Another dire night here with DS. 2100hrs and he’s vomiting and spiking yet another temperature. I could cry. He then slept soundly in with us until 0700, announcing on waking “I feel normal again now”.

His friend’s birthday party today which he managed fine, no temperature, eating well, no ill effects at all. Get to 1630 and he’s spiking a temperature again. Thinking I’m going to take him to docs again tomorrow. I’m worried the Scarlet Fever is rearing its head again because he’s been such a pickle with the antibiotics and hasn’t had the prescribed dose. I just want him to be well again, bless his heart.

Midwife appointment went well. My 28 week bloods came back all normal. GTT was normal. Urine test and blood pressure all normal. Baby heart rate normal though she did remark she thinks I have a lot of amniotic fluid, though scan says normal. She reassured me that she doesn’t think baby is big, just I have a lot of fluid.

Got home and googled the AFI (Ambiotic Fluid Index) which sats that the normal range is 8-18cm. The scan showed mine at 14.4 so obviously on the higher end of normal. This has made me feel a little better about things. Didn’t much fancy birthing a monster. Would love to know what DS’ was, I reckon the lower end of normal and that’s why I’m so much bigger this time round. Fundal length at this appointment was 30cm

As regards house… Bovis are now telling us completion will be no earlier than 28th April so that’s us definitely here when baby arrives… just marvellous!

66 days to go


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