Baby showers are an odd thing and something I never really thought much about. It’s another occasion we, as Brits, seem to have adopted from the Americans and have always thought a little twee but just lately they seem to be a real boom.

I never thought I’d ever have one to be fair. Whether this is because of all the pictures I’ve seen on social media of late 20-30 something, heavily and pristinely made up yummy mummies and their equally pristine friends having lavish meals out and the fact that I never thought I’d have one as they seem to be exclusively reserved for the ‘popular’ girls at school (you know the group), I’m not sure but I didn’t have one for DS and didn’t expect to have one now either.

Well today broke this. 

I can truly say I am blessed with the most amazing friends who took time out of their very busy schedules (and forfeited a very rare beautiful day) to spend a few hours helping me celebrate Peanut.

The surprise element was unfortunately ruined by a local hairdresser who told me about my baby shower at a party a few weeks ago and then a couple of weeks later I discovered it was my lovely friend G who was organising it but that was all I knew.

OH entertained DS whilst I waddled down to a local hotel where the event was thrown.

So much thought was put into it and I can’t thank G enough for all her effort. She is truly a remarkable friend whom I constantly question why I deserve such a sweet person in my, and my children’s lives but am eternally grateful she is there (she threw me a surprise birthday party back in August).

There was stacks of food, an amazing cake, baby related party games, that I even managed to win a couple of.

There were also lots of gifts. And everyone bought a book from their childhood and wrote the most wonderful inscriptions inside for both Peanut and myself. I have to admit I cried like a baby at a couple of them.

Today I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful friends whom have only come into my life thanks to the children and I hope we will be friends for life.

I love them all.

27 days to go 


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