The baby I made reference to yesterday has a couple of known issues namely a heart problem that will require surgery at birth and a deformed limb. They have had to have further tests to check for genetic anomalies but the results won’t be in for another 3 weeks!

By that time she’ll be 23+ Weeks. I can’t imagine being that far along and having to make a ‘decision’ should the worst happen.

I’m not a religious person but I am praying for them right now. I’m praying it’s ‘just’ the two issues the scan highlighted and that everything else is ok. As I said before I know them, but not overly well, enough to pass the time of day with and have a chat about the children but al I want to do right now is give (her) a massive hug and tell her people are thinking of her. 

With all this in mind I know full well I’m going to be the sonographer’s worst nightmare on Friday. A simple growth scan, they’ll be thinking. Now I’m going to be bombarding them with probing questions as to the health of my baby’s heart, size, brain. I’m going to be coming across as ridiculously neurotic, and do you know what? 

I really don’t give a damn!

30 days to go


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