19 Weeks + 4

Back home today. It was a lovely couple of days I just wish time didn’t pass so quickly.

I didn’t take Doppler with me when I left so I haven’t been able to ‘check in’ on Peanut since Saturday. What with being busy I haven’t really noticed any movements and today actually thought my boobs aren’t half as sore as usual… of course this made me worry. 

When I got home I got the Doppler out and got very anxious as I couldn’t find the heartbeat for ages and when I did it was very distant and I soon lost it again. Then I couldn’t find it again for ages. Weird. Who knew the tummy was such a big place to get lost in? Still wondering whether the placenta is anterior. Not long before we can find out!!! EEEEEEEEP!!! I am very excited!!!

3 days until anomaly scan.

143 days to go


19 Weeks + 3

Couldn’t get to sleep last night overthinking everything. I wrote yesterday about wanting to get back to our usual routine for DS, I think I need to do it for me too. I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

I’m constantly stressing because I worry about Peanut and that I’m not doing the right things for my unborn child. With DS I had the luxury of time, time to eat properly, time to exercise properly, time to rest, time to sleep. This time round I don’t have this luxury, hell im lucky if I have time to brush my teeth properly let alone the rest of the above.

I’ve made a pact with myself that when I get home and now OH is back at work I’m going to focus more on me. I need to eat healthier (not just to keep a grip on my weight), I need to get into a regular exercise routine so I need to buy another hdmi lead tomorrow. I need to focus on Peanut as well as everything else.

I’ve barely felt Peanut today but I’ve been so busy and I’m trying not to worry. I’m starting to get really excited about Friday, if a little nervous too.

People keep asking about the baby’s sex. Why is this so important to people not remotely involved? I find it funny. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the same. We have this need to know ahead of time and I do hope that this time baby is nice and shy and keeps his/her secret covered.

Hoping I get to sleep early tonight. DS slept so brilliantly last night, not waking once (until 4.30 of course), I could do with enjoying that tonight and sharing in an unbroken long(ish) sleep.

4 days until anomaly scan.

144 days to go

19 Weeks + 2

Another short one, another super busy day, swimming, birthday parties and drive back home for a couple of days of respite has rendered me speechless lol

All well with Peanut, feeling a few more pronounced movements today which is comforting. Checked in with Doppler this morning too to alleviate growing anxiety.

Still trying to recover from birthday week, will be glad to get back to some form of normality on Tuesday and get DS back into some form of routine before heading off to Centre Parcs for five days. I think all the excitement is taking its toll on him too.

5 days until anomaly scan.

145 days to go

19 Weeks + 1

Not a long one today, it was DS’ birthday party today so have been run off my feet and have only just sat down, and it’s 2145hrs!

It was a truly successful party, the cake was a hit and barring a strop from DS because he couldn’t grasp the concept of passing on the pass the parcel it was a really lovely afternoon. I even managed to remember to hand out the party bags this year (barring one, but they left early so confused me).

Everyone got the shock of their lives when they saw my bump, a couple asking around before confronting me, just in case it was food baby. Honestly, the reactions were fab.

As regards Peanut, nothing really to report, a couple of movements felt this evening, headaches still prevalent but am hoping that it’s stress of the party but if they haven’t subsided by Tuesday I’ll give the MW a call.

6 days until anomaly scan.

146 days to go

19 Weeks Pregnant

Wow, time seems to be racing past lately. Maybe due to DS’ birthday preparations and the fact that I’ve been so busy. It’s funny how the first trimester feels like a year and the rest races past.


Photo credit: BabyCentre
This week Peanut measures 6 inches from head to rump, weighs approximately 8.5 oz and is the size of a mango!

Peanut’s sensory development is rapidly growing and reaches its peak this week. The brain is designating areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Physically, Peanut’s arms and legs are now in proportion to each other and to the rest of the body. The formation of millions of neurons means that Peanut is making more conscious and controlled movements too.
The kidneys continue to make urine, and now hair is beginning to sprout on peanut’s head. This week sees the formation of the vernix caseosa which is a waxy protective coating for the skin to prevent it from pruning whilst in the amniotic fluid.


The top of my uterus is now in line with my naval and will continue to grow approximately 1cm a week.

Symptom wise I’ve been ok. Headaches have plagued me the last two days which started off as the skin on my forehead being tender to the touch, like I had a bruise or hidden spot, now it’s stretched to my temples but think this is more related to the start of a cold than the pregnancy.

The apps tell me if I think my bump is big now then to be prepared as it will start growing even faster in the weeks to come. Marvellous. I will resemble a beached whale by term, I swear! I’m expecting more round ligament pain and hip and knee aches soon but as of now these don’t seem to be a problem which is good because the pregnancy pillow has a new job at present… protecting DS from hitting the floor when he falls out of bed!

My boobs are still agony and feeding DS no fun at all at present. 

I’m still craving the sweet stuff and have been very naughty this week with the In laws here. Back on plan next week, definitely.

My hair is starting to become noticeably thicker and my nails stronger, which is fab.

Moods continue to fluctuate but this isn’t helped by ‘environmental influences’. I’m sure if it were just me and DS they would be pretty level. Though I sobbed like a baby when I dropped DS at pre-school today and had to leave him, it was only for an hour for lords sake, you’d think he was going away for a week!!!!

