I had my midwife appointment today.

She says peanut is growing nicely and I have a lot of fluid (the same thing she says every time) but she didn’t mark down peanut’s growth on my personalised growth chart so have no idea where it’s measuring at the moment, though I have my growth scan next week so I’ll know then.

Urine, blood pressure, fetal heart rate and growth are all good.

We did have a good discussion about the looming induction decision and she was both insightful and helpful and I’ve actually come away today with a clear plan and so much happier about next week, and what it will bring.

She has advised that I don’t go in there all guns blazing and refusing their recommendations as notes will just be made that I’m being difficult. She advised the best thing to do is to agree to go in at 38 Weeks for a full assessment and make a decision from there.

She told me that they won’t bring me in and just start the induction process (as I thought). She said they would do a scan and full internal examination first and it would provide me with all the information I’ll need to make an informed decision. This is what I’ve wanted all along.

She said that if the scan shows fetal growth and placenta are all normal and cervix unfavourable (too high, too hard and not ready for labour) then I’d be in a good position to ask to be left for another week.

If scan shows fetal growth and placenta good and I have a favourable cervix (or effacing, which means it’s shortening, softening and ready for dilation) then I could decide whether to induce or again to wait. She remarked that if cervix is favourable then the induction procedure may be started with minimal intervention, even with just the rupture of membranes, or I could go into spontaneous labour soon anyway.

Also if the scan showed that fetal growth and/or placenta not good then I’m in the right place at the correct time to start things without risking Peanut’s health.

With DS I started passing my mucus plug at about 36-37 Weeks so should I follow suit I would imagine my cervix may be favourable at 38 Weeks though I have told my midwife that she can do a sweep at 37 Weeks and if I decide to wait then she can sweep away to her hearts content.

I’m so much happier now I’ve had this advice so I can go into my appointment next Friday armed with a definite course of action.

I’ve had little faith in this midwife over the years but right now I’m very grateful to her.

Next stop… 35 week scan (which will actually be at 36 weeks)

Time is racing along now.

I’m getting a little nervous.

38 days to go


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