Today is the last day of DS’ term. The next time he goes to school he will be going with the brand new title of ‘Big Brother’.

As he won’t be able to attend school on Friday due to our scan (I’m still really upset he’s not going to take part in the Mother’s Day assembly) the next time he’s due to be at school is the 21st April, my official due date. Seeing as pushing the consultant to the due date may be difficult I doubt very much they will allow me to go over it so there we have it. Next time I take him I’ll have a teeny person strapped to my person.

It would also appear that the amount of time slumped over my ball yesterday has done the trick. No lower back pain today and since I’ve been suffering from atleast a mild case of it since before the ill fated van journey I’m wondering whether baby was back to back and I’ve managed to get it to move round and so all pressure on back and bowel have eased. 

I can also now confirm I have officially adopted the pregnant waddle. The last few days I’ve put it down to my back and hips but I can categorically say it’s due to baby’s head as I can actually feel it lower now and my bump does appear to have dropped significantly.

Exciting times ahead which has urged me on to getting the hospital bags ready. I have written a fairly comprehensive shopping list which I intend to fulfil tomorrow and then start putting stuff together.


32 days to go


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