32 Weeks + 4

Midwife appointment today and Peanut has officially gone off the scale. Fundal height measuring in at 33cm takes it over the 95th centile though she said that she can feel a lot of fluid and still is sticking to her belief that it’s not a huge baby. We’ll see what the scan says in a couple of weeks, though now I’m worrying that I may be carrying too much fluid and therefore causing placental risks on top of those imposed by my age.

We’ll see what the scan measures it at on the 24th. Meanwhile my blood pressure, urine and baby’s movements and heartrate are all perfectly normal and I have another appointment to see the midwife in 2 Weeks, on the 14th March.

We touched on the consultant’s opinion on induction at this appointment too. She agrees with me that to have a scan at 38 Weeks to check on placenta would be a best case scenario, knowing how against the idea of being induced I am. She also stated that they like to scare mum’s with the worst case scenarios. I understand why they do that, I really do, I know they have to reduce the risks of baby loss but I wish they would consider other options too instead of inducing without a solid reason. I also don’t want to put Peanut at risk. 

Argh. Constant worry.

52 days to go


32 Weeks + 3

Suffering with round ligament pain today. This hasn’t been helped by my choice to leave car at school so as to get some walking in and forgetting I didn’t pack a jumper for DS so having to do extra trips down there. Still debating whether a belly band would be a good investment or not. Think I’ll see how it is over the next couple of days before I make a decision.

Headache free again today. Wahoo. Perhaps it was more sinus/cold related rather than pregnancy related but we’ll see how that goes over the next few days.

Getting exhausted really quickly in the afternoon and therefore a little (lot) short tempered. I just wish I’d get given a lie in from time to time, it’s crippling.

DS didn’t go to school with any joy again today, despite it being World Book Day Week and going dressed as a pirate from Ten Little Pirates. Breaks my heart even though I know he’s fine when I’ve gone. I swear they do it on purpose. I got told off of course, for dropping him off at 5 minutes to 8, I wouldn’t mind but they insist I pick him up at 10 minutes to 12 and they get funding for an 8-12 session. I shall not be picking him up early from now on.

On a MASSIVE positive. I spoke to my brother today and we’ve agreed on a plan for DS for when I have Peanut. SUCH a relief to get that sorted and he agreed without battle that them coming to our house should I go into labour spontaneously is the best option and they’re fine with that! Should I be induced then OH is going to drop me off at hospital and take DS to my brother’s house (which is only half hour away from hospital) and stay there until I’m in active labour so DS will be properly settled without too much trauma and not left for too long. That’s one less thing to keep me awake at night.

53 days to go

32 Weeks + 2

(Posted a day late)

After yesterday’s character assassination on OH, today has been very close to perfect. It would have been perfect had DS not insisted OH came to a 1st birthday tea that he REALLY didn’t want to go to. However, despite this and the fact he stayed in the boys’ bedroom away from the adults and playing with the kids, he behaved and a good day was had by all. Also discovered who is responsible for the surprise baby shower plans that are now no longer a surprise thanks to a friend at the party I went to on Friday night letting that cat out the bag. I’ve never hoped for a baby shower but it is lovely knowing I have such a wonderful friend that she feels the need to throw me one. I’m very lucky.

We also had a bit of a ‘talk’ so as to put some things to bed, so to say. Now I know we’ve done this before without any success but I remain ever hopeful. We’ll see what next weekend brings.

We still have no internet, barring not being able to update blog and check my messages I’m pretty much over it now. Social media really is a big waste of time that I don’t know why I bother with. Especially FB where you rarely see anything from anyone you want to hear, it’s constant adverts and sponsored posts with a few status’ from people you barely know whilst your actual friends posts remain elusive. Having said that I won’t be deleting any profiles anytime soon and will be back to browsing when service returns to normal.

Peanut remains active and growing well, MW on Tuesday so we’ll see how well it’s growing then. The gender is a constant subject of debate with everyone at the moment. Why do people, that have no emotional involvement, feel such a desire to NEED to know the sex before it’s born? I find it exciting!

Tempting fate here, I have been headache free today!!! Long may it continue.

54 days to go

32 Weeks + 1

Posting a day late.


Yes, OUT.

This may not be much to most people but this is the first time I’ve been out since I went to see Sarah Millican live at Plymouth in 2013, when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with DS. Which makes it 3 years and about 5 months ago!

