Have been über busy today making use of DS school time. All his old newborn items are now washed, dried and ironed. Items have been put aside for hospital bag, the rest need to find a home. It was very weird doing it as I remembered back to when I washed and ironed them the first time round. Excitedly putting them in the brand new chest of drawers bought for the purpose. There was none of that excitement this time. I had hoped I would be putting them away in a nursery at our new house but that has been robbed from me and we have no space for a new drawer unit so they will have to be put in DS’ for the time being anddarent do that too soon for fear  of them going fausty.

It’s funny how feelings are different after the first child.

This doesn’t mean for one moment that I’m not excited about Peanut’s arrival, because I am, it’s just different. Perhaps I’ll get those feelings when I buy some new clothes for it?!


Photo credit: BabyCentre

This week Peanut officially weighs in at just over 4 Ibs and measures in at over 17 inches. According to the midwife’s measurements, Peanut’s fundal height is 33 cm which makes it about the size of a pineapple. A very active pineapple at that.

Peanut’s skeleton is hardening now and fast losing the wrinkled look. Though having said that the bones of the skull won’t fuse properly until early adulthood allowing for both growth and birth.


Suffered from terrible cramp in my calves last night. So bad were they that I ended up having to get out of bed and pace up and down the lounge at 2am.

Sitting comfortably is a thing of the past, nigh on impossible on one hand and on the other I worry that baby may become breach or back to back. Need to use my ball more than I am doing now my neck is better, just have to fight it away from DS whom thinks it’s the most amazing toy ever!

Still no hip pains which I find incredible but my hands have been aching today, whether this is related to pregnancy I’m not sure, it could just be age 😉

Large meals are a thing of the past, who am I kidding, medium sized meals are a thing of the past, I have entered the world of little and often, and lots of chocolate.

Round ligament pain continue to be a pain (pardon the pun) though they have eased off a bit today despite all the walking I’ve done today.

My memory has officially entered the Bermuda Triangle, quite often I forget what I’m talking about mid sentence and just have to apologise and give up. No amount of hints and prompts remind me where I was going… hilariously frustrating, I’m grateful for the kindness and understanding of my friends.

I am getting EXTREMELY clumsy. Dropping everything which is just frustrating as it means I’m constantly picking stuff off the floor, bumping into things, knocking DS over with either my massive bump or butt. I even got trapped down the side of my friend’s house last week. The boys were showing me something so off I went then I tried to turn around and got stuck, ended up having to reverse out, DS and his friend found this hilarious! I have to admit it makes me chuckle when recalling the incident. 

I am getting very out of breath now and tire very easily when walking, especially pushing the buggy. I’m puffing and panting like a deranged steam train when climbing the smallest incline. 

That being said, I couldn’t be happier and am trying to relish every second as before I know it it’ll be over and that will be the end of my ‘being pregnant’ days forever. 

Photo credit: BabyCentre

49 days to go


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