Whilst DS and OH have been poorly this weekend, barring getting out for a walk each day and DS being well enough for swimming, I’ve spent the entire time prepping.

All covers for car seat, pram and Moses basket are now all freshly laundered and replaced. OH has half fixed pram brake (that he was supposed to do nearly two years ago).

All 0-3 clothes have now also been washed and ironed.

All of this has started to finally make it all seem so very real now, for the first time.

The Moses basket is now set up on its stand at the bottom of the bed and I’m starting to actually get a little excited, and a lot nervous.

Is that strange?

Last night I really suffered from lower back ache and period like cramping which had me up nearly all night. Probably due to how much I did over the weekend than anything else but it made me start thinking about labour. 

And I’m terrified.

I’m not as fit as I was with DS as I simply haven’t had the time this time round, alongside my neck problem. DS’ birth was such a good experience that I’m terrified that this one won’t be, for so many reasons.

I’m even scared that I’ll go into labour soon and OH will be away and it’ll all go pear shaped.

I can’t stop my brain from over thinking it and it’s driving me nuts.

Every ache or twinge I’m over thinking. Every silly though I’m berating myself for.


This in mind I’ve dusted off the yoga DVD and as of tomorrow, it’s getting HAMMERED!!!

39 days to go


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