(Posted a day late)

After yesterday’s character assassination on OH, today has been very close to perfect. It would have been perfect had DS not insisted OH came to a 1st birthday tea that he REALLY didn’t want to go to. However, despite this and the fact he stayed in the boys’ bedroom away from the adults and playing with the kids, he behaved and a good day was had by all. Also discovered who is responsible for the surprise baby shower plans that are now no longer a surprise thanks to a friend at the party I went to on Friday night letting that cat out the bag. I’ve never hoped for a baby shower but it is lovely knowing I have such a wonderful friend that she feels the need to throw me one. I’m very lucky.

We also had a bit of a ‘talk’ so as to put some things to bed, so to say. Now I know we’ve done this before without any success but I remain ever hopeful. We’ll see what next weekend brings.

We still have no internet, barring not being able to update blog and check my messages I’m pretty much over it now. Social media really is a big waste of time that I don’t know why I bother with. Especially FB where you rarely see anything from anyone you want to hear, it’s constant adverts and sponsored posts with a few status’ from people you barely know whilst your actual friends posts remain elusive. Having said that I won’t be deleting any profiles anytime soon and will be back to browsing when service returns to normal.

Peanut remains active and growing well, MW on Tuesday so we’ll see how well it’s growing then. The gender is a constant subject of debate with everyone at the moment. Why do people, that have no emotional involvement, feel such a desire to NEED to know the sex before it’s born? I find it exciting!

Tempting fate here, I have been headache free today!!! Long may it continue.

54 days to go


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