Mother’s Day is always a tough day for me.

On the one hand I miss my own mum like crazy but on the other I’m well aware that I am now someone’s mummy, and soon to be someone else’s too and should embrace that. Until today I’ve struggled with this concept.

I see older people taking their elderly mother’s out for Mother’s Day lunch and feel robbed and find it unfair that I will never get to do that. She was taken from us before her time and should still be here and I will never, ever feel that it’s not fair that she isn’t. 

However, at the end of the day she isn’t and all I can do is cherish the wonderful memories I have of her and do my best to strive to make her proud. She was the most amazing role model and not a day goes by when I don’t think of her and feel forever grateful that she was our mother, our best friend, our world.

Up until this year my own Mother’s Day was basically like any other day but with a card chosen and bought by OH given to me on behalf of DS (needless to say I always help DS make OHs Father’s Day cards with hand/foot prints/drawings etc and well intentioned scribbles actually created by DS… but maybe I’ll do buttocks this year 😉)

This year however showed a marked difference.

This year I got my first hand made card (that I didn’t have a part in making), courtesy of school. And this year OH let DS choose my present (a  ceramic candle holder in the shape of a house) and card and he even got DS to ‘write’ in it. We went for a lovely little walk across the downs to a hotel for lunch and had a nice play on the beach in the sunshine on the way home (even if it was a tad cold thanks to those blasted easterly winds). 

But the biggest and most wonderful difference this year was actually hearing the words “Happy Mother’s Day” being said to ME by my beautiful boy without being prompted. Followed by the most incredible hug and kiss. This wasn’t just said once either, it has been repeated several times today and on settling him to bed this evening he said it one last time followed by an “I love you”

I think I will treasure that memory all my life.

Suddenly, I feel like a mother. Suddenly, Mother’s Day isn’t such a sad day anymore. Although I will always remember my own special Mum that little bit more on this day, I will at last allow myself to be happy that I am someone’s mum to celebrate too.

So Happy Mother’s Day to all those mum’s out there past, present and future. I hope you have celebrated today despite probably carrying on as usual too with the mundane things life insists upon. Unfortunately that ironing basket, dishwasher and washing machine still need sorting out, even on Mothering Sunday.

26 days to go 


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