More hip and knee pain last night. It’s a cruel twist of fate when everything else lines up to give you a perfect night’s sleep and your own body lets the side down. 

I’d actually managed to find a position, on my side, that was ÜBER comfortable for my bump and neck but not for my lower half… typical.

Have woken up to the most horrific weather which has put paid to driving up to The Milky Way which was today’s original plan. May give a new-to-us local playgroup a whirl or just go to a local softplay, not sure yet. I’m such a wuss when it comes to going somewhere new on my own. My shyness is my own worse enemy. It took me literally months to walk through the door of a stay and play when DS was born, I’d get there, look through the window and walk away sobbing. You’d think at 43 I’d have got over it. People think I’m super confident, it’s all a giant lie, inside I die when faced with a new social occasion when on my own.

I didn’t go.

We went swimming instead.

I’m such a flake.

Maybe next week….

46 days to go 


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