What a stunningly beautiful day it’s been today, so we’ve made the most of it.

It occurred to me this morning that this could, potentially, be our last weekend as a family of three and seeing as sunshine has been such a rarity of late I wanted to make the most of it.

Housework, chores and the like can wait. I wanted to make memories with just the three of us before our world changes, once again, forever and takes on a whole new dynamic. I wanted DS to be our main focus whilst we can. I wanted to make today special.

The day started with our usual weekly Parent and Toddler swim and due to lack of playmates we left earlier than usual (we usually stay for softplay afterwards).

We came home, grabbed lunch, a bucket and spade and headed down to the beach for a walk. Although a little nippy it really was beautiful down there and short of a very close shave with a huge rock and our heads (OH accidentally threw a rock up instead of out and it very narrowly missed mine and DS as I grabbed him and hunched over him to protect him). 

This traumatic incident was followed by a lovely walk along the canal followed by some really touristy behaviour as we took to the canal on a Beetle Pedalo. 

This is something we’ve promised DS for probably over a year and never got round to. It was fantastic despite it being possibly the most uncomfortable half hour of my life as my cumbersome form flopped onto the back of said pedalo whilst leaning over front seat holding onto DS’ life jacket. 

DS absolutely loved it (though we did have tantrums when we had to go back which was a slight shame).

We then paid a visit to the Heritage Centre, ice cream, a run around on the castle grounds and a nice walk back home.

All in all, despite having a very tired little boy who’s mood deteriorated pretty quickly resulting in an early bedtime, we had a really lovely day. 

A day of firsts.

A day of anecdotes

A day of memories

A day as three.


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