I’ve always abided by this opinion. I rarely take medication, I try and eat as naturally as I can and I totally disagree with interfering with the way nature should work where your body is concerned.

So why the FUCK did I do it this time. Because a bloody consultant scared the shit out of us and after yesterday we now know that his opinion is NOT shared by other consultants in the same bloody hospital.

It’s been a rather eventful 12 hours. After returning home my contractions remained at 5 minutes until 2030 where I lost a gush of what I assumed was mucus plug so rang hospital to check it wasn’t waters (I know I have a lot of water and that this didn’t represent the amount I should have lost). She said to go in so they could check or wait an hour to see if contractions worsen then go in but she needed to determine whether my waters had gone or not.

After much deliberation and trying to contact community midwife to see if she could come out (unsuccessfully I may say) my waters actually broke with much mess ensuing.

Rang G to come look after DS and rang hospital To say we were coming in to which she told us not to!!!! Now she knows the waters had gone we didn’t need to go in until contractions were closer together and I couldn’t speak through the pain and to ring back in morning if there was no change. 

I tried to explain to her that load of bullshit… I was talking through all my contractions with DS until half hour before pushing. I wish that they wouldn’t say this to women. Everyone is different, everyone has different thresholds and to stop someone coming because they’re talking is ludicrous. It was because I was talking at 2 minute apart that we didn’t race to hospital quicker with DS and were only there an hour before he was born. I also explained the speed at which I progressed with DS. None of this made the blindest difference. 

We stayed at home. I continued leaking water and contracting every five minutes, sent G home and went to bed.

At 2345 I woke up and contractions were between 1 and 2 minutes apart so got up to get dressed and change pad only for everything to stop.

Haven’t had a contraction since.

Not one.

Rang first thing and she told me to ring back at midday where they may ask me to go in to be monitored and book an induction as they don’t like to let you go more than 24 hours after waters have broken.

Rang at midday and induction booked for 9pm tonight so we have to head over there an hour beforehand.

On a side note I was reading my notes from yesterday and discovered that the MW blatantly lied on my notes. See pic below:

Note boxes Fetal Heart Rate Prior To VE and Fetal Heart Rate After VE. 

Got it? 

At NO point did anyone, let alone the MW check baby’s heartrate yesterday. To say I’m angry is an understatement and I will be pointing this out to someone when we get to hospital.

So that’s that.

I wish I’d never had that bloody sweep. 

It really doesn’t pay to f*ck with nature.

13 days to go

8 hours until induction


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