Ten Months Old

Again, apologies for being nearly a month late on this. Time has been of short supply thanks to illnesses and other commitments (life in general), of which none have been that exciting to be honest.

Anyway, on the 9th February our gorgeous little girl turned 10 Months old so here is where she’s ‘at’ and what she got up to whilst 9 Months Old…


Horrible colds have been circulating the house this entire month and DD is currently suffering from yet another streaming cold with cough making feeding and sleeping a near impossibility and thus much stress ensues.


This has been alternating between bloody dreadful, with her waking every hour screaming and not wanting boob, to fairly good but the latter hasn’t been lasting long and when it does happen, DS has had an awful night. I swear they’re conspiring against me.

She still naps between 2 and 3 times a day and is generally in bed by 1830.


Mark Making: When DS was colouring on the floor she worked her way over, grabbed a crayon and started ‘helping’ him.

Blowing raspberries is her new thing!

Crawling: She has been slow on the uptake of crawling though she has successfully gone from one end of the room to the other without actually crawling. To explain the convoluted process in which she got there is nigh on impossible but move she did in a sit, turn, stretch, flatten out, sit repeated motion. Quite ingenious. Since the last blog she has been teasing us by being on all fours and rocking forward but will then flatten her hips and legs to the floor and then moving backwards. She has mastered the downward dog and this has been the last phase in her preparing to crawl.

On the 5th February she finally and successfully moved forward on all fours. She is as pleased as punch and there’s no stopping her wobbling around the room trying to eat DS’ lego now.

Play and Schemas:It is fast becoming apparent she is a poster and a rotator. She can spend hours putting things in things and spinning things that rotate. She also loves opening and shutting things. Her Leap Frog Picnic Basket and box of ‘things’ are still a hot commodity. Her walker is a firm favourite to all of us, it’s a place I know she’s safe if I have jobs to do and don’t have to keep a very close eye on her and she loves being independently mobile.

Verbal: Dadadadas are predominant, much to my chagrine 🤣

Ahahahah, goos and gags feature highly too.


Wah wahs

Mama on the 31st January

Dada on the 2nd February


TV: Rara The Noisy Little Lion, Teletubbies, Bing

Toys: Picnic Basket, Box of items, anything that open and shuts, Jumperoo, Walker

Songs: Twinkle Twinkle, Kangaroos Like To Hop, The Animals Go in Two by Two


n the 15th January she picked up, and drank from, her sippy cup of her own volition.

New Tastes: Quorn Burger, Mango, Falafel.

o new breakthroughs here though something is definitely going on in there.


Weight: 18Ib 8oz (8.40kg)

Length: 69.5cm

Head Circumference: 46cm

She remains in 6-9 month clothing and no closer to stepping up a size and still fits in some 3-6 (those these are dresses). Size 3 nappies


I’m doing ok. Struggling with so little sleep but that’s par for the course with a baby and 4 year old. I desperately need to go home for a bit of R&R but am waiting for a break in the illnesses to do so.

Still no sign of my periods returning though I seem to be experiencing a five weekly ‘cycle’ or moods and bloating… fun!

Linea Nigra still visible.

Hair loss is slowing, FINALLY! It’s just a shame it’s snapping and feels like straw now (as do my nails).

I had the lump on my finger removed early this month (12th January) and thankfully the histology came back as just a pyrogenic granuloma so now I’m relishing the fact my finger isn’t constantly bleeding, it’s taking a while to get used to not wearing a dressing.

Weight: 9 stone 1.5 pounds so I remain in my target range but the next stone bracket remains ever elusive.


Nine Months Old

On the 9th January our DD turned 9 Months old, so what happened whilst she was 8 Months Old?

It’s been a busy and monumental month. First off we went on our first proper holiday as a family of four to Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland at Longleat Forest. She delighted in all the lights and decorations everywhere and got to meet Santa for the very first time, not that she seemed that bothered if I’m totally honest but it meant the world to me (yes I cried again… no pregnancy hormones to blame this time).

She also celebrated her first Christmas and New Year. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas as we managed to avoid the dreaded lurgy until a couple of days afterwards so we were at full fitness to enjoy the special occasion. More about this later.

We went back to my home town to see my brothers and Auntie just prior to Christmas for a massive present swap and catch up which was lovely, despite DS’ persistent cough which made all being in one room very trying.

The 2nd January saw the monumental anniversary that she has officially been ‘out’ as long as she was ‘in’. Where has that time gone?


