Monster headache today which has meant I’ve been in a stinking mood, only intensified by a partner that just doesn’t know when to leave well alone. 

Who badgers a heavily pregnant woman that has a pounding headache and is surviving on 5.5 hours of sleep a day over something trivial? My OH, that’s who!

Honestly, I could have killed today. My saving grace is DS didn’t want me to go to softplay as he wanted it to just be him and his daddy. Relief! Not because of DS but so I didn’t have to spend the time with OH. 

Went on a lovely long walk instead, which ended up with me having to try and race back to the flat because I was getting close to a viewing time… not an easy task when carrying a planet around in your maternity jeans.

Then spent the afternoon playing pirates on the beach in the sunshine, just me and DS. It was truly lovely, only cut short by bladder requirements. It’s been such a beautiful day here today which is such a novelty for Cornwall. 

Legs are aching this evening (not really a surprise as I’ve barely sat down today and bump isn’t feeling quite so stretched out. 

Peanut continues to pummel me from the inside. 

62 days to go


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