Posting whilst I have internet

Came home today…. boooooo! Back to the stinky flat, back to the mundane.

I didn’t expect to come back to no internet and a new landline!!!

Several days ago we got a message from BT saying sorry we were leaving us and it would cost us £200+ to do so. News to us. OH immediately contacted them and they informed us that there had been a request to transfer to another provider (we later found out Talk Talk had sent this request). In a nutshell we didn’t request this so BT stopped it from happening, but there system didn’t so now we have no internet (hence late posting), no one can contact me via our landline as it is a different number and no mobile signal at all courtesy of Storm Doris. 

BT were aware that this had happened yesterday and ‘put in a request’ to rectify it but as yet they can’t tell us how it happened, why it happened, or when it will be rectified. How can they not know when it’ll be rectified? I fail to understand in today’s technology why they can’t just flick the buggering switch and reconnect us, this all happened against our permission and we’re the ones that are suffering. BT really need to improve their systems, they take such a long time to do anything yet expect their customers to pay their exorbitant fees on time without excuse. 

It wasn’t until DS went to bed I realised how much I rely on the internet for communication. I feel totally cut off.

As regards Peanut, all is good there. As active as ever. I am, however becoming more and more uncomfortable. I can’t sit in chairs for longer than 5 minutes, ANY chair. I’m struggling to lean over my ball because of my neck issue and I’m fast flattening my ball by bouncing on it. The only place I’m truly comfortable is lying down in bed or standing but then my legs ache. I got to this stage at about 38 Weeks with DS, I’m not looking forward to the next 7/9 weeks.

Today was the first day I have noticed Peanut have hiccups, such a lovely feeling. DS ALWAYS had them but barely moved so they were used as a gauge to his uterine health. 

58 days to go


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