With potentially only a couple of weeks to go I’m loathed to have to admit I’m desperately in need of a couple of items of clothing of the maternity variety.

All my maternity jeans/trousers are too uncomfortable to wear other than in an upright position and my leggings are now littered with holes to the point I can not wear them out. Holes aside, my rump has become such that leggings are really very unflattering too. 

The problem with living in the back of beyond where you have to travel atleast an hour to get to any decent size town (and in reality this is more 90 minutes for anything remotely decent) to have a shop. This in mind means we rely heavily on mail order.

Mail order throws up its own problems. Mainly the time it takes to arrive, not having a clue what the item looks like, if using a different shop you don’t know what the fit is and can’t guarantee quality, then you have to go through the drama of returning it all leaving you in exactly the same desperate position you were in before.

I hate it.

I know what I want but just can’t locate them. I want some Hareem pants, you know the sort, providing the comfort of leggings but without the rump clinging nature that comes with them. And a couple of long line vests and tees (to cover said rump once again). I do wish I looked like the maternity models in the pictures, but I simply am not that lucky as unfortunately, when I get pregnant, my arse thinks it has to mimic my tummy.

These items are a simple request, yes? 

Can I find them anywhere? 


We’re off to Exeter for our scan tomorrow… ideal, you’d think. Scan at 9.30. Out by 11 (after ANC) quick shop in the city then home. All fine and dandy except When you have an OH who will just want to come straight home instead of listening to reason. The sheer thought of mentioning this idea to him is putting me on edge. I can see the look of disgust now, followed by the inevitable arguments as to why it’s a ridiculous idea with a three year old and me being pregnant (both of which he sees as the most severe disability known to man).

Wish me luck.

Meanwhile Peanut continues to grow and dance oblivious to my discomfort and threadbare appearance đŸ˜‰

29 days to go


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