Still no contact from the midwives.

Met up with the in-laws for brunch at our favourite cafe.

Big news of day is that we announced Peanut’s name. I desperately wanted it to be finalised today as it’s the anniversary of my mums death and finally pinned OH down to settling on it.

He’s been so childish about the whole announcement thing and finally discovered it’s because everyone is pushing for the name so he was fighting against them. I informed him that we can’t keep it secret forever and what he’s doing is ridiculous and I want to register her before she’s 18. Our friend Kate was here at the time so she was the first to officially know (Auntie and Gemma knew the name a while ago but it wasn’t set in stone)


Still passing Meconium poos.

Cluster feeding has started but thankfully it’s early evening so bareable, plus this means she’s sleeping fairly decent blocks of sleep through the night.

Umbilical cord still attached.

Still suffering from mild jaundice so am putting her to sleep by the window whilst the weather isn’t great.


My milk is most definitely in. My boobs have gone from a C cup to a FF in like 12 hours. She isn’t feeding like DS did so I feel extremely engorged so am massaging them regularly to try and decrease risks of blocked ducts, they are so tender and of course this means I’m banging them a LOT. A bit worried as to why she isn’t feeding but she is having plenty of wet nappies so I’m going by that for now.

Had a massive emotional wobble last night as I went in to transfer DS into bed whilst he slept and sat on his bed sobbing because I miss spending those last few minutes of his day talking to him and cuddling him and singing to him until he falls asleep. I feel awfully guilty that he is now no longer my soul focus, I feel sorry for him. He’s such a kind and lovely little boy, so kind and caring and has handled all this in such an amazing way I’m blown away and can’t help but feel an element of grief for what he has now lost. Ridiculous I know, just can’t seem to help it.

Still aching like crazy and working on my pelvic floor.

Blood flow, medium to heavy.

Visitors: Kate, Granny and Grandad


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