As predicted, she came down with a stinking cold and cough the week we returned from Centre Parcs meaning we had DS running a temperature and coughing himself sick (turns out he had a chest infection when I finally took him to the docs… Baaaaaaad mummy guilt) and a baby full of mucus and with a persistent cough, to say we haven’t slept too well is an understatement. If it hasn’t been one it’s been the other waking up, and on a couple of VERY special occasions they’ve both woken screaming and invariably I’ve been on my own to deal with it.


Due to coughs and colds it’s been a rocky road sleepwise, however it has improved since last month and the hourly wake ups have stopped (for now). By the end of December she was doing an 8 hour stretch which was amazing (DS still waking us with his cough mind).

She still has around 3 naps a day but if she has a particularly bad night she’ll have a couple more. These naps rarely last longer than half an hour, if they even last that long.


The week we returned from Centre Parcs she learnt to wave and absolutely delights in the praise she gets when she does it.

This little girl is eager to get going and on the 21st December, to my amazement she pulled herself up to standing in the bath, using the bath handles. She really is so proud of herself when she’s on her feet and there’s no curling of her toes at all. At this rate she’ll be cruising before she’s crawling. A friend gave me a sit-in walker for her too which she loves (alongside her Jumperoo) as it means she’s upright and able to move independently. She’s now getting to grips of propelling herself though at the moment this is very slowly, and backwards.

Crawling: she’s very nearly onto all fours and is making a real effort to attempt a crawl. She rocks onto her knee and onto her hands from sitting but can’t figure out how to get the folded leg out of the way yet.

Play: She loves nothing more than being in her ball pit (a Christmas gift from her Aunt and Uncle) and spends ages in there throwing balls through the holes and over the top and delights in us joining in. She still loves her box of ‘things’ and you’ll find her putting the blocks as far away from her as she can (literally, she leans so far forward to the point of lying flat on the floor) so she can retrieve them again. She got the Leap Frog Picnic Basket for Christmas from her other Aunt and Uncle and this is slowly replacing the box as she loves opening and closing the lid and making items ‘vanish’.

She’s currently going through her 6th developmental leap, the leap of Categories. She’s been incredibly clingy and suffering from separation anxiety quite badly too which makes for fun filled days of not getting ANYTHING done, really handy at Christmastime. I’ve also noticed that when she gives us something (a block, remote, toy) she wants it back straightaway else there are severe consequences to be had.


Her verbal development is racing forward now too. She’s babbling and squawking, screaming and grunting


  • Box of items
  • Leap Frog Picnic Basket
  • That’s Not My Books
  • Ball Pit
  • Walker
  • Jumperoo
  • My Glasses

Songs: Kangaroo Likes to Hop and The Animals Go In Two By Two


Well there’s one major first that can’t go unmentioned. DD celebrated her very first Christmas with us and I couldn’t have asked for a more special day with our complete little family. We were all germ free (until two days after) and had a lovely time. She ate her Christmas dinner at the table with us and tucked it all away (the same couldn’t be said for DS). She delighted in all the wrapping paper (barely noticed the gifts inside) and all the usual festive frivolities. DS enjoyed ‘helping’ her with all her gifts and was eager for her to play with his, which of course didn’t work but it was beautiful to watch. He truly loves his little sister, long may it continue.


She is truly a machine when it comes to food and eating and haven’t found anything she hasn’t refused yet.

She’s still not really mastered drinking water but I provide her with water in a sippy cup at every meal time to get her used to it.

Milk: She still has big milk feeds and we continue our breastfeeding journey. She mainly feeds in the morning, late afternoon, after meals and bedtime (and 3 or four times a night).

New Tastes: Poppadoms, Chapatti, Basmati Rice, Fish Pie, Lentil Loaf, Roast Parsnip, Roast Potato, Roast Butternut Squash, Bread Sauce, Spiced Red Cabbage; Lentil and Vegetable Soup; Cauliflower Cheese

She is now starting to open her palm to discover the food left there


On Christmas Eve I noticed her right upper incisor is making a bid for freedom which could explain some very whingey behaviour, and foul nappies.


She now weighs 16Ibs 10oz. She is now in a size 3 Nappy day and night and predominantly in 3-6 month clothing though she is starting to get much more use out of the 6-9 month ones now and I’ve just bought 6-9 Vests as the 3-6 ones are getting a little short now.


