Five Months Old

Life has been so hectic that it’s taken me this long to sit down and write this month’s update and we’re almost at the 6 month one! Gah, for this I apologise.

So as she turned 5 months old on the 9th September, what did the last month have in store for my beautiful girl?


On the 16th DD awoke full of Catarrh and very croaky, I’m not sure I should be so surprised as trying to stop her brother coughing and sneezing on her when he was ill the week previously was nigh ok impossible. This soon progressed to a low grade fever for about a week. This of course made her rather miserable and messed her sleep up, unfortunately for all concerned (me!).


DD was due her 3rd set of vaccinations on the 17th but due to the above illness I had to postpone until the 31st. OH managed to attend these ones thankfully as it consisted on the three injections again. Post vaccinations she did run a bit of a fever which was a bit miserable for about 24 hours but all in all everything was ok. Definitely better than her becoming sick with the diseases these jabs prevent.

Having said that, I’m glad there are no more until she’s 1.


Until the 16th DD continued to sleep through the night, since the 16th she’s waking pretty much every four hours which I’m finding really tough, having got used to a baby that sleeps through. I’m hoping this isn’t going to affect her sleep long term but I can’t help but worry that it’s messed things up.

She still naps around 3/4 times a day. Usually she’s awake 2/3 hours then needs a nap.


We’ve been practising sitting now that she has more control over her head and I’ve now introduced the Bumbo seat to help with this. She’s still extremely floppy though and invariably ends up kissing her feet.

We’ve noticed that she is now searching for me when I’m not with her and the look of delight when she sees me makes my heart melt.

She now responds to her name being called.

She reaches and grasps with greater precision now and increasingly more and more things are ending up in her mouth!

She reacts to her own image in the mirror, sometimes with sheer delight and other times, hilariously, with a mixture of confusion and disgust like a ‘who the heck are you with my mummy?’ look.

Her legs are getting so strong now and when we stand her on our laps she pushes up with such force it’s quite incredible.

She can travel amazing well by shuffling on her back or front and often ends up in a completely different position to how I left her and just before she turned 5 months old she did your first back to front roll (see more below).


Caterpillar, Giraffey and Dragon continue to be her favourite toys (probably because these are always closest to hand) and the look of joy on her face when she sees them is gorgeous.

Her favourite songs are Noah’s Ark as we sing this to her everytime she’s on her changing table whilst I spin her Noah’s Ark mobile that hangs above it. She is mesmerised by the mobile and grins from ear to ear as soon as we start singing ‘The animals go in two by two…’

Another favourite is Silent Night which has become her bedtime song aswell as DS’.

Of course her firm favourite people are either me or DS as she absolutely delights in his interactions with her which can verge on the annoying and ridiculous but her laughing in response doesn’t help me to stop him from doing them and I get the response “But mummy she likes it because she is laughing at me”, he has a fair point.


On the 10th she had her first proper, sustained laugh whilst in the bath. I will never delight in that sound in anything as much as I do that, it really is such a heartwarming thing to hear knowing that you are the cause of such delight. The next time she did it was for her brother and at falling objects.

On the 22nd August I took her for her first trip to Lyme as I had the dentist (due to a fair bit of work this resulted in us returning every week for three weeks which was lovely). It was lovely introducing her to Auntie’s house and my home town, she got great use out of the old Marmet pram Auntie had for her son. Whilst here we spent time with some very dear friends (Caroline, Kieron and Tom) and my brothers which was lovely. I took her to Lyme beach for the first time and also took her to the Donkey Sanctuary for the first time where she was quite taken with the Donkeys.

On the 27th August we took you to your first Bude Lifeboat Day and for once the sun shone on us.

On the 3rd September we went to the Eden Project which was your first time. It was a Space exhibition there and we wanted to take DS to see Maddie Moate which he loved. DD spent the entire time crying because it has fast become apparent she hates the pram’s carry cot. Time to get the seat out I reckon, though OH disagreed, until this outing.

On the 6th September, whilst I was at the dentist, she did her first back to front roll over for Auntie. When I got back Auntie declared quite nonchalantly that it had happened, she was quite astounded when I told her that it was her first time! Can’t believe I missed it, the little monkey. Life is going to become a lot more interesting soon.


At the end of this month (the 8th September) I noticed two little indents on her lower gum which I strongly believe will be teeth before we know it. At 21 Weeks?! DS was 30 weeks. I can’t believe it! I’m really not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to her gummy smile just yet, I thought I had another couple of months of it yet.


Due to DS’ schedule lately I couldn’t get to weigh DD until the 21st September when she was 24 weeks. At this weigh in she weighed in at 14Ib 7oz (6.56kg) and although still following the 25th centile has kind of dropped off closer to the bottom line.