currently settling in to not only life as a family of four, but also into a new family home now that we have finally left our stinky one bed flat. 


Weight: At last week’s weigh in clinic Peanut weighed 8Ib 11oz

After initial concerns about her weight gain we have no worries anymore, she is nicely following the 50th centile.

She has been plagued by a blocked nose pretty much since birth so saline nasal spray is a constant companion

Sleep: Now this is pretty good. DS used to sleep and eat, eat and sleep, ad nauseum pretty much in two hourly cycles. Peanut, on the other hand, since birth has had large amounts of wakeful time which I thought unheard of for a newborn, but also long stints of sleep, especially at night which is a result. The only problem being she can take up to two hours to resettle, whereas DS took half hour to feed and go back to sleep, it occurs to me that you can never win.

Feeding: After an initial wobble where she didn’t patch very well, didn’t seem interested and fed for a small amount of time she’s now come into her own. Her latch is excellent and she comes away when she’s done which DS never did. She clusters late afternoon which is far better for my sanity than late evening. All is well (fingers crossed) with our bfing journey.

Poos: We’ve just had a spate of no poos which isn’t concerning, especially for EBF babies. 4 days she went without going, if you get my drift and since she started going again it is a perfect Dijon mustard consistency and to the point of properly filling the nappy now. It’s lost that newborn flecked appearance.


Lochia: I am now at the pinky turning yellow part of this delightful stage of post partum recovery.

If you were wondering what the stages were…

Weight: I bit the bullet and went to Slimming World last week and I’m officially back at my starting weight again + 4Ibs… depressing! I also couldn’t have chosen a worst week to attempt to start as moving house has meant 3 nights of takeaways, no lunches, junky breakfasts and lots of sweets, chocolates and biscuits. This week however I’m on it having eaten all the crap that was in the fridge.

Boobs: Are the size of boulders but behaving, no blocked ducts as of yet.

**Posted a week late due to lack of internet.**