What a night.

What with a poorly toddler, hip and knee pain and a snoring partner I managed a grand total of what feels like 20 minutes sleep (Fitbit actually tells me I got 5hrs 49, but then it also said I didn’t wake up which is a lie of monumental proportions).

OH woke up feeling poorly too, so barring doing the weekly shop and dragging my hefty load around the ‘block’ for a much needed walk, we’ve been couped up all day trying to entertain DS with various rainy/sick day activities which has meant the carpet is now splattered with brown paint and glitter (we came back from the Dr with a sick bowl that we’ve painted brown to make into a cowboy hat) and we’ve watched Trolls, twice.

Praying for a good night tonight so we can go swimming tomorrow, DS will be so upset if we can’t go.

Peanut really is playing havoc with my bowel and I’m not sure what I can do about it. When I stand I have the urge to evacuate, as soon as I sit upon the throne, it passes! Really not making walking a comfortable, nor enjoyable affair and yet I need to walk to relieve other symptoms.

41 days to go


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