Scan and ANC today at the hospital.

After my friend’s devastating news on Monday I’m not afraid to say I went in to that sonographer suite today feeling especially nervous. The fact I hadn’t felt Peanut move since I woke up didn’t help (this was only a couple of hours, I’ll admit). I was literally shaking.

I needn’t have worried as everything is absolutely fine, in fact more than fine. Peanut has officially gone off the chart where measurements are concerned (more info below). Of course now I’m worrying as to why it’s so big, I promised I wouldn’t listen to their measurements as they always said DS was going to be a 9-10Iber and he was 7Ib 8oz when e was born at 39+4.

I voiced my concerns about my impending induction to the consultant when he started talking dates and what I would like to happen. To my astonishment he was happy with this, they are booking me an appointment for a cervical examination at 38 Weeks to check whether my cervix is favourable or not, if not then I will have a full doppler test to check the placenta and go from there. If cervix is favourable then they’ll do a stretch and sweep and possibly book me in a few days after that for induction. Meanwhile I’m going to visit MW more often and have stretch and sweeps from 37 Weeks to hopefully get things moving more naturally. I shall be trying everything I can at home too.

It’s all becoming very, very real now. I really could be holding my baby in my arms in just over two weeks time.

Meanwhile OH suggested a trip into the city centre with no mention by me…. GO FIGURE!!!! Of course I was disappointed by the whole experience. H&M and New Look didn’t have maternity department and the Mothercare one was literally 8 rails. I ended up coming out with some yoga pants and two tees all in black. I fail to see the logic in a city centre main shop of these big brands not having, or having a very limited range of maternity clothes. Apparently women don’t get pregnant in Exeter it would seem.

Another amazing thing has happened too… we have now agreed on a girl’s name, and I love it and so glad OH has come round to it, now Peanut needs to be a girl because I live it so much and we’re stuffed if it’s a boy 😄


Photo Credit: BabyCenter

Officially speaking Peanut should be weighing in at 5.7lbs. In reality, according to today’s scan, it’s already at DS’ birth weight of 7.5Ibs and its fundal height is 37.5cm. It is measuring off the chart, literally. Vegetable of the week is a romaine lettuce.

The scan didn’t show much at as at Peanut’s current size a limb pretty much fills the screen but we did see the top of baby’s head and ears which showed a full head of hair which was strange to see. More importantly it shows Peanut is head down with spine to my tummy. Perfect!!!!

Peanut continues to shed what’s left of the lanugo hair and vernix caseosa. It’ll be happily swallowing all this hair and skin and store it in her bowels as it’s first poo, meconium.


I’m doing ok, I think. I’m not as tired as I possibly should be but then I don’t have the option of rest with a toddler in tow, so I’m assuming my body has just adjusted to this.

I am very uncomfortable when I have to stand up from sitting as I have to pull my legs together and when you feel like you’ve got a bowling ball in your pelvis is a very strange sensation and not a comfortable one.

I’m getting a lot of lower back pain and hip pains but this is to be expected.

The waddle is now fully adopted and I’m getting very out of breath fast when pushing DS up the slightest of incline.

My tummy continues to stretch, testing the elasticity of my poor 43 year old skin to it’s limits, I wonder whether it’ll ever fully recover after this. I’ll be resembling an old female cat when practising my downward dog or cat stretches when doing my yoga from here on in I would imagine. It’s all totally worth it though.

My nails, hair and skin have never been in such good condition and I don’t look forward to the hair loss and return of weak nails after this amazing journey is over.

I’m not hyper emotional, my moods are better (though OH has been on best behaviour which has certainly helped).

Boobs aren’t sore but nipples are massively darker than ever before.

My linea nigra continues to darken and works it wobbly way down the centre of my abdomen.

All in all I’m doing ok for a 40+ year old whose racing after a toddler whilst also baking a giant. And as much as I want this pregnancy to be over and to be holding my beautiful baby in my arms I am also dreading it ending.

I love feeling the gentle and beautiful movements from within and it saddens me that I’ll never experience it again. I’d love to be able to bottle that feeling and bring it out from time to time to experience all over again.

I’m just eternally grateful that I got to experience this, not once, but twice. Despite all the ups and downs along the way.

28 days to go


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