Terrible night here with aches and pains that I couldn’t decide were Braxton Hicks, early labour or just general third trimester aches and pains.

The anticipation is killing me. They adopt a early/latent stage labour, bump up to second stage then stop and it’s doing my head in.

I don’t think I’d worry quite so much if we weren’t 70 minutes from the hospital.

I have spent most of this morning sobbing as I don’t know what’s happening and we’ve got to go to the hospital for a consultants appointment and now I’m packing DS’ bag in case I am in labour and by the time we get there they’ll say stay, or come back later which will then mean back up (not ideal) plan for DS had to kick in.

I just wish things would progress or they say today that I’m 5-6 cm and suggest I stay in and break my waters to get things moving. 

Not knowing is killing me.

We have just got back from hospital. They are short staffed so we were 3/4 hour late in (contracting every 5 minutes) didn’t see my consultant, the guy I did see didn’t have a clue what the plan was supposed to be. When I said I thought I was having contractions he organised a MW assessment and told me she would arrange an induction appointment and left. That was it. He had no clue as to when consultant wanted to induce, he said at 39 whereas it’s been 38 all along.

Saw MW who said I was definitely having contractions but hadn’t really progressed from what MW wrote on Tuesday so sent me home… an hour and a half away. I told her how quickly I progressed with DS but she still said she had no reason to keep me in but has booked me in for induction on Monday at 12 noon if nothing happens over the weekend.

They didn’t do another sweep, they didn’t do a liquor Doppler test that my consultant insisted be done at this appointment, they didn’t even check baby’s heart rate. I’m seething.

Cue 90 minutes drive home, in an uncomfortable van with a grumpy toddler whilst contracting every 5 minutes. 

I’m livid, emotional, terrified I won’t make it to hospital in time should things progress here. I’m a wreck, quite simply.


Now Peanut is ready for its grand entrance it is still building up a layer of fat to help maintain its body temperature on the outside. 
All of its organs are well developed, though the lungs will be the last to reach full maturity.

Peanut, according to last fundal length measurement is 39cm long, about the length of a leek and I dread to imagine what weight it is now.


Not a lot more I can say that I haven’t said above.

Losing mucus plug like you wouldn’t believe, in fact sometimes so much I think my waters are going.

At the point of writing this at 1805 I’m still contracting every 5 minutes and they are fairly strong but perfectly bearable, like a very bad period pain. Peeing every three minutes. Tired from bad sleep last night. Emotional and grumpy.

As you can tell, I’m a real joy today 😉

14 days to go

3 days until induction


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