Posted a day late.

We are still without internet and landline thanks to a monumental cock up involving BT, Sky and Open Reach. We are now in direct contact with the CEO of BT who are trying their damndest to get this mess sorted but thanks to the idiots at Open Reach and Sky it looks like, at best we’ll be back online in 5 days, at worst 2 weeks. The former will only be possible if we can somehow identify and contact the customer who requested Sky in the first place whom then stole our line after misidentifying our flat for their address. 

Annoyed doesn’t cover how I feel right now.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we got mobile signal at home but we don’t, I need to go up the road to get any decent coverage.

Anyway, this is why all my posts will be a bit all over the place for the foreseeable. I will write them on a daily basis and post when I get enough 4G or wifi to publish them.


Photo Credit: BabyCentre

‘Officially’ Peanut now weighs about 3.7lb, around 42cm in length and the vegetable of the week is a kale leaf.

Fingernails and toenails are now fully formed and if Peanut has an ITCH it may scratch itself now.

The hair on Peanut’s head is getting thicker by the day. 

By this stage Peanut will start preparing for birth by lying in the womb with it’s head down, which it was at the last scan but MW couldn’t confirm this at last appointment. I did check in on Peanut yesterday with the doppler and the heartbeat was low so assuming it is head down although I am well aware that this could change frequently. I read somewhere it’s at about 36 Weeks that they adopt the head down position so I shall continue to bounce to insure that this is the case.

If Peanut turns out to be a boy, his testicles have probably moved into his scrotum by now. Although sometimes, one or both testicles don’t get into position until after birth. 

As regards weight gain, Peanut will gain a third to half of it’s birth weight during the next seven weeks, fattening up for life on the outside, meaning it’s skin is plumping out nicely. This of course terrifies me considering the size I am currently.

Photo Credit: BabyCentre


All the guides are farcical really, especially when you already have children. They talk of eating well, which is achievable if it wasn’t for the awful indigestion as soon as I lie down, which ironically is the only place I’m actually comfortable now.
They also talk of plenty of rest… excuse me whilst I spit my tea across the room. This stage with DS I was napping in the afternoon before my evening shifts started at work and this was after a full 8-10 hour sleep at night. This time round I’m lucky if I get 5 hours of broken sleep a night and napping is off the cards now DS has dropped his afternoon nap so exhaustion is pretty much second nature currently.

Apparently half of any weight I put on now goes straight to Peanut but I’m sure they’re not referring to any excess weight caused by the totally unhealthy cravings I’m constantly getting. I really want to get on track with Slimming World up until the birth but really just can’t stomach what I need to be eating. This is another totally different experience to when I was pregnant with DS.

These books also touch on the subject of sex being fine for baby right up until your waters breaking. For baby maybe!! As for me they can go spin. Jeez I have never felt so unsexy in all my life as now, no position is comfortable to sit or sleep let alone sex. I’m absolutely knackered, I’m being pummelled from the inside and at the constant focus of DS all day I do not want to be mauled by my sulking OH at the only time of day that I vaguely have for myself (you know, that hour before I try to go to sleep) Pretty much everyone I talk to say the same so I seriously think these heavily pregnant nymphos out there are responsible for the rest of the population of partners great sulking experiences. How about these sites discussing the fact that a lot of women, if not most, feel more turned off than on right now and saying that it is perfectly fine to do so instead of making them feel pressured from yet another direction. 

As regards symptoms this week; I have noticed today my linear nigra is becoming visible. My nipples resemble beef burgers, I am getting incredibly clumsy which means I’m constantly having to pick things off the floor which is a feat in itself. 

My leg cramps are pretty bad at night, indigestion is stepping up a gear at night also, I can’t sit comfortably unless on my ball, I’m getting extremely out of breath when walking the smallest of inclines, I’m puffing and panting when I have to get dressed, put on shoes, get up off floor (which I’m on a lot with a toddler), getting DS dressed, picking stuff off the floor (which I’m dropping things onto a LOT) but hey my nails and hair look pretty damn awesome and everyone keeps telling me what a lovely neat bump I’ve got.

This all being said I’m still in awe of my body and what it’s doing right now, the constant movements from within remind me that this is for such a short time in the grand scheme of things and that it’s pretty damn awesome!

Another 6-8 weeks to go so I best get used to being uncomfortable, but what better reason to suffer than to bring a new life into the world.

I remind myself daily I’m bloody lucky to suffer these discomforts and that there are many women out there that would give their right arm to feel the same. However, I also need a little moan occasionally šŸ˜‰

55 days to go


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