The van journey yesterday has had some very uncomfortable consequences which have reared their ugly faces today.

My back is killing me.

Like seriously.

I need yoga to fix me but not sure I can even do that right now. I slept about 4 hours last night and was awake from 4, finally giving up and getting out of bed at 5.

I have literally spent the whole day slumped over my ball to take the pressure off my lower back.

Beginning to wonder if baby is back to back, hoping all the slumping forward will correct this, should it be the case.

Peanut has been super active today too which hasn’t helped the discomfort but is still nice. I will miss these feelings after it’s birth, especially knowing this is the last time I’ll be feeling them. There’s something so beautiful about feeling a little person living inside you, no words can explain how special and wonderful it is, not how lucky I am to have experienced it, twice. For this I’ll be forever grateful.

33 days to go


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