Posting whilst I have internet (a day late)

Still no internet. OH rang this morning and apparently it should be rectified today, they can’t tell us when but ‘hopefully’ it should be before midnight! WHY??? Why can no one tell us WHY they can’t give us a timeframe. There has to be an explanation, so tell us.

I’m sat here waiting for the HV to come and do our home visit and she’s now quarter of an hour late. I am well aware that if she had to use satnav to find us it would have taken her down the back service lane and that she’ll probably be trying to phone me to find out where we are (it doesn’t take much intellect to figure it out but then not everyone relies on that) and of course our landline number is cut off. If she fails to show I’m going to be really mad as I could have taken DS to music group and softplay instead of trying to entertain him at home with a pounding headache that has stripped me of any patience I possess.

She didn’t show up.

Annoyed isn’t a strong enough word right now.

DS has been subject to the brunt of my annoyance which is far from fair and made me feel dreadful so off we went to softplay which ended up with a surprise meet up with a few of the ‘ladies’ and ‘boys’ so a successful and enjoyable outing. This was made even better by DS insisting he wanted tea there early and he ate an entire plate of beans on toast and half a bowl of chips… this is the most he’s eaten in about two months and a sticker was rewarded.

More hiccups from Peanut along with plenty of breakdancing. My memory is officially shot. I can’t hold an intelligible conversation as half through a sentence I forget where it’s going so have to give up, much to the amusement of others. Lots of stretching going on today too and more unsettled nights.

57 days to go


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