7 days until anomaly scan.

147 days to go

18 Weeks + 6

Yesterday’s fears were unfounded. Last night (after a screaming and very poorly DS ended up back in bed with us) Peanut had a right wriggle on. To cheer DS this morning (and to alleviate any of my worries) we got the Doppler out to ‘check in on Peanut’, of course everything seems fine in there. I’ll be interested to learn where my placenta is lying next week, I’m wondering whether it’s anterior and that’s why I’m not feeling stronger and more frequent movements. It could simply be it’s still too small. I think because I’ve felt movement for so long this time round I’m expecting them to be stronger sooner too which, of course, wouldn’t be the case at all. Thank god for the Doppler is all I can say. Without it I think I’d have been up to the MW by now, if not several times.

My bump seems to be the subject of much discussion today with lots of remarks about it’s size. I really am a little concerned about how large I’m going to be at full term, I’m just hoping my butt doesn’t match it 😂

8 days until anomaly scan.

148 days to go

18 Weeks + 5

Another very busy day today preparing for DS’ party and getting my hair cut. Collecting toys from toy library and arranging a transfer with a friend whose son’s party is the next day and can’t book out toys because I have them… works out well as it means we won’t have to store the mountain of plastic for a week after the party. 

Checked on the room and thankfully no one has it before us meaning I can get in a bit earlier giving me a bit of breathing room to set up. Also had to collect car from garage, look after a sickly DS and entertain the inlaws. 

I am finding it difficult to sleep at the moment because I’m stressing about the party and the cake. I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Lying here in the peaceful darkness after settling DS and waiting a sufficient amount of time before I attempt to transfer him into his bed and I’m hoping to feel Peanut. I haven’t been able to sit own and relax long enough today to feel anything, also inlaws are here this evening so can’t even check in with the Doppler, first thing in morning I’m on it!!!! Am I worried? YES, OF COURSE!

Come on Peanut, mooooove!
9 days until anomaly scan.

149 days to go

18 Weeks + 4

Very short post today as it’s DS’ 3rd Birthday and what with building a kazillion Playmobil vehicles, playing with said vehicles, baking birthday cakes, entertaining grandparents and taking DS out for some fun in the rain I’m a little busy.

10 days until anomaly scan.

150 days to go

18 Weeks + 3

The blanket didn’t work!!!

After the pure bliss of how my boobs felt after a day in a properly fitting bra and after how sore they were by the time I woke up this morning I think I’m going to have to investigate sleep bras.

It’s been a bit of a mental day today preparing for DS’ birthday tomorrow. So cross that only one of his presents (thankfully his main one) has arrived from Amazon despite paying extra to get them here on time. OH and in-laws keep saying ‘they’ll probably be here tomorrow’ my irrational pregnancy brain wants to scream at them that unless they get here by 4am when he wakes up then it is absolutely no consolation at all!!!! Thankfully I resisted voicing this but am fuming inside and utterly disappointed, I know he won’t care, but I do.

Peanut is doing well, quite a few movements are being felt now and DS wanted to listen to the heartbeat so helped us with the Doppler 156 bpm today.

Off to bed now to try and get some sleep and not dream of disastrous birthday cakes.

11 days until anomaly scan.

151 days to go

18 Weeks + 2

I’m just going to stop mentioning DS’ awful night’s… it’s boring me let alone anyone reading about them. All I will say is I’ve put a thick fleece blanket under his base sheet tonight to soften the mattress… we’ll see what happens!

It’s been quite an eventful day today. Met up with the In-laws at swimming and then went to a local Christmas Craft Fayre where OH thought to drive onto a field to make a space for his parents behind us, ignored my warnings that after all the rain it may be wise to reverse in so front wheels were on a solid surface… roll on an hour and a half and the van had sunk into what I can only describe as a quagmire. Thankfully, as it’s a farming community and well and truly in the wilds, we didn’t have to wait too long (40 minutes of cardboard boxes, stone laying, footwell mat lying hell) before a lovely man and his Landy pulled us out. DS cheered the chap, shouting out “You’re a Hero Man”, think he was suitably impressed.

After all this drama by the time we got home I was bursting to pee and raced to the toilet where I reckon Peanut felt the most relief because as soon as I started going I got the biggest kick EVER. That is the first definite kick I’ve felt and it was a whopper! BPM was 158 this morning when I checked, yep… still loving the Doppler.

In laws and I were discussing the sex of Peanut today and FIL said he’s definitely getting a girl vibe and MIL would like another boy. Got me thinking about the anomaly scan and whether to find out or not. Not that I’ll ask.

I love surprises (to the point I have Christmas presents still to open a week after Christmas because I hate them disappearing from under the tree) and with DS we categorically said no… he had other ideas however and decided to give us the clearest view of his ‘tackle’ that you could possibly get so there went my surprise with him. This time I’m almost very tempted to find out, but still want the surprise, I really am torn. 

Needless to say I won’t be turning my head from the screen just in case I get a little clue but will still say no to finding out. What did you do?

Finally, a whole day in my new bra and my boobs are so much less sore. Poor things must have been more squashed than I had thought. Who knew?!

12 days until anomaly scan.

152 days to go