Busy day today and I find myself writing this is in a state of utter exhaustion.

DS’ first official visit to the dentist today and he was as good as gold with nothing to report except a sticker the size of a planet. Fortunately there was nothing wrong with my teeth either, not bad considering I haven’t been in two years.

This was followed by a walk on the beach to hunt out pirate canons and anchors (common items here and something I promised DS we could do despite meaning I had to clamber up ladders and over boulders, not an easy task with a planet under your jumper), a mooch around my brother’s new pad and a shopping trip. I feel like I’ve walked 35 miles instead of about half!

It’s safe to say the third trimester exhaustion has well and truly kicked in now. The headaches and tiredness that hit me at about 3.30 are truly crippling. I feel very cumbersome and I’m getting so out of breath on the slightest of inclines. All positive things when I have 9 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all worth it in the end and also have to stop myself feeling sorry for myself because this pregnancy hasn’t been as enjoyable as DS’. 

How I yearn for an afternoon nap, an unbroken night, a lie-in, time to pamper myself, relax and enjoy this experience.

Ho well, not long now….

59 days to go 

2 days until home visit


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