Have actually had a really good day today. 

Swimming as usual so I got to sit and chat with friends without toddler distractions (OH’s weekly duty, though I still have to be present). Followed by a nice long walk without OH complaining about me going or questioning it.

DS has been on form, as has OH for once so all in all a nice relaxing, stress-free day. Ahhhhh. Now why can’t they all be like that?

Interesting conversation popped up though, and a point OH and I will never agree on… Pox parties! A friend of ours has chicken pox, well her son does, so my close friend took her two round this afternoon in the hope they catch it. Now this is something I strongly agree with and have been waiting for this exact opportunity. So why haven’t I done this? Well OH TOTALLY disagrees with this, he thinks we’re the worst parents to walk the earth by making our children sick and won’t see the facts that having it younger is better. The main reason I haven’t isn’t because I’m pregnant, it’s  because DS has been so ill for so long I really don’t want to ‘make’ him poorly again so soon which is such a shame. 

Still suffering the most horrific headaches and am now really suffering from extreme tiredness and indigestion. Woke up this morning with awful backache so if this is the case again tomorrow I’m thinking the pregnancy pillow may have to come into play.

61 days to go


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