It was a friend’s 40th at a hotel down the end of our road. OH and I didn’t go out together as we had to tag team it but I still went out and had a fab time even though it was only an hour and a half.

***Now let the OH bashing begin, I apologise in advance but need to get this off my chest…***

This was only mildly ruined by OH ‘telling me off’ for being 20 minutes later than when I said I’d be back. I had actually said between 8,30 and 9 and got back at ten to 9 but he only heard the 8.30 bit. 

I wouldn’t mind but he wasn’t ready to go, took a further 15 minutes to get ready and leave, then came back at 11 saying he didn’t speak to anyone and wish he hadn’t gone! 

So cheesed off as I could have stayed the whole time and actually enjoyed myself. 

It’s safe to say I am the sociable one out of the two of us and ironically he is the only one that gets to go out, moaning as he leaves and moaning on his return. Makes me mad.

It was DS’ best friend’s birthday yesterday and her party today at a local softplay centre, here the host of the above party informed me she tried talking to OH but he isolated himself by the bar and barely raised a smile… I give up.

Party was lovely despite whinging from OH, who informed me he was “F***ed off with me and wasn’t ever going to a softplay again until I’m no longer pregnant”…. errrrrrrm…. I didn’t arrange the party here, how the hell is this my fault? The truth of the matter is he was cross because he couldn’t sit on his arse and use the wifi there, for a change!

I seriously question him sometimes. With DS’ pregnancy he couldn’t have been more attentive. He came to MW appointed moments and antenatal classes. Made sure I had enough rest. We were actually the happiest we’d been in a while.

This time he couldn’t be more disinterested or cruel if he tried. He’s been to one appointment (except the scans of course) forgets to ask about the ones I’ve attended. Never offers up for me to have a lie in and when he finally wakes up complains he’s had a bad night despite the fact I’ve been up several times due to indigestion, bladder action, cramp or his snoring. If I dare mention to him I’m tired it’s met with a tirade that I’m “always f***ing tired* and should He take DS off for a couple of hours during the day he’ll do it begrudgingly and at a time I’m not actually tired (3pm is the time I get whacked) then gets annoyed when I fall asleep when I settle Noah instead of perhaps leaving me there to sleep!

I don’t know why he does it. Whether he forgets I’m pregnant, he actually hates me or he’s just plain cruel I have no idea but the sooner he goes away to work again the better and that’s a pitiful thing to say.

I’m seriously hoping things improve when we move into the elusive house because if they don’t I can’t see us surviving. He has made this pregnancy truly miserable when I’ve felt horrible enough due to illness and my neck.

54 days to go

32 Weeks Pregnant

Posted a day late.

We are still without internet and landline thanks to a monumental cock up involving BT, Sky and Open Reach. We are now in direct contact with the CEO of BT who are trying their damndest to get this mess sorted but thanks to the idiots at Open Reach and Sky it looks like, at best we’ll be back online in 5 days, at worst 2 weeks. The former will only be possible if we can somehow identify and contact the customer who requested Sky in the first place whom then stole our line after misidentifying our flat for their address. 

Annoyed doesn’t cover how I feel right now.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we got mobile signal at home but we don’t, I need to go up the road to get any decent coverage.

Anyway, this is why all my posts will be a bit all over the place for the foreseeable. I will write them on a daily basis and post when I get enough 4G or wifi to publish them.


Photo Credit: BabyCentre

‘Officially’ Peanut now weighs about 3.7lb, around 42cm in length and the vegetable of the week is a kale leaf.

Fingernails and toenails are now fully formed and if Peanut has an ITCH it may scratch itself now.

The hair on Peanut’s head is getting thicker by the day. 

By this stage Peanut will start preparing for birth by lying in the womb with it’s head down, which it was at the last scan but MW couldn’t confirm this at last appointment. I did check in on Peanut yesterday with the doppler and the heartbeat was low so assuming it is head down although I am well aware that this could change frequently. I read somewhere it’s at about 36 Weeks that they adopt the head down position so I shall continue to bounce to insure that this is the case.

If Peanut turns out to be a boy, his testicles have probably moved into his scrotum by now. Although sometimes, one or both testicles don’t get into position until after birth. 

As regards weight gain, Peanut will gain a third to half of it’s birth weight during the next seven weeks, fattening up for life on the outside, meaning it’s skin is plumping out nicely. This of course terrifies me considering the size I am currently.