I’ve finally been to the doctor about the growth on my ring finger (caused by me pulling out what I thought was a splinter a couple of months ago) which, after Centre Parcs swimming, had gone particularly nasty and resembled what I can only describe as a tree growing out a pit and constantly bled. Pretty yucky to say the least. Anyway he thinks it’s a granuloma and I’ve been having it cauterised with silver nitrate… now that’s not the most pleasant thing I’ve experienced in my life!!!! Anyway, after three treatments it keeps coming back so he’s pushed me through to see a specialist under the two week rule which has got me really worried, why is it when they say “no need to worry, but….” you can’t but help worrying?! I’m sure it’ll be fine, but we’ll see.

I’ve realised I haven’t done a Post birth physical update in ages so here it is:

Periods – still haven’t resumed (one major advantage).

Linear Nigra – still visible though fading nicely.

Tummy – although I’ve lost the weight, and was lucky enough not to get any stretch marks, it’s still resembling a deflated balloon, I really need to work on this but just can’t seem to find the time.

Pelvic floor – not as it should be but I don’t see when I cough, so there’s an advantage 🤣

Hair – I continue to moult excessively and am constantly pulling hair from everything we own.

Relationship wise, we’re doing ok. I think our trip to Centre Parcs and a successfully grump-free Christmas from OH has helped greatly. Let’s see if this continues through January, because let’s face it, it’s an utterly miserable month!

Libido – still non-existent but then I’m so bloody tired all the time I’m not really surprised.

Weight: After Christmas and New Year I was amazed that I’d only gained 1.5Ibs but thanks to putting on 2 whilst at home the week before Christmas I’m currently a pound out of target range at 9 stone 4 Ibs


Due to a cock up by the useless morons that work at my doctors surgery, Peanut had her 8 week vaccinations yesterday, at 10.5 weeks.

The surgery decided to ram a vaccination brochure in with her appointment into a regular envelope and stick a normal first class stamp on it. Needless to say a week later I got a card from the post office saying she had a letter that had been under paid and I needed to pick it up the next day and pay £1.50 for the privilege. This meant that by the time I got the letter I had half an hour to get to the appointment. Needless to say, we didn’t make it.

I had kind of figured that we could get an appointment the next day but apparently the vaccinations can ONLY be done at baby clinic which is ONLY on a Thursday and the following week was full, hence yesterday’s appointment.

I will never understand this. They have the vaccination in house so why the hell do they restrict appointments to one bloody day?!

Making sure OH was home in time from a business trip to London was a bit of a logistical nightmare but I simply can not do vaccinations. It goes against all my maternal instincts to pin my baby down whilst it screams in pain so it’s his job to do the holding whilst I try and contain my sobs whilst shushing in their ear.

It was particularly bad this time as there is the added Meningitis vaccination given (DS narrowly missed out on the introduction of this) which meant 3 jabs and the oral, as opposed to DS’ 2.

Barring the inevitable screaming she did good, she even resisted projectile vomiting the oral rotovirus vaccine that they insist ALL babies love (well I can categorically say that neither of mine loved it, far from it).

Due to the nature of the Meningitis vaccination, they recommend giving a dose of Calpol (2.5ml) when you get home and then atleast 2-3 more doses afterwards as a low grade temperature is a common side effect.

Peanut fell asleep in the car on the way home and barring getting a dose of Calpol in her and a small feed she slept all afternoon and early evening, woke at 8 for some more calpol and another feed then slept again until 2. She was boiling hot at this time but a very mild increase in body temperature so repeated Calpol and feed, opened some windows and then she slept until 6 (had it not be for DS’ usual noisy appearance she’d have probably slept longer).

It’s now 10am and she’s been asleep since pre-school run.

I truly hate having them endure their inoculations but I know how important it is for them and am now left with the dilemma as to whether to find the money to get DS his Meningitis vaccination despite telling him all his jabs are done now until he’s a teenager. Don’t relish breaking my promise but also don’t want to take the risk of him catching the disease. Though how likely is that? Dilemmas, dilemmas!

32 Weeks + 6

Both DS and Peanut had a lie in this morning, in fact neither of them made a move from about midnight last night which automatically made me panic.

At 7 I had to check DS was breathing (of course he was fine) when he woke at 7.15 the Doppler came out to check on Peanut (of course it was fine too). As soon as I ate breakfast Peanut started dancing and hasn’t stopped since. 

