I bumped into a friend of a friend today who is two weeks ahead of me. WOW!!! She’s TINY!!! I mean like REALLY tiny. I’ve just been going through my photos to get a comparison and she is the size now that I was at 14 weeks. Even with DS I’d say she’s about the size I was at 20 Weeks. Isn’t it funny how everyone is so different. I met her last year when she was about 30 weeks along with her first child and she was bigger than she is this time round. Really quite incredible!

More stretching pains today in my mammoth tummy and have been busy tidying DS’ toys and trying to get a bit of order in the living room (which is also our dining room, play room, crafting room and buggy store šŸ˜‚). I’m actually quite pleased with the job I did too, binned a load of crap and all toy sets are nicely organised… how long this’ll last will be open to bets.

Met up with my friend today which was lovely, spent a nice few hours (between toddler tantrums) putting the world to rights and I actually felt like I was feeling a bit better today, let’s hope we’re over the worst of this months long illness and on the road to recovery, I really would like to enjoy the last part of this pregnancy and concentrate on it a little bit. Plus I need to get back into the yoga regime, not long now to get my body prepared for Peanut’s arrival and I need to be fitter than I currently feel.

67 days to go


2 thoughts on “30 Weeks + 3

  1. Women’s sizes during pregnancy really is funny! People couldn’t even tell I was pregnant with my first until my seventh month, whereas I was huge the second time around by the same point. I was told how tiny I looked with babies #3 and 4 until the last month or so, when all of sudden the “huge” comments started, lol.
    Glad you’re feeling better!


    1. I wish people wouldn’t use terms such as huge. It can be so misunderstood when taking into account pregnancy hormones. Everyone is different yet when you’re pregnant everyone has an opinion as to whether it’s a good or bad thing lol


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