DS has yet another cold which meant he was in our bed from 11 last night. This meant I slept in such a bizarre position I’ve barely been able to walk today thanks to lower backache. Coupled with Brixton hicks pains it’s not been much fun today.

Midwife appointment went well this morning. Peanut behaving, urine and blood pressure was all ok and am booked in for a stretch and sweep next Tuesday 😱 My MW is on annual leave for two weeks as of Friday so will be seeing her colleague, though she said she doesn’t think it’ll work unless my cervix is favourable so we’ll wait and see what that’s doing.

Couldn’t tell whether baby was engaged or not as every time she went to check I leapt out of my skin. I swear that woman finds ‘that’ sensitive spot in my pelvic area every time. Wonder if the other MW will have better luck on Tuesday?! However she seems to think, thanks to my ungainly waddle and the discomfort I’m getting in my pelvis, that it’s definitely slotted in.

25 days to go 


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