Photo Credit: BabyCentre


All the guides are farcical really, especially when you already have children. They talk of eating well, which is achievable if it wasn’t for the awful indigestion as soon as I lie down, which ironically is the only place I’m actually comfortable now.
They also talk of plenty of rest… excuse me whilst I spit my tea across the room. This stage with DS I was napping in the afternoon before my evening shifts started at work and this was after a full 8-10 hour sleep at night. This time round I’m lucky if I get 5 hours of broken sleep a night and napping is off the cards now DS has dropped his afternoon nap so exhaustion is pretty much second nature currently.

Apparently half of any weight I put on now goes straight to Peanut but I’m sure they’re not referring to any excess weight caused by the totally unhealthy cravings I’m constantly getting. I really want to get on track with Slimming World up until the birth but really just can’t stomach what I need to be eating. This is another totally different experience to when I was pregnant with DS.

These books also touch on the subject of sex being fine for baby right up until your waters breaking. For baby maybe!! As for me they can go spin. Jeez I have never felt so unsexy in all my life as now, no position is comfortable to sit or sleep let alone sex. I’m absolutely knackered, I’m being pummelled from the inside and at the constant focus of DS all day I do not want to be mauled by my sulking OH at the only time of day that I vaguely have for myself (you know, that hour before I try to go to sleep) Pretty much everyone I talk to say the same so I seriously think these heavily pregnant nymphos out there are responsible for the rest of the population of partners great sulking experiences. How about these sites discussing the fact that a lot of women, if not most, feel more turned off than on right now and saying that it is perfectly fine to do so instead of making them feel pressured from yet another direction. 

As regards symptoms this week; I have noticed today my linear nigra is becoming visible. My nipples resemble beef burgers, I am getting incredibly clumsy which means I’m constantly having to pick things off the floor which is a feat in itself. 

My leg cramps are pretty bad at night, indigestion is stepping up a gear at night also, I can’t sit comfortably unless on my ball, I’m getting extremely out of breath when walking the smallest of inclines, I’m puffing and panting when I have to get dressed, put on shoes, get up off floor (which I’m on a lot with a toddler), getting DS dressed, picking stuff off the floor (which I’m dropping things onto a LOT) but hey my nails and hair look pretty damn awesome and everyone keeps telling me what a lovely neat bump I’ve got.

This all being said I’m still in awe of my body and what it’s doing right now, the constant movements from within remind me that this is for such a short time in the grand scheme of things and that it’s pretty damn awesome!

Another 6-8 weeks to go so I best get used to being uncomfortable, but what better reason to suffer than to bring a new life into the world.

I remind myself daily I’m bloody lucky to suffer these discomforts and that there are many women out there that would give their right arm to feel the same. However, I also need a little moan occasionally 😉

55 days to go

31 Weeks + 6

Posting whilst I have internet (a day late)

Still no internet. OH rang this morning and apparently it should be rectified today, they can’t tell us when but ‘hopefully’ it should be before midnight! WHY??? Why can no one tell us WHY they can’t give us a timeframe. There has to be an explanation, so tell us.

I’m sat here waiting for the HV to come and do our home visit and she’s now quarter of an hour late. I am well aware that if she had to use satnav to find us it would have taken her down the back service lane and that she’ll probably be trying to phone me to find out where we are (it doesn’t take much intellect to figure it out but then not everyone relies on that) and of course our landline number is cut off. If she fails to show I’m going to be really mad as I could have taken DS to music group and softplay instead of trying to entertain him at home with a pounding headache that has stripped me of any patience I possess.

She didn’t show up.

Annoyed isn’t a strong enough word right now.

DS has been subject to the brunt of my annoyance which is far from fair and made me feel dreadful so off we went to softplay which ended up with a surprise meet up with a few of the ‘ladies’ and ‘boys’ so a successful and enjoyable outing. This was made even better by DS insisting he wanted tea there early and he ate an entire plate of beans on toast and half a bowl of chips… this is the most he’s eaten in about two months and a sticker was rewarded.

More hiccups from Peanut along with plenty of breakdancing. My memory is officially shot. I can’t hold an intelligible conversation as half through a sentence I forget where it’s going so have to give up, much to the amusement of others. Lots of stretching going on today too and more unsettled nights.

57 days to go

31 Weeks + 5

Posting whilst I have internet

Came home today…. boooooo! Back to the stinky flat, back to the mundane.

I didn’t expect to come back to no internet and a new landline!!!