Jeez I’m neurotic.

Praying for another good night from both tonight but OH home so I doubt it, and if they are fine he’ll keep me awake with his snoring.

I am just so tired now that a good night’s sleep really is required now, more than ever.

Round ligament pain much eased today though bump stretching aches have taken over.

Have been suffering cramp in my foot today too which is new. Quickly rectified but uncomfortable at the time, which is usually when I’m trying to get up off the floor making the whole process not only ungainly, but agonisingly hilarious too, especially for any onlookers.

This evening Peanut has been pretty much sticking its bum out to the side making my bump the most hilarious shape, whilst massaging (well that’s what it feels like) my bladder. This is the part of pregnancy I love, even when it’s uncomfortable it is truly the most remarkable feeling.

50 days to go.

32 Weeks + 3

Suffering with round ligament pain today. This hasn’t been helped by my choice to leave car at school so as to get some walking in and forgetting I didn’t pack a jumper for DS so having to do extra trips down there. Still debating whether a belly band would be a good investment or not. Think I’ll see how it is over the next couple of days before I make a decision.

Headache free again today. Wahoo. Perhaps it was more sinus/cold related rather than pregnancy related but we’ll see how that goes over the next few days.

Getting exhausted really quickly in the afternoon and therefore a little (lot) short tempered. I just wish I’d get given a lie in from time to time, it’s crippling.

DS didn’t go to school with any joy again today, despite it being World Book Day Week and going dressed as a pirate from Ten Little Pirates. Breaks my heart even though I know he’s fine when I’ve gone. I swear they do it on purpose. I got told off of course, for dropping him off at 5 minutes to 8, I wouldn’t mind but they insist I pick him up at 10 minutes to 12 and they get funding for an 8-12 session. I shall not be picking him up early from now on.

On a MASSIVE positive. I spoke to my brother today and we’ve agreed on a plan for DS for when I have Peanut. SUCH a relief to get that sorted and he agreed without battle that them coming to our house should I go into labour spontaneously is the best option and they’re fine with that! Should I be induced then OH is going to drop me off at hospital and take DS to my brother’s house (which is only half hour away from hospital) and stay there until I’m in active labour so DS will be properly settled without too much trauma and not left for too long. That’s one less thing to keep me awake at night.

53 days to go

6 Weeks + 4

Made MW appointment yesterday. Usual congratulatory crap that I had to swat down like a swarm of annoying midgies on a muggy summer day. Wish my old midwife was there still. This one is so forgetful which doesn’t fill me with confidence. I had to go through my history nearly three times on the phone despite her supposedly remembering me.

MW: 7/9/16 1500

Nausea: Awful from wake up to about 4

Tiredness: as above

Cravings: stodgy carbs (marvellous). With my DS I ate fruit and salad all the way through. The mere thought of salad turns my stomach. Cue unwarranted weight gain when I’ve just lost all my baby weight after 3 years.

Aches: period pain like cramps still, not constant but enough to make me worry, won’t be telling my partner as I’m sure they’re absolutely fine and he’ll only worry.

Weight: 9st 0.5Ib

234 days to go 

6 Weeks + 6

Awful night with DS then woke up at 5.30 feeling sick. 

The mere thought of food is nauseating but I’m hungry so thinking of it constantly.

Fast becoming apparent fruit, yogurt and baked beans on toast are going to be my staple if I’m not going to pile on the weight. 

Must NOT buy carbs.

Nauseous all day, tired, floaty feeling, mild cramps still occurring. Sore boobs.
232 days to go

6 Weeks + 5

Still lots of cramps which are uncomfortable aswell as continuing to nag away at me. Will mention at MW.

Headaches have started but not half as bad as with DS

Sickness pretty much from wake up to 4pm still, along with tiredness. 

Only want to eat junk, going off food at teatime now too 

Away from home at moment and trying to sort out part exchanging our house for a more suitable one. Bring on the stress as I have major champagne dreams on beer money.

233 days to go 

Here We Go Again

Roll on 3 days and keeping it to myself failed miserably. I mentioned my fears to my partner who immediately started with the questions (he’s a world champion worrier). I also told my close friend as she realised something wasn’t quite right.

2 days later, the 16th August 2016, whilst on my own, my DS napping I did a test.

It was positive.

A simple text to partner accompanied the picture… It said it all, “Here we go again”

I am 4w+4d

My due date is 22nd April 2017

I have very sore boobs