I was going to post the first week as one post but once I pieced it together I figured it’d be a monster so have separated it into days so prepare to be spammed.

Day 1: 

As expected not much sleep was had last night. The lady in the bed opposite is needing help from lactation consultant at every feed meaning voices and alike every couple of hours. Peanut also had a finicky stage between midnight and 0130 which was a bit of a shock. DS did nothing but feed and sleep so this is all very different and new.

Looking forward to seeing DS when he comes in later this morning. I miss him so much and can’t stop crying thinking about him and worried that he feels I’ve abandoned him.

Still extremely achy and finding it hard to walk, or move at all more specifically.

I made sure OH warned me when he was nearly here as my SIL told me to insure I was baby free when he arrived so he didn’t have to wait for a cuddle so on arrival he threw himself into my arms for the biggest cuddle EVER.

I made such a fuss over him and all he wanted to do was see his baby sister. He is such a cutie, so caring and loving, my heart explodes.

We sent him on a little treasure hunt to find a present that the baby had brought with her, his face was a picture when he opened it and it kept him busy for the rest of the day until I got discharged. He also made a big deal about giving the baby the bunny comforter that he chose for her.

I worried so much about how I would manage to love two children without the love for my eldest somehow decreasing but as it turns out my love for DS has grown, not lessened.

2 meconium poos today and 2 wet nappies

Latching on seems to be going well but she doesn’t feed as long as DS did at this stage, not that I’m concerned about it, I know they only need very little at this age. Will just monitor her nappies.

I have noticed she’s got a fair bit of vaginal discharge and worriedshe may have thrush or something similar but figuring it may just have something to do with swimming around in amniotic fluids for last 38 Weeks?

She had her new baby check this morning and all appears ok. They check for hip displacement, heart murmurs, lung conditions, cataracts, problems with their mouth but not for tongue tie weirdly. (Not that this is an issue as she regularly sticks her tongue out at me.)


Woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a train after running a marathon. EVERYTHING aches… Jaw, legs, arms, underarms, shoulders, hands. I also feel like the world may just drop out my vagina at any given moment given the right opportunity.

Hands still horribly swollen to the point I can’t do much with them at all, changing Peanut’s nappy is an almost impossible task, thank god the umbilical stump is still quite hardy.

I had my pre-discharge check up today too. Womb is descending nicely, stitches ok, temp ok, pulse a bit high but I feel shocking with cold so that’s no surprise.

At 1230 we finally got the all clear to leave so we packed up, got dressed and left the hospital at about 0115 to start our new lives together as a family of 4.

We arranged for OHs parents to meet the new addition when we got home, for an hour, which they did and then we tried to figure out some sort of new routine.


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