Not a lot done today. Just a day of trying to rest whilst doing the washing and other dull household chores. It’s at times like this my Mum would be here doing it all for me so I could rest but hey ho, have to stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’, I’m on my own and need to just accept that and get on with it. You should feel very lucky if you have parents that help you out with your children because it’s bloody hard when you don’t have a support network, bloody hard!

OH took DS swimming for a couple of hours meaning I could get some rest (catching up on laundry, housework and phonecalls namely).

Am amazed we have only had 1 card so far and that was from Gemma. It is true what they say about second babies… nobody seems to give a hoot, except us of course.

Visitors included Gemma bearing more gifts, Caroline, Granny and grandad. 


Thanks to the urites and my panic feeding DD cluster fed all day today thus bringing my milk in. So much easier to deal with in the day unlike DS who did it at night. By the last nappy change of the day it was urite free!!!

This meant she didn’t have a bad night at all, unlike DS her turn around is a lot longer, but she’s not waking as often. Not sure which way I prefer it to be fair.

Umbilical cord drying out slowly

First top and tail today went down like a lead balloon, she did NOT find it enjoyable despite the best efforts of DS to distract her. He’s such a sweetheart.


Another successful poo down. Piles still horrific so just letting nature take it’s course, so to speak

Stitches and grazes are stinging like crazy so am having to sluice with water at the same time as peeing to ease the pain.

Woke up with really swollen feet, due to sleeping upright on sofa, will try and remember to elevate legs in future.

Muscles still feeling the labour. Arms, shoulders and legs still horrifically fatigued. Jaw ache has dissipated though.

Blood flow still medium to heavy.


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