Before finally packing my hospital bag I found myself making a list of final preparations that need to be done before Peanut makes it’s debut. 

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t *do* lists, like NEVER. However with the state of my disorganised brain and the fact I’m having my first sweep tomorrow, so potential for an imminent arrival, I thought, in this case, a list is most definitely required

So here it is:

I actually thought I had done everything and I’m a little perturbed as to how much I have yet to do.

I had a fantastic surprise today that OHs mum has bought us the SnuzPod we wanted so borrowing one and purchasing a new mattress is now obsolete. 

So imagine my excitement when it arrived and I got to setting it up, only to discover on assembling it this afternoon a part is faulty so have had to contact them, fill out a form and now wait for a replacement part to be sent… I am beyond gutted!!! I was so excited to get it ready today šŸ™

Nappies were dispatched today so I’ll expect them either tomorrow or Wednesday so that’ll be another thing crossed off the list.

I’ve been stuck in all day today awaiting SnuzPod delivery and OpenReach engineer and starting to feel a little desperate about not being able to get out and buy DS’ and Peanut’s presents to each other but am going to try and get that ticked off tomorrow morning.

Then it’s sweep at 1220 if everything’s ‘favourable’.

Wish me luck

18 days to go


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