No insomnia last night but DS didn’t sleep very well, if it’s not one thing it’s another huh?!

Busy family day today. Usual Sunday swimming in the morning then decided the weather was so horrific here in North Cornwall we’d go and visit the Eden Project to hopefully escape the worst and give us something to do plus making use of our locals pass.

What a great day! 

Ended up bumping into one of my mummy friends and also my old PE teacher from senior school which was totally bizarre, but nice at the same time. 

The journey however, only highlighted how uncomfortable the van has become for me now, should make the trip to the hospital fun should I go into spontaneous labour. 

I literally had to remove my skirt and push up to a near standing position to get any comfort at all, for the entire 45 minute journey! Not ideal!

I think Peanut found it uncomfortable too as it felt like it was crawling upwards under my ribs with it’s bottom sticking out of my side in a truly absurd angle.

Still suffering indigestion but night time leg cramps aren’t as bad. 

Now sitting down watching ‘Cell’… what a blooming weird film that is!

47 days to go.


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