Posting a day late.


Yes, OUT.

This may not be much to most people but this is the first time I’ve been out since I went to see Sarah Millican live at Plymouth in 2013, when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with DS. Which makes it 3 years and about 5 months ago!

It was a friend’s 40th at a hotel down the end of our road. OH and I didn’t go out together as we had to tag team it but I still went out and had a fab time even though it was only an hour and a half.

***Now let the OH bashing begin, I apologise in advance but need to get this off my chest…***

This was only mildly ruined by OH ‘telling me off’ for being 20 minutes later than when I said I’d be back. I had actually said between 8,30 and 9 and got back at ten to 9 but he only heard the 8.30 bit. 

I wouldn’t mind but he wasn’t ready to go, took a further 15 minutes to get ready and leave, then came back at 11 saying he didn’t speak to anyone and wish he hadn’t gone! 

So cheesed off as I could have stayed the whole time and actually enjoyed myself. 

It’s safe to say I am the sociable one out of the two of us and ironically he is the only one that gets to go out, moaning as he leaves and moaning on his return. Makes me mad.

It was DS’ best friend’s birthday yesterday and her party today at a local softplay centre, here the host of the above party informed me she tried talking to OH but he isolated himself by the bar and barely raised a smile… I give up.

Party was lovely despite whinging from OH, who informed me he was “F***ed off with me and wasn’t ever going to a softplay again until I’m no longer pregnant”…. errrrrrrm…. I didn’t arrange the party here, how the hell is this my fault? The truth of the matter is he was cross because he couldn’t sit on his arse and use the wifi there, for a change!

I seriously question him sometimes. With DS’ pregnancy he couldn’t have been more attentive. He came to MW appointed moments and antenatal classes. Made sure I had enough rest. We were actually the happiest we’d been in a while.

This time he couldn’t be more disinterested or cruel if he tried. He’s been to one appointment (except the scans of course) forgets to ask about the ones I’ve attended. Never offers up for me to have a lie in and when he finally wakes up complains he’s had a bad night despite the fact I’ve been up several times due to indigestion, bladder action, cramp or his snoring. If I dare mention to him I’m tired it’s met with a tirade that I’m “always f***ing tired* and should He take DS off for a couple of hours during the day he’ll do it begrudgingly and at a time I’m not actually tired (3pm is the time I get whacked) then gets annoyed when I fall asleep when I settle Noah instead of perhaps leaving me there to sleep!

I don’t know why he does it. Whether he forgets I’m pregnant, he actually hates me or he’s just plain cruel I have no idea but the sooner he goes away to work again the better and that’s a pitiful thing to say.

I’m seriously hoping things improve when we move into the elusive house because if they don’t I can’t see us surviving. He has made this pregnancy truly miserable when I’ve felt horrible enough due to illness and my neck.

54 days to go


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