Whilst browsing Sky News this morning I stumbled across this disgusting story about a couple found guilty of 4 counts of child neglect. Children all under the age of 5 lwere found living in feral and dangerous conditions, surrounded by their own excrement and so hungry and thirsty they were like zombies. The ‘father’ (I use that term loosely) was jailed for 14 months and the ‘mother’ (again I’m lost for want of another term to describe this disgusting excuse for a human) a 14 month suspended sentence and I find myself questioning what the hell is going on in this country. 

How the hell do children like this slip through the net. There was a baby there so why haven’t Health visitors picked up on its condition at a weigh-in and if it didn’t attend weigh-ins why are they not followed up upon?
When I was pregnant with DS I had a home visit undertaken by a health visitor purely to assess the condition of the home and assess our suitability as parents, we were classed low risk and that was it. Now, with this pregnancy, I went to the Children’s Centre for that meeting having had the home visit cancelled a couple of weeks ago by HV. Talking to friends, who have had children as recently as 5 months ago, they tell me they didn’t get this meting at all, the midwife gave them the red book at a regular AN appointment.

Surely this is wrong. Surely this is a reason to why these children at risk slip through the net. I know MW and HV will come to the house after Peanut’s arrival, as they do with every new baby, so why aren’t conditions such as those above reported and tighter monitoring is made in these cases?

It fills me with agony knowing there are children out there, in this day and age, who are suffering like this. Why the hell don’t the parents have the decency to put their hands up and say, “actually we don’t want to parent these children” and put them up for adoption so they can have the best chance in life? Why keep producing and abusing them? To what end?

I hate to sound militant but I think these people should be sterilised and the children automatically put up for adoption. But this won’t happen. At best any future children of these vermin will be removed from them at birth and like those poor existing children will no doubt be trapped in the care system from now until they are 16 because those same parents that have given them no chance to a happy start in life, will probably refuse to allow them the freedom of being adopted into a loving family that could offer them a happy future.

As for the punishment for such rats of society? Their identity has been hidden, to protect that of the children and 14 months….. 14 MONTHS??? I find this an absolute insult. All I can hope is that the prison guards turn a blind eye on a few occasions for the father. As for the mother, well isn’t she just laughing?!

I think the system sucks. 

I weep for these children and all the others out there suffering atrocities such as this, and worse, and just pray that the system changes so that this sort of thing stops.

I wish I could help to change this. 

All I can do is love mine that little bit more and hope that these children find some peace.


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