Today we took DS to the theatre for the first time to see the stage production of the Tiger Who Came To Tea and can’t praise it highly enough.

DS was captivated from the moment he saw the stage, and his reaction when the performers first came onto stage had us all in tears (yes, OH included but then he’s a bigger girl than me).

However, you’d think I’d learn after the last time I was in a theatre. That time we were watching Sarah Millican, again at 35 Weeks Pregnant with DS. Comfortable it was not, thank god it was only a 50 minute production this time, I was also on an aisle seat meaning I could spread my legs in a semi-comfortable, yet totally undignified, manner.

OH has a company vehicle which is a van. Dear god. It has to be the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had to endure time in. I’m actually considering, should I go into labour spontaneously, insisting on taking my jalopy because it’s bad enough sitting in that van now, let alone whilst contracting. I think the problem is the seats are too upright and you have no way of reclining them. Honestly, the pressure on my lower back and pelvis is horrific, it’s taken me an hour slumped over the ball to make me feel close to human again.

I really am cursing maternity trousers at the moment as they all seem to dig in at the pubis making sitting nigh on impossible now without the either removal of said item, or hooking my fingers into the top of the trouser (the faux waistline) and stretching away from what is essentially baby’s head. I remember thinking this last time too, but you forget. I need to buy so harem pants I think, a little more flattering than leggings with the comfort leggings provide around the bump and pubic region. 

Maternity jeans, skirts, etc serve a wonderful purpose until you’re close to term, then only kaftans will do, it’s a fact!

34 days to go 


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