I’m starting to have very restless nights thanks to my over active brain. My current worry? What’s going to happen to DS when I go into labour.

I’ve been thinking through all the different scenarios and can’t come up with a plan that is going to make everyone happy. I personally think the best option, and less stressful for DS who is my main concern, is that if it happens spontaneously, my friend Gemma comes and sits with DS and I phone my brother and get him to come over here (something I’ve done for him on many an occasion) Problem: I can see him creating about this. 

If I’m induced the best scenario would be for us all to head over to hospital, OH drop me off and he take DS to my brother’s where they hang out until I’m in active labour then my bro can take over and as soon as baby is born OH can go back to him. Problem: OH is complaining about this (don’t ask) and my bro’s house is not set up for a toddler and I worry where he would sleep safely if I gave birth in the night. It’s all such a bloody worry and wish I didn’t have to deal with this and also wish OH would just support my decisions seeing as he refuses to come up with a solution himself (apparently it’s *my* job). 

I seriously would be happier if he stayed with DS and I gave birth alone. I can see myself just fretting that DS is upset and if I am induced and it goes on for as long as some D the stories I hear, I’m going to be an absolute nutcase.

I wish my mum was still alive. More now than ever before.

64 days to go


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