Several days ago we got a message from BT saying sorry we were leaving us and it would cost us £200+ to do so. News to us. OH immediately contacted them and they informed us that there had been a request to transfer to another provider (we later found out Talk Talk had sent this request). In a nutshell we didn’t request this so BT stopped it from happening, but there system didn’t so now we have no internet (hence late posting), no one can contact me via our landline as it is a different number and no mobile signal at all courtesy of Storm Doris. 

BT were aware that this had happened yesterday and ‘put in a request’ to rectify it but as yet they can’t tell us how it happened, why it happened, or when it will be rectified. How can they not know when it’ll be rectified? I fail to understand in today’s technology why they can’t just flick the buggering switch and reconnect us, this all happened against our permission and we’re the ones that are suffering. BT really need to improve their systems, they take such a long time to do anything yet expect their customers to pay their exorbitant fees on time without excuse. 

It wasn’t until DS went to bed I realised how much I rely on the internet for communication. I feel totally cut off.

As regards Peanut, all is good there. As active as ever. I am, however becoming more and more uncomfortable. I can’t sit in chairs for longer than 5 minutes, ANY chair. I’m struggling to lean over my ball because of my neck issue and I’m fast flattening my ball by bouncing on it. The only place I’m truly comfortable is lying down in bed or standing but then my legs ache. I got to this stage at about 38 Weeks with DS, I’m not looking forward to the next 7/9 weeks.

Today was the first day I have noticed Peanut have hiccups, such a lovely feeling. DS ALWAYS had them but barely moved so they were used as a gauge to his uterine health. 

58 days to go

31 Weeks + 4

Busy day today and I find myself writing this is in a state of utter exhaustion.

DS’ first official visit to the dentist today and he was as good as gold with nothing to report except a sticker the size of a planet. Fortunately there was nothing wrong with my teeth either, not bad considering I haven’t been in two years.

This was followed by a walk on the beach to hunt out pirate canons and anchors (common items here and something I promised DS we could do despite meaning I had to clamber up ladders and over boulders, not an easy task with a planet under your jumper), a mooch around my brother’s new pad and a shopping trip. I feel like I’ve walked 35 miles instead of about half!

It’s safe to say the third trimester exhaustion has well and truly kicked in now. The headaches and tiredness that hit me at about 3.30 are truly crippling. I feel very cumbersome and I’m getting so out of breath on the slightest of inclines. All positive things when I have 9 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all worth it in the end and also have to stop myself feeling sorry for myself because this pregnancy hasn’t been as enjoyable as DS’. 

How I yearn for an afternoon nap, an unbroken night, a lie-in, time to pamper myself, relax and enjoy this experience.

Ho well, not long now….

59 days to go 

2 days until home visit

31 Weeks + 3

Nothing new today, preschool drop off was marginally more bareable but loads of sobbing beforehand and tears when I picked him up due to him being told he couldn’t play outside in the monsoon, who knew?!

After that we drove to Lyme where we are going to stay for a few days.

Of course DS wants to be at home with all his toys and no matter how many I packed it wasn’t good enough… toddlers!!!

Peanut has been super active today, headaches remain but other than that all is good.

Dentist tomorrow.

60 days to go

31 Weeks + 2

Have actually had a really good day today. 

Swimming as usual so I got to sit and chat with friends without toddler distractions (OH’s weekly duty, though I still have to be present). Followed by a nice long walk without OH complaining about me going or questioning it.

DS has been on form, as has OH for once so all in all a nice relaxing, stress-free day. Ahhhhh. Now why can’t they all be like that?

Interesting conversation popped up though, and a point OH and I will never agree on… Pox parties! A friend of ours has chicken pox, well her son does, so my close friend took her two round this afternoon in the hope they catch it. Now this is something I strongly agree with and have been waiting for this exact opportunity. So why haven’t I done this? Well OH TOTALLY disagrees with this, he thinks we’re the worst parents to walk the earth by making our children sick and won’t see the facts that having it younger is better. The main reason I haven’t isn’t because I’m pregnant, it’s  because DS has been so ill for so long I really don’t want to ‘make’ him poorly again so soon which is such a shame. 

Still suffering the most horrific headaches and am now really suffering from extreme tiredness and indigestion. Woke up this morning with awful backache so if this is the case again tomorrow I’m thinking the pregnancy pillow may have to come into play.

61 days to go