5 (maybe 3) weeks to go!!!!


Where has the time gone?


Photo credit: BabyCenter

Measuring in at 18 inches long and weighing in at a possible 5.25 pounds there’s not much room left inside there now and I’ve certainly felt a change in Peanut’s movements because of it. No longer do I get the sharp, rapid punches and kicks as they’ve been replaced by stretches and slow rolls but still just as frequently. 

Peanut’s Kidneys are now fully developed and liver is functioning and most of it’s basic physical development is complete so from here on in it will just be putting on weight (eek).

If Peanut is born now it will be considered moderately premature but not likely to need much extra care and with very little chance of long term problems.

Peanut is currently still Cephalic Long, according to midwife (and my current gait) and unlikely to be able to turn now so I’m relieved about that. Now to make sure it isn’t back to back and we’ve cracked that part. I’ll ask about that at the scan next week.


Fast resembling Tweedle Dum AND Tweedle Dee rolled together I’m extremely uncomfortable wherever I am. 

I can only sit with my legs spread to make room for my enormous tummy which in turn is making my hips ache when I stand up. I pretty much walk like a duck now which doesn’t bode well considering the time I have left. 

I am peeing every ten minutes. I’m going from fine to desperate in probably 60 seconds flat with the outcome mainly consisting of a trickle, and as soon as I stand up again I need to go again.

Along with needing to pee, being upright (particularly walking) is causing Peanut to compress my bowel meaning I need to go pretty much every time I walk but as soon as I sit the urge passes unsuccessfully. Very uncomfortable and inconvenient!

My stomach feels stretched to ripping point and my belly button is now completely flat. The scar left from a laparoscopy I had many moons ago is like a bright white grin gurning at me, sometimes I wonder if it’s going to rip open.

I’m getting a lot of round ligament pain aswell as feeling like my pelvis is about to crack open anytime, possible SPD? I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it sucks.

I’m suffering from lower back, hip and knee pain a lot at night now and have resorted to a big pillow between my knees to help try and relieve it but getting up is extremely painful, as well as being very awkward. The first couple of dozen of steps are arduous too.

I really am a sight to behold at the moment but whenever I feel Peanut move it makes me realise just how lucky I am and makes it all worth it. Though I’ll be glad when my body can return to some sort of normal again.

35 days to go.


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