Still no baby.

Another evening and night of backache and sporadic cramping but nothing else.

I’m going to go for a bit of a walk down to a friend’s house this afternoon to see if that’ll bring anything on. It’ll be interesting to see whether these mild contractions have done anything to further efface my cervix by the time I go to hospital tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve done some serious nesting whilst moving changing unit back into a usable position and transforming it from a toy storage unit back to it’s intended purpose. Of course whilst everything was being reorganised I took the time to scrub skirting boards and carpets. Anyway, it’s done now and more toys boxed up for the move.

Talking of the move. Apparently the NHBC has been booked in for Friday so should a certificate be granted then the soft date of 28th April should become a firm and fixed moving date. I’m not getting excited, they said February/March so forgive me Bovis for feeling a little unimpressed.

The spare part for the SnüzPod arrived today too so that’s another job off the list. I love it! Hopefully I’ll love it as much as I did the BedNest when in actual use.

So does that make me ready for baby? Heck no!!!! But then I’m not sure you’re ever Totally ready, are you?

15 days to go


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