Midwife appointment today and Peanut has officially gone off the scale. Fundal height measuring in at 33cm takes it over the 95th centile though she said that she can feel a lot of fluid and still is sticking to her belief that it’s not a huge baby. We’ll see what the scan says in a couple of weeks, though now I’m worrying that I may be carrying too much fluid and therefore causing placental risks on top of those imposed by my age.

We’ll see what the scan measures it at on the 24th. Meanwhile my blood pressure, urine and baby’s movements and heartrate are all perfectly normal and I have another appointment to see the midwife in 2 Weeks, on the 14th March.

We touched on the consultant’s opinion on induction at this appointment too. She agrees with me that to have a scan at 38 Weeks to check on placenta would be a best case scenario, knowing how against the idea of being induced I am. She also stated that they like to scare mum’s with the worst case scenarios. I understand why they do that, I really do, I know they have to reduce the risks of baby loss but I wish they would consider other options too instead of inducing without a solid reason. I also don’t want to put Peanut at risk. 

Argh. Constant worry.

52 days to go


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