Both DS and Peanut had a lie in this morning, in fact neither of them made a move from about midnight last night which automatically made me panic.

At 7 I had to check DS was breathing (of course he was fine) when he woke at 7.15 the Doppler came out to check on Peanut (of course it was fine too). As soon as I ate breakfast Peanut started dancing and hasn’t stopped since. 

Jeez I’m neurotic.

Praying for another good night from both tonight but OH home so I doubt it, and if they are fine he’ll keep me awake with his snoring.

I am just so tired now that a good night’s sleep really is required now, more than ever.

Round ligament pain much eased today though bump stretching aches have taken over.

Have been suffering cramp in my foot today too which is new. Quickly rectified but uncomfortable at the time, which is usually when I’m trying to get up off the floor making the whole process not only ungainly, but agonisingly hilarious too, especially for any onlookers.

This evening Peanut has been pretty much sticking its bum out to the side making my bump the most hilarious shape, whilst massaging (well that’s what it feels like) my bladder. This is the part of pregnancy I love, even when it’s uncomfortable it is truly the most remarkable feeling.

50 days to go.


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