The first night at home was interesting and needs some work to improve things, namely sleeping arrangements. This isn’t ideal with four of us in one bedroom so I ended up, fairly early, on the sofa with DD in Moses basket whilst OH and DS stayed in bedroom. This is far from ideal and means I’ll be sleeping on the sofa which won’t aid my healing process in the slightest.

Got fed up waiting for a phone call from the MW so took DS out. We popped into OHs work first to show off the children to the office who all doted on her, and paid extra attention to DS so he didn’t feel left out at all, ironically he didn’t like this and just wanted to be left alone with me and Daddy’s office chair. 

After this we went and had lunch and a play at softplay where DS ran off his energy. Every child that was in there he introduced himself too and wanted to tell them he had a baby sister, my heart broke because none of them were interested (being toddlers themselves) and just kept ignoring his pleas to just come and have a look. He was getting so frustrated about it and I could VERY nearly have cried. Why are children such knobs? I just wanted them to acknowledge what he was saying to them instead of staring blankly back at him. Gah, my hormones!

Got home about 3 to find 2 missed calls from MW, finally got to speak to her at about 4.30, not that it was one of our midwives of course.

She said that their contact with a second baby is less than the first but that they would atleast ring everyday to check all was well and my MW would be in touch to organise Day 5 heel prick test.

Visitors: Granny and Grandad


She is doing ok, latching on well but still not feeding for long despite my best encouragement techniques, she is only having 1-2 wet nappies a day too but she is pushing through the meconium so won’t panic, just yet!

Looking a little jaundice today so will endeavour to get her in the sun to break it up a bit.

Got totally freaked out today about the amount of discharge DD has and also found blood in her nappy, convinced myself she somehow got thrush from me, or something worse until I googled it and found that this is all totally normal in female babies, apparently the blood is like a little period because she has so many of my hormones in her system.

Cue relief.

By the end of the day she had orange bits in her nappy which I discovered, on googling, were urate crystals due to dehydration!!!! Cue me panic feeding every hour!


Still brutally sore. All limbs and joints ache plus cold has stepped up a gear which is like adding insult to injury.

Passed a blood clot last night of significant size and since this my stitches are causing me a fair amount of discomfort. Told MW but she said even if I’d popped a stitch they wouldn’t do anything and left it at that!!!!

Despite diligent use if Lansinoh my nipples are chapping, this baby has very sharp little gums.

Diligently working on my pelvic floor in the hope that it won’t feel like my womb or bowel (or both) is going to drop out of me at the slightest jolt or cough.

Still get quite painful contractions on feeding but am well aware that this is totally normal and trying to convince myself that it isn’t an affection lol.


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