That’s it. We’ve done it. We’ve reached term!

I scarcely believe it. It’s been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster once again but still I fail to be able to relax until Peanut is safe in my arms. 

As hard as I try I can’t help but have an underlying and overwhelming feeling that something is/will be wrong despite everything seemingly being ok. I suppose this is the legacy of living under the shadow of recurrent miscarriages.

I have, today for my consultants appointment through which is at hospital next Friday (7th April) at 1045 so that’ll be a cervical examination, stretch and sweep and more discussions as to what we do next.

After all my thoughts of waiting I think I’ve actually got to the point where I’ll be giving in And asking them to get this baby out of me.


Photo credit: BabyCenter

Although not considered full term until 39 Weeks, I am today considered term so any extra cooking time is a good advantage to insure fully developed brain and lungs for baby.

This week Peanut weighs 6 1/3Ibs though in reality, according to scans, it’s possibly nearing 8!!!!! Vegetable of the week is a bunch of Swiss chard).


I’m doing ok. I’m uncomfortable beyond belief. But I’m doing ok. Baby’s head is well and truly rooted in my pelvis meaning I’m walking like I should be riding a horse, a very slow horse at that.

I’m still getting out of breath very quickly with no real provocation.

Insomnia seems to have plagued me for the last three nights. Once I’ve woken up for the kazillionth time to pee my mind starts and that’s it, I’ve had it.

I’ve also been struck with the most horrific Braxton Hicks. I never suffered these with DS and can’t believe how incredibly uncomfortable they are and unlike real labour they last forEVER (or so it seems).

My hands and feet continue to be puffy which again I didn’t suffer from with DS.

Leg cramps are quite severe at night. When all I want to do is have a good old stretch, I can’t without risking the most horrific spasms.

I feel like I’m on constant ‘show’ watch. I think because I’m suffering from so much discomfort I’m expecting to go into labour any time soon which is highly unlikely but I am very glad OH has stopped being on the road now.

On a plus, I’m not suffering from indigestion (though now I’ve said that….). My hair and nails are AMAZING! Everyone is telling me how well I’m looking and also speculating on the gender because of how I’m ‘carrying’ baby. They also comment how I haven’t put on weight… I think the bump is just so bloody massive it’s distracting them from my growing thighs and butt šŸ˜‚

Photo Credit: BabyCentre

21 days to go.


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