My brother has got a date through for his OBE presentation ceremony. In lieu of being able to have our parents there he has asked that my other brother and I attend in their place.

I couldn’t be more honoured and really want to go.

Problem: No under 5’s allowed, the service is 2 hours long at Buckingham Palace and Peanut will be, at the very youngest 4 Weeks old, maybe 6.

Now although I think baby will be fine if I feed it prior to entering the palace OH is freaking out.

He’s freaking out at having both children for two whole hours (how do is mother’s cope everyday on our own?). He has now started making other excuses such as cost, despite the fact he is going to bloody Wembley to watch his shit performing football team on the Sunday of the same weekend. Needless to say he hasn’t mentioned the cost of that overnight stay in London, but this one is an issue.

The fact of the matter is that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I don’t want to miss out on. I am immensely proud of my brother’s achievements and OH is just making it out to be this huge stressful situation that I’m already searching for excuses to get out of it. 

Why can he not just man up and say ‘ok, let’s do this, I’ll be fine’ even if he thinks he won’t be?

I know this is going to cause all sorts of issues and arguments in the run up and I’m going to spend the whole ceremony stressing about it all but why should I have to forfeit something that means something to me when I haven’t done anything for myself in over three years.

Why can he not be more supportive of something that means a lot to me without making me feel guilty for wanting to do something that is potentially a little awkward?

Am I being unreasonable?

In the meantime these Braxton Hicks gave been quite intense today. I never realised how uncomfortable they are and am mightily glad to get back to my ball because of it.

22 days to go


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