Much better night here with DS, though I’m becoming more and more restless so there’s irony for you.

Still fretting about a birth plan for DS so really need to phone my brother this weekend and fire off some scenarios.

Two play dates here for us which has been fab, no toddler arguments either so a very successful day. Even managed to talk to my friend this afternoon with little interruption… first time, EVER!


Photo Credit: BabyCentre

This week, Peanut supposedly measures over 16 inches long and weighs about 3 1/3 pounds. Fruit of choice this week is a coconut.

Apparently Peanut is heading into a growth spurt which could go some way into explaining why I feel so stretched today. 

Baby is moving it’s head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump up as the fat gathers underneath his skin which is now turning from a red to a pink colour. 

Peanut’s irises are now reacting to light and are dilating. And due to the EVER increasing development of its brain is now processing information, tracking light and perceiving signals from all five senses.

I have been feeling really uncomfortably ‘stretched’ today and reading up on this week it would appear a growth spurt is imminent so probably the reason. I’m not sure how much more stretching this abdomen can take looking at the sheer size of me.

I’m getting and feeling more cumbersome which is making getting out of chairs nigh on impossible, especially if wanting to do so with a modicum of grace and/or dignity.

I’m very restless at night, over active thoughts and just plain restlessness coupled with some hefty moves being performed by my tiny womb resident.

I’m constantly getting uncomfortable jabs and pokes now that internal space is becoming limited and Peanut is moving just as frequently. I can feel little heels and elbows poking out when it turns inside me.

I’ve been utilising the birthing ball  lots now so to make sure baby is in a proper position before space runs out and it gets stuck in a not-so-birth-friendly one.

Food wise I’m edging away from the sweet stuff again and wanting carbs once more (marvellously healthy diet). I’m feel sick again on an evening but not sure this isn’t just exhaustion. I forget that at this stage with DS, I was having an afternoon nap after atLEAST 8 hours sleep at night. Now I’m having to survive on less than 6 hours and no nap. It’s no wonder I’m ratty, tired, headachy and run down.

The first trimester headaches are back (though maybe linked to tiredness, as above).

On a positive, my skin, nails and hair are simply amazing at the moment and my neck continues to improve.

Photo Credit: BabyCentre

63 days to go


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