It’s safe to say I am now heavily pregnant.

My stomach feels like it’s going to tear open at any given moment. Walking has become more of a very slow waddle, the fact OH now walks faster than me says it all. He is firmly of the opinion that if you have a car why the heck should you walk, I am the complete opposite and regularly get told off for walking too fast, which to him is anything faster than a casual meander.

My hands are extremely swollen today, for the past few days they’ve swelled in the night but gone down during the day, today they’ve stayed fairly swollen, no doubt my feet will follow next.

This pregnancy is so totally different to DS’, I actually can’t believe how different they could be being that I am the same person.

I am actually looking forward to getting this baby out now. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to miss feeling Peanut’s gentle squirms and rolling movements as there really is nothing like it and it’s going to be extremely sad knowing that I’ll never have that feeling again but I am so ridiculously uncomfortable right now.

Braxton hicks continue to plague me, usually at times where I can’t do anything about them to ease their pains.

I’ll be interested to see how ‘favourable’ my cervix is on Tuesday.

24 days to go  


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