We’ve got, at the very most, 5 weeks until the arrival of Peanut. I’ve given up worrying about the house move and have resigned myself to the fact that we will be moving with a toddler and a newborn and that’s fine now I’ve come to terms with it, far from ideal but there’s nothing that can be done so that’s that. And apart from stressing about labour, how it’ll happen, and DS during said labour, everything else is pretty much under control. 

That is, except the name!

We can’t seem to agree, yet again, on any name AT ALL.

DS was ‘Bean’ until he was 10 days old, his middle name was always decided upon but his first name was a bone of contention for months and eventually came out of left field.

I think there are three major problems where us agreeing are concerned:

1) OH comes up with the most hideous of names (hideous in my view anyway), generally very old fashioned and extremely common in use. Whereas I want names that are a little more unique. Not too far ‘out there’ but also not really popular.

2) OH’s surname is a bloody nightmare to link up with anything. Basically, on the girls side of things, ALL flowers are out of the question for risk of them being horrifically teased at school and beyond.

3) OH hates to bow down to ANYTHING!!!! And I swear any name I come up with he won’t agree to because it would be admitting some sort of defeat.

So this has left us pretty much at a stale mate.

I continue to write my list which I add to and subtract from on pretty much a daily basis. Babies are continuing to be born close by which has recently meant I’ve had to eliminate 3 of my top names, which is gutting.

I have firm favourites, this isn’t the problem. Left up to me I know exactly what I would call a boy, or girl, when they reveal themselves to us. It’s just OH doesn’t agree with me, in fact he vehemently doesn’t agree with me.

As I don’t agree with his (ridiculous) suggestions of Harold, Fred, Stanley, to name but a few. I worked with the elderly for many years so these old fashioned names just scream ‘elderly person’ to me and so find them totally unsuitable for a child. Added to this that these names are becoming really popular they are now becoming quite dull. 

God help this child.

Let’s hope when it’s born the name will come to us like a bolt of lightening and put us all out of this misery 😉

37 days